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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Carbsane says Insulin Doesn't Regulate Fat Mass !

From her latest post titled "Insulin Doesn't Regulate Fat Mass"

"A little over three years ago, I wrote: What Does Insulin Regulate Anyway? Yesterday a blast from that past showed up in comments on the "new" Gary Taubes YouTube video, and I'm not talking about the racist and misogynistic troll Razwell either (who is now sullying the internet using the name of a Strongman competitor). I use the quotation marks around new, because Taubes has been delivering some version of this talk for seven years now, and the most significant changes have been to delete (and delete and delete some more) the most blatantly erroneous parts (some of which yours truly has had a hand in exposing). It's amazing, really, that he still manages to fill an hour with the pared down version. It's even more amazing that there's anyone left buying his schtick, but ... well ... I'll just leave it at that."

Is she right? who knows, her rants against low carbers sends me to sleep before I get half way through reading her long winded sermons, but let's look at a few facts.

1. She has stated publicly on more than one occasion she is morbidly obese and has been most of her adult life.

2. She stated on the infamous Jimmy Moore podcast  she lost a huge amount of weight when she went on a low carb diet.

3. Diabetes forums are full of stories re. type two diabetics who go onto injected insulin and big weight gain is a common complaint.

4. Type one diabetics very often report before diagnosis (i.e low natural insulin available) a huge weight loss is a very common factor, without any change in diet.

Now, I haven't got the time to rewrite the Gettysburg address three times a week, but I do know this. What we eat has a huge impact on plasma insulin levels. For most, the more carbs equals more insulin, the more insulin the greater the chance of gaining excess weight. The greater the chance of becoming insulin resistant. 

Carbsane done very well on a low carb diet, but as stated on the JM podcast the "cheats" by way of chocolates came back into her diet. So, she could not maintain a low carb lifestyle, that's cool with me, I can understand that. What I will never understand, is why she has dedicated her life to rubbishing a lifestyle, that has been the salvation of millions of diabetics and over weight people around the world.

Am I missing something here, can anyone put me straight?



Galina L. said...

Gary Taubes wrote an excellent book on the subject of poor science of diets and a weight-loss. However the metabolic reality is even more complicated that it is described in his book, which too many readers already have found to be too thick. The main thing which could not be found in the book is the troubleshooting section with a description of possible steps to be taken around weight stalls. Gary's advice - limit carbs even more doesn't work in many cases and has limited value when the amount of carbohydrates is low enough, but his book was not a diet manual.

Lori Miller said...

"It's even more amazing that there's anyone left buying his schtick..."

Oh, you mean that schtik that's in endocrinology textbooks like this one (

which says, "Insulin promotes lipid synthesis and inhibits lipid degradation. Before insulin became available for treatment of type 1 diabetes, patients with this disease were invariably thin, reflecting the importance of insulin in lipid metabolism....Insulin increases fatty acid synthesis in the liver....Insulin inhibits triglyceride breakdown in adipose tissue...(page 318)"

The only one with a schtik is Kocurnuts the Clown.

Galina L. said...

I commented before about the girl with D1 from my son's high school who became morbidly obese after an insulin pump was installed in her body, and her example is not the exception, but the rule. I don't know how the people like Evelyn can ignore so many examples of the fattening effect of insulin for diabetics at least. Sure, diabetics need insulin injections, but they require more on the high-starch diets.

Anonymous said...

You would have to be an idiot not to recognise that insulin volume has a direct impact on weight gain.. any type 1 could tell you that..


Lowcarb team member said...

Nice to see you around Pneu. I hope your Father is still doing well, I haven't had one of his reprimands lately LOL.

Give him my best.


Lowcarb team member said...

Pneu said...
You would have to be an idiot not to recognise that insulin volume has a direct impact on weight gain.. any type 1 could tell you that..

Same thing with T2s weight gain after going on insulin is a well known side effect.

Carbsane is the real idiot perhaps that's why Sid Bonkers is a follower, also she phoenix's guru who hangs on to every word and has posted links to her site, wonder if she will ever use this latest load pseudoscience.


Hafthor Bjornssen said...

CarbSane has no scientific literacy and she often completely abuses/misuses the cosnervation of energy principle to blame and patronize obese people and to "know" what they do. No physicist in the world would support that total misunderstanding and misuse.