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Friday, 23 June 2017

Catherine Collins RD out to lunch?

Catherine Collins is a senior dietitian and a member of The British Dietetic Association. Catherine has decades of experience, in all matters dietary. A dietary expert, and clearly follows her own dietary advice it would appear, from photographs circulating the internet. Catherine is also a very busy person on social media such as Twitter. Catherine believes only dietitians, can be trusted to give sound dietary advice. In fact, nothing gets her Rubenesque buttocks clenching tighter, than a highly respected, highly qualified medical professional, such as say a Cardiologist, giving dietary advice on social media. 

Think about this. A man trusted, to carry out highly complex invasive medical procedures, on peoples hearts. Where one simple mistake, could lead to the patients death, but cannot be trusted to analyse the health benefits (or lack of) a Walls pork sausage. To me this is like saying a rocket scientist who helped get men to the moon and back, has no right to comment, on a kids balsa wood toy glider. Give me a break! It's almost as crazy, as a Corn Flake flogger taking on an A1 rated science Professor. Only in a world this crazy.

As you can see below, Catherine is bleating about being blocked on twitter. She implies "Meeja Docs" refuse to engage, and they are concerned their thin veneer of nutritional experience will be exposed. I have no medical qualifications whatsoever, although I have nine years experience, in helping fellow diabetics to lose weight, and obtain safer blood glucose numbers. I appreciate I am only a messenger, no more than a layman, with some highly knowledgeable medical professional friends. In the rarefied air of dietary Gods, I am a nobody.

Bearing this in mind, the highly experienced expert Catherine, was unable to answer some simple questions from me, as can be seen here. You can imagine I was taken aback, nay, I was staggered to learn, the dietary advice given to diabetics by the BDA comes from Diabetes UK a charity. My takeaway from that comment is the BDA relies on others for their diabetes dietary advice. Yet she has the barefaced effrontery, to complain about others, medical professionals no less, giving dietary advice. The Lard clearly works in mysterious ways.

Just as an aside, Catherine blocked me swiftly who would have thought it, oh the bitter sweet irony. 


Coming soon to this blog. How following BDA dietary advice almost killed me FACT. 


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