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Friday, 26 December 2014

Is Your Child a Diabetic ? Are You a Diabetic ?

For anybody, what we eat is so important and the more I read, the more I exchange views and ideas the more relevant this becomes......especially if you are a diabetic.

I have no doubt if you are a parent your child's health and welfare takes priority over everything. Whether it be a small sniffle to something worse .... in my experience you want to take that pain, that hurt, that illness away.

Our friend Lisa in Australia has a Type 1 Diabetic Son and I so applaud her. You may already be aware of her great blog and the story of hers and the families great fight, adventure, perseverance into the 'Diabetic Alien World'.  

How about her recent post :

"My son had his yearly full blood work done this week.

His Hba1c was 4.8.  His best result ever. Best result ever in the clinic.

Here are my secrets for achieving good blood glucose control.

- Do your own research every day. Find out the facts. Read scientific articles. Question the "kids need carbs" mantra.

- Do not eat the mainstream diabetes diet.

- eat a low carb high healthy fat diet. Never eat wheat and grains which are known causes of autoimmune disease, inflammation and so many modern chronic diseases.

- experiment with insulin basal and bolusing, making small changes each time until you work out the optimum levels. Record all your changes so you can find a pattern.

- Exercise regularly

- Test blood continuously throughout the day and night.  Correct all levels which are above your target.  I aim for 4.4 mmol. I get up during the night to test my son's blood."

Whether you are a diabetic child or adult, or someone looking after a diabetic. I'm sure you too could take a leaf out of Lisa's book, you too could improve your blood sugar readings.

Do have a look around at the low carb blogs, forums, articles that are readily available for us all to read. Do keep an open mind, never be afraid to ask questions, use your meter and just see what can be achieved.

And do you know what ....... the LCHF lifestyle can and does bring improvements to health for non diabetics.

For those who are not aware, I have to say I am not diabetic but I live and fully embrace the LCHF lifestyle. The views and experiences I share are my own, but in my opinion, it is so worthwhile to do your own research keeping any other related health issues you may have in mind. 

Find Lisa's Blog Here

All the best Jan

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Mrs Vimes said...

Lisa is amazing!