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Friday, 2 June 2017

The insulin level test.

Imagine if we had a test that could give up to ten years advance warning of insulin resistance, arguably the most common medical condition in the developed world. Insulin resistance is the cause of type two diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, alzheimer's and almost all chronic degenerative diseases. I will let you into a secret, we have had such a test for years, it’s called the plasma insulin level test. 

Most people including many medical professionals believe mistakenly, diabetes and its symptoms is caused by a lack of insulin. Why that is the case with type one diabetes, it is usually the opposite with type two diabetes. It is common to find a heavily overweight type two diabetic at diagnosis, to have up to three times the blood insulin levels as a slim non diabetic. Clearly the last thing these people need is more insulin, but so often, these people are prescribed more insulin. Would you try to cure an alcoholic with more booze, or a drug addict with more heroin?

Without insulin we die, the same is true regarding too much insulin, it’s just a matter of timing. The fact is, hundreds of millions of people are walking around with dangerously elevated levels of naturally produced insulin, and most don't even know it. When I was diagnosed with type two diabetes, my blood glucose level was HbA1c 12. I had more chance of winning the lottery, than avoiding serious diabetic complications, running that sort of blood glucose number long term. My problem was not lack of insulin, if it had been, I could never have reversed my diabetes, and got back to non diabetic blood glucose levels, within three months of a low carb higher healthy fat diet. 

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At this stage, you may be wondering, why all people are not offered a plasma insulin test at regular interval's. This was a question I asked an expert on diabetes around nine years ago. I was told it would be far too expensive. I responded, but it could give people so much early warning, and they could make lifestyle changes, and avoid so much chronic disease. How naive I was when I said, the test can't be that expensive, to be told. "We would find so many diabetics, the NHS would collapse under the financial burden" 

So there you have it. The term "kicking the can down the road" applies well I think. Couple that jaundiced attitude and junk food and big pharma spending $billions on lying propaganda, and you have the crazy world of diabetes. It's money for old rope, everyone wins, except you, your family and friends. 



Mauricio Trambaioli said...

Great post.

You may also enjoy this recent review on "Subclinical Diabetes", i.e., hypersinsulinemia normoglycemia

Mauricio Trambaioli

Michael Pollard said...

It's incredible that a test like this is measured against the cost of T2 and found wanting.

Neil caporaso said...

Interesting to compare the utility of hgb1ac, home or, insulin test for diagnosis, prognosis, and response to intervention

Missy George said...

Interesting if not involved...I prefer simplistic solutions..;)

Mary Kirkland said...

I didn't know that. You just rely on the doctors to know what they're doing and give you the right tests.

Steve Parker, M.D. said...

A major lab where I live (Arizona USA) only charges $15 (US dollars) for the fasting insulin test. That's only about 13 Euros, if my math is correct.

That price is for people paying cash at the time of blood draw. Many labs in the U.S. charge more if health insurance is involved.