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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Describing 150 grams of carb per day as low carb is dangerous and misleading.

Following on from my recent posts criticising the aka the forum of flog so called low carb diet plan.

The posts regarding the flogs latest stunt have received a lot of feed back after being placed on our blog and twitter. I have also received emails and telephone calls. I follow many well known medical professionals and high profile low carbers on twitter and more than a few follow me. This is the general consensus of opinion.

They believe to call this diet plan low carb is misleading people, and 120-150 grams of carb per day is certainly not a low carb diet. They fear as do I, people will try it, fail to get to safe BG numbers and be put off continuing with the plan. Over the years we have all read of studies showing at best mediocre results regarding a low carb trial or study. When we look past the headlines, it is plain to see the low carb diet receiving negative comments, had in fact been anything but a low carb diet. Often we see 150 or even 200 grams of carb a day being described as low carb, and it is obvious why diabetics failed to lose the required weight or get to safe stable blood glucose numbers.

This sort of subterfuge has been used for decades, to rubbish healthy saturated fats. Trials and studies have warned us of the dangers of eating fat, while including trans fats in the trials, therefore giving a false impression fats such as butter and lard etc. were a health hazard. It is now generally accepted natural saturated fats pose no health threats, but trans fats are a killer.

I fully accept I am very biased against, the reasons why are very well known. That being said, many of my contacts have never been members, and have no particular axe to grind against the flog, many are not diabetics. But as can be seen from comments made on my twitter account, they believe this latest initiative from the flog will do far more harm than good. As Graham said last night on our forum, the highest profile low carb antis at the flog, would almost certainly agree with this diet plan, that says a lot I reckon.

It should be remembered, many who follow this blog and our forum, are highly knowledgeable regarding a true low carb diet and safe diabetes control. If the flogs stunt takes off, many recruits will be newbies and long term poorly controlled and confused. 150 grams of carb per day won’t be doing many any favours, as I am sure every true low carber knows. Many diabetics will require a considerable amount of medication, on this plan, when a true low carb diet would enable many to be medication free.

We know the flog is desperate to further their money making schemes with big pharma. Recommending a true low carb diet to all, won’t be getting cash registers ringing at the forum of flog, the management knows that. As always follow the money.



chris c said...

Jan Kwazniewski was a Polish doctor who was cut off from much western research for a long time. Some of his ideas are frankly weird but some of them are spot on. He used to talk about the "forbidden zone" of moderate carbs and fat, and that the benefits only accrued from one extreme or the other (HCLF is an obvious non-starter for diabetics though).

A LOT of research carefully creates diets within the "forbidden zone" to "prove" that they don't work when compared to other diets also within the "forbidden zone". This is just another example of the same thing.

Lowcarb team member said...

Oops I just deleted an eejits comment many apologies, we have deleted a lot of similar posts tonight that came in around the time zand was on line posting on our forum coincidence maybe.

Anyway please feel free to repost so Eddie can delete it tomorrow

Kind regards

Graham xx

Linda said...

Wonder if you've seen this article:

chris c said...

Thanks Linda, the full article is downloadable and I will read it later. Would have been even more interesting if they had measured insulin (or c-peptide) levels a la Joseph Kraft

Lowcarb team member said...

And thanks from me Linda going to put it up on the blog