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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Leeks with Chicken or Fish : Just tastes great

Have you read the recent article about leeks ... see here. Well you may be looking for some ideas which include this lovely vegetable. To help in your quest I've shown two recipe ideas below you may like. Just click on the green underneath each picture ... which recipe idea may you try first!

Chicken, leek and Cheddar bake

Bon Appetit - enjoy your choice

All the best Jan


Jo said...

I fancy leek, chicken and cheddar bake, it sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

They both look delicious. May cook chicken tonight and fish on Friday.

Jenny S

Anonymous said...

Both recipes sound delicious, leeks and chicken on tomorrow's menu for sure.
Thanks Jan!


Red Rose Alley said...

Ooooo, this looks delicious, Jan. I still have to try leeks, which I've never had before. I'm glad you like my kitchen with touches of red. Would love to see yours sometime.

Have a wonderful Wednesday afternoon.


Debbie said...

yum, yum...i love cheese!!!! these both look very good!!!!

Gail said...

No fair. I haven't eaten! My sister brought me fresh deer liver with onions yesterday. Too few people appreciate that dish. It was sooooo good.

Thank you. The rain was needed and greatly appreciated. We have a possibility of severe weather today.

I appreciate my husband. Many are not so lucky.

Have a blessed evening.

eileeninmd said...

Chicken and cheddar would be a favorite of mine, delicious. They do look yummy! Enjoy your day!

Gloria Baker said...

this leek chicken and cheddar look gogeous and delicious!!!

Rue said...

The chicken dish sounds wonderful, Jan! I also pinned your pork chop recipe... yum!

I hope you're enjoying Autumn were you live :)


Lowcarb team member said...

Thank you ALL for your lovely comments, they are appreciated.

Jo - enjoy the chicken bake, it is a tasty recipe

Jenny - yes, they are both good recipes to include in your menu plans

Karen - enjoy the leeks with chicken ...

Sheri - hope you get to try the leeks soon. Yes, your kitchen does look nice with the touches of red ... mine has touches of blue at the moment! Hope your week is going well.

Debbie - cheese is great in so many dishes isn't it. Glad you like the look of these!

Gail - I do like liver, bacon and onions ... but I've never tried deer liver, I usually use lambs liver.
You certainly were in need of rain, just hope your weather doesn't turn too severe. We are waiting for Storm Abigail to hit parts of the UK soon ...
I certainly hope you are feeling loads better, your husband was great at looking after you and getting on with things ... but then that is what makes a great marriage / partnership isn't it.

Eileen - and I'm sure you would enjoy your choice of leeks, chicken and cheese bake.

Gloria - it is a very tasty recipe idea and quite quick and easy to do. I'd certainly describe it as delicious!!!

Rue - yes this chicken bake is lovely and so too is the pork chop recipe, glad you pinned it! If readers would like to find out more it's here:
Recipes like this are perfect for cooler evenings ...

Thanks once again for your comments ...

All the best Jan