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Friday, 5 December 2014

‘I was 26 and most type 1 diabetics are diagnosed in childhood': The deadly danger too many diabetics aren't warned about.

This Daily Mail story can be read here.

A reader comments.

"Google Dr. Richard K Bernstein, and for God's sake do NOT follow the "healthy" eating advice given to you by Diabetes UK and your hospital staff (stuff yourself full of as much carbs and sugar as you like, just take insulin to cover it etc). I have seen "diabetic-friendly" menus in hospital with sticky toffee pudding, fruit, chocolate etc on them - these "specialists" are the reason why this disease takes the lives of so many people. I am a T1 of almost thirty years and only got my Hba1C into normal range when I researched Dr. Bernstein and ignored the "advice" of my endo...My GP takes care of my blood tests and prescriptions now and lets me take care of my illness day-to-day"

Too right, the NHS, DUK and BDA are only interested in promoting a diet of slow death to diabetics. What do they care? it's only a job to them. To be fair to many of the morbidly obese staff working for the NHS, they are taking themselves down with their patients. 


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Anonymous said...

yes diabetic menu's in hospital are not always as they should be. an uncle went in hospital and his blood sugar went much too high. he was eating far more carbs than when he was at home with my aunt cooking him lower carb foods.