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Monday, 14 July 2014

By eck they're good lad. Heck low carb bangers get Graham's seal of approval !

Graham is arguably the worlds leading authority on the perfect full English breakfast. We kicked cereals, orange juice and toast into the weeds over six years ago. After spending months on research, he tells me the swags below are the best available. Trust me, Graham knows all there is to know about a quality sausage, note I said sausage not sausages. We have a standing joke between us, he often says "I've got to get to the shops to get some eggs and sausage" to which I reply "still only buying one" or the like. That's Northerners for you.

"With 97% meat, this lipsmackingly lean sausage should, by rights, be called Bratbest. They always go down well, especially with a strong German beer.
What the Heck goes into a Damn Good Sausage?

97% British Pork Shoulder Salt Cream Powder (from Milk) Spices Preservative (Sodium Sulphite) Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid). Filled into natural pork casings."

Best price Asda £2.50 per pack, at the rip off artist's known as Tesco £2.99 Tesco who moved their head office to Switzerland to avoid UK tax. More here on the outfit that says  "every little bit helps" Ain't that a fact.



JasmineJohend said...

Pork sausage fried with egg..I'm drooling...When I was in the UK last year I had fried black pudding with egg for breakfast.... it was lush but every blood pudding I've tried to buy back home is full of cereal and oats.

Anonymous said...

Just can't beat a banger for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Us Brits know our bangers!

Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks Jasmine and James for your comments.

When I buy sausages I always check the meat content 97% or 98% plus is good. Just love starting the day with some low carb sausages and egg, perhaps a handful of mushrooms....delicious.

All the best Jan