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Thursday, 12 November 2015

HPCSA crisis could hold win for Tim Noakes!

Words of Marika Sboros

"So, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has issued a damning report on the state of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), effectively heralding its death knell.

The ministerial task team investigating the HPCSA since March has found the body to be terminally ill. Among symptoms of a deep malaise: three top officials – the registrar, COO and head of legal services – are “unfit” to hold their position. In particular, the team says of the GM of legal services – who along with the registrar and COO refused to cooperate with its investigation – that he has overseen a “dysfunctional system of professional conduct enquiries which has prejudiced practitioners and the public”.

It says the council, a statutory body set up in 1997 to regulate a wide range of health professionals, including doctors, dentists and dietitians, is in a state of “multi-system organisational dysfunction”.

I’d call it multi-organ failure.

Among the litany of accusations: tender irregularities, unacceptably long delays in registration of health professionals, and failing to act against unethical health professionals.

The head of legal services did find the time, extensive resources and enthusiasm to act against one ethical health professional on behalf of dietitians belonging to the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA): Cape Town University emeritus professor Tim Noakes, a medical doctor as well as an internationally renowned, award-winning scientist.

More on this story here.

The first hearing against Professor Tim Noakes (a low carbing type two diabetic) was a complete farce and put back to November 23, 2015. What's the betting this hearing will be dropped completely. I hope it goes ahead, because the ludicrous diets promoted by corrupt dietary organisations, will be exposed. So many dietary outfits such as our BDA are taking money from junk food outfits, and living in a world of out of date bent science.

Time will tell, it always does.


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chris c said...

I hope what is obviously a show trial for Noakes goes the same way as the similar show trial of Annika Dahlqvist in Sweden.