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Friday, 18 July 2014

DCUK Quote of the day ! From Noblehead, low carb anti and out and out liar !

A new member makes their first post on the forum, titled "What makes something diabetic friendly?" regarding food.

From Noblehead here.

"Don't have any, just eat everything in moderation"

Noblehead, over ten thousand posts, and almost all as much use a rubber beak on a woodpecker. When he is not telling out and out lies, he is posting complete dross. Tell 'em about all your eye operations Nige. Tell 'em about your weight loss when you drastically reduced the carbs, tell 'em about the meds reduction.

By Noblehead September 4th, 2009, 12:05 pm on the DCUK forum since edited. Full story here.

"I have seen dieticians, read books, spoke to my diabetic care team, and none have offered any constructive advice on controlling weight. Reading this forum has been helpful, and reading other peoples experiences in controlling their diabetes and improving Hba1c's, has been inspirational !

I can't recollect at any time been given advice on reducing carbs to control weight. I have always been told to eat plenty of carbs at every meal, together with the usual meat and veg. Once I was told that a bowl of cereal for breakfast was insufficient, and should include 2 slices of toast also. Looking back I can now see how flawed this advice/information has been."

So, why is our Nige so against low carb for diabetics ? What turned him into a rabid low carb anti ? whose payroll is he on ? we need to be told !

It was ever thus.


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