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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

DCUK Say 120-150 grams per day is low carb they are wrong!

Following on from my post yesterday, stating the forum was now jumping on the low carb bandwagon (after years of banning countless low carbers) purely as an exercise for extraction of private information. This information is used as a money maker with big pharma, yes, this is what they do as evidenced in my post yesterday. It appears this cynical stunt has more sinister connotations. I have received several messages from people who have joined and signed up to the forum's low carb ten week training course, one comment you see below.  

"After listing to the introduction it does look like it is a step in the right direction, but they define low carb being between 120g and 150g. IMO that is not low enough to really make a big difference for type 2 diabetics."

This is true, how many type two diabetics with good control on no meds or minimal medication say Metformin, the cheapest, most prescribed and safest drug, could hold safe numbers on 120-150 grams of carb per day? virtually none. How many well controlled type one diabetics could hold safe numbers on that carb intake? very few. I am talking about true safe control, close to or at non diabetic levels.

This is a butt covering exercise, which has also been adopted by the DUK charity in recent times. They are making some noise along the lines of we support low carb, when the numbers they quote are anything but low carb. They have seen the writing on the wall. How long before we see class action law suits? against these promoters of misinformation? How long before outfits promoting, what I call the slow diet of death for diabetics, have been left by the wayside?

The bottom line, are using this new program as a publicity stunt and information gathering exercise. It will probably achieve for them a degree of success, it will achieve very little for diabetics. They probably know this, they should know this. Countless thousands of posts on the forum, since the very start, have talked about great diabetes control via the low carb lifestyle, and none stated numbers anywhere near 150 grams of carbohydrate per day. As I often say, always follow the money, and is all about making money. 

If the above was just my opinion it would be meaningless. Increasingly all over the world, highly respected medical professionals are recommending the low carb lifestyle, not only for diabetics, but for those looking to reduce weight, and they are quoting numbers way lower than 120-150 grams of carbohydrate per day.



Galina L. said...

It is still a progress. As far as I know, previous recommendation was 400 grams of carbs a day. The admitting that carbohydrates should be lowered is the step in a right direction. The next logical step - the admitting of healthiness of more fat in a diet.

Lowcarb team member said...

Maybe for non diabetics, but the forum is for diabetics and most won't get good control on the stated level of carbs. FACT.

Regards Eddie

Galina L. said...

I guess, they just can't jump to a very LCarbing in one leap. I hope in a future it would be the Franziska's recommendation - eat to your BS-meter.

Anonymous said...

When did that forum ever do anything in a generous or fair way. They just use the members for their own ends straight questions are met with lies or evasion.

Anonymous said...

The people who do take their health in their own hands and research the facts do realise that this amount of carbohydrate intake for a diabetic is still too high. Yes, many say it is a start but for too many diabetics it will still be too late and complications may have started.
Eyes still need to be opened, if Retinopathy complications have not started already.

paul1976 said...

150 grams a day low carb? I don't think so!! Knock off 15 grams sqy for milk in tea/coffee and you are left with 45 grams of carbs per meal and in my days on forums I haven't come across many non insulin using true diabetics that can eat that amount of carbs in one sitting without a negative effect on BG levels (Apart from Gezza but then he wasn't diabetic!) Yet again it's just 'Play it safe-Middle of the road' teachings that even the clique would approve of and strongly resembles the Sid Bonkers portion control diet than any low carb diet I know of.


Lowcarb team member said...

Too right play it safe, pay lip service to diabetics and keep that cash register ringing. We know the flog is a sham outfit and so do countless flog members, but most keep their mouths shut. Even members who have told us how corrupt and dishonest the place is, still support the flog, many on a daily basis.


chris c said...

A low carb anti elsewhere - like many of them a Type 1 albeit not on a pump - used to spend his time trying to derail Type 2s into increasing their carbs. When severely pushed he listed his diet which turned out to be about 150g carbs, so mich lower than the ADA advised. Admittedly he did pretty well on it but then he had a Personal Trainer and a home gym as well as his insulin.

(The ADA used to recommend three meals of 45 - 60g carbs and three snacks of 15 - 30g, but then they were/are sponsored by drug companies, carbohydrate processors and margarine manufacturers.)

Even sensible and well controlled Type 1s used to laugh at him. Most of them along with the Type 2s were in the 20 - 50g range and a few would go up to 100g. I can push 100g on occasion but have no doubt this ability would stop if I did it regularly, and I "just have a touch of prediabetes" officially.