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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Dr.Jason Fung gives a master class on why low carb high fat is the best diet for all especially diabetics !

Hat tip to Indy Jill again. This is a must watch video, well worth your time.This is the best video I have ever seen in the explanation of why we become over weight with it's often linked type two diabetes and metabolic dysfunction. Eddie


Indy Jill said...

This whole series of talks is absolutely excellent information. It's taking me a while but I'm watching them all very carefully - up to Part 4 now.

Definitely gonna try out the alternate day fasting for a week or so to see what impact it makes.

Plus downing the apple cidar vinegar morning and night - it doesn't taste as bad as I remember now that I'm putting it in peppermint tea.

Eden Mitchell said...

Hi Indy Jill,
Have you tried the fasting for a week? If so, how did it go for you?
Thinking about doing it for a week myself and see how I feel.

Sandy Rodriguez said...

lots to learn...

Anonymous said...

I do not understand how to follow the fasting program without a gall bladder and heart by-pass.
I was told to stay clear of fats.
Is there a special fasting program deformed someone like me?

After removal of gall bladder, never a word about diet....hense all the conditions soon followed....diabetes, cancer. Heart
Please advice

tommy & Ushia G said...

tell dr fung:
i am 65 years old
went from 178 lbs down to 150 in less than 15 months and my diabetes 2 us totally under control.
low carbs is a way of life not a diet fad. i have more energy now than my 30 year old neighbors and feel absolutely great. my wife is also on this low carb way of life also lost 14 lbs and we both go to the gym three to 4 times per week. cannot say aenough thank you to dr fung, was on 11 meds, insulin and now a off almost everything especially insulin and just take a little metformen. dont think i need that much longer if at all.
if you commit to a life style change it happens almost over night i am telling you. anyone who wants to spend all your hard earned money on medications go ahead i just bought a new Mathews top of the line hunbting bow that money would have gone to some pharmacy. now i will be spending that money thank you on things WE want .
Dr Fung keep up the great work and expose theses lying doctors and so called diabetes experts . wow opened our eyes and we are spreading the word best we can. we really like your boldness. get your ass down to the lower 48 and challange the so called experts here. please do they run like snakes when confronted..
God Bless you . it is for real and dont cost a penny in fact you will save a ton of money