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Monday, 1 December 2014

Mushroom Soup

Cream of mushroom soup was the first soup I fell in love with as a child. Of course, back then it was Campbell’s. At age 8 I could make it myself, quickly learning that adding milk tasted a whole lot better than adding water, and that you had to add it slowly, stirring after each addition, to keep it from getting clumpy. Fast forward to grown-up-land and in my mind, there is still nothing better than cream of mushroom soup, though now we make it with chopped mushrooms, homemade chicken stock (if we have some on hand), and rich cream. Many thanks to my college classmate Scott Simon who gave us the following recipe for this delicious soup, and who clearly loves cream of mushroom soup as much as I.

Photograph and above text taken from the fantastic Simply Recipes site here.

If this sort of low carb grub is a killer, I'm a dead man walking. Get that lovely double cream of fresh mushroom soup down ya. Sure beats the junk I used to eat and what a way to go. This low carb lark is one tough gig, six years or more on and still waiting for the downside. Bring on the fillet steak and lobsters. Let's face it, how would you rather check out, eating this sort of grub, or making med taking a full time job and eating the junk that became your entry Visa into the betus club. The choice is yours.



tess said...

hear, hear!!!

Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks Tess - this is a lovely recipe

All the best Jan