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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Reply to an old friend.

Hello my old friend, you remind me of a dietition who once tried to test me, I ate her liver with some Fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Let’s get serious. Two articles, posted on this blog containing data from trials regarding saturated fat.

Now, back in December 2009 Ken started a thread on his forum called “High-fat Low-Carb Diets Could Mean Significant Heart Risk” the post was referring to a trial lasting eight weeks and involving twenty-four people. Sponsored by The Sugar Bureau.

A meta-analysis of prospective epidemiologic studies showed that there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD or CVD. More data are needed to elucidate whether CVD risks are likely to be influenced by the specific nutrients used to replace saturated fat.” This statement referred to 5–23 years of follow-up of 347,747 subjects. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

So, two sets of data, which do you think my money is on ? As I like you, and you are an old friend, I will give you three guesses.

Your comments made regarding my heart work, was extensively covered on this blog in the post called comments received in the last week. I know exactly what condition my heart is in, do you ?

As for the bullying, my experience to date is no one whinges more than a bully being bullied. If you want to start a crusade against bullying, I think that is highly commendable. May I respectfully suggest you turn your attention to Kens forum. Bullying, thread locking, post deletion, ridiculing, harassment and banning is a regular occurrence there. On second thought, forget it, you would be banned before you could say “ Cor blimey Guv, look at the carbs in the hampers are flogging off their main site”

We ain’t selling anything here, and unlike Kens Kingdom, we post the criticism we receive. Thank you for the opportunity to state our case again.

So my old friend, come back any time, as I said I like you. Oh one more thing, luv ya suit.

Comments received in the last week.

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