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Monday, 15 December 2014

DCUK The Bonkers one returns with a vengeance !

A new member joins the DCUK forum, another member recommends the "Introduction to low-carb for beginners" Bonkers immediately goes on the attack.

"Well thats one way Andy but personally I prefer the advice given out by the forum which is posted to the newly diagnosed usually by Daisy. Not everyone wants to eat such a restrictive diet" Posted here.

Admin disclaimer issued.

All members should be aware Sid Bonkers is a health hazard and any advice or comment made by the Bonkers one should be ignored. He is clearly a very confused and disturbed man. Sid states he is low calorie (portion control) low fat and low carb. Before hiding and editing his forum profile he claimed to be on approximately 12 different medications. 

On a more serious note, clearly Sid is acting in a way to disrupt the DCUK forum and cause confusion for a newly diagnosed member. Long term low carb anti, and ex Kenny boy clique member, and now mod, the Cherub has posted for calm, will a warning be issued to Sid for his rant? no way. Will his posts be edited or deleted? will he be banned for his constant antagonism of forum members? not a chance. Yet again we see undeniable evidence of the way the management operate at the forum. A special few have very privileged status and they sure ain’t low carbers. Over six years on, and nothing ever changes at the forum of flog. Will it ever be thus?


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