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Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Doctor patient relationship part 1.

The diagnosis.
Hi Doc how did my blood tests turn out ? sorry Fred it’s as I suspected, I’m afraid you’re a type two diabetic. Um, so what do I have to do ? Take these Metformin tablets twice a day and come back in six months time. Is that it, is that all I have to do ? Well, cutting back on sugar will help you, get a bit more exercise in and change your diet, here’s a book sponsored by Takeda, it tells you what to eat. Thanks Doc, it says here to base my meals on lot’s of starchy carbohydrate foods and to eat spuds, bread, rice and couscous, that’s great Doc, there my favourite foods. ( Doctor looks slightly embarrassed and fakes a friendly smile)

So Doc, what’s all this malarkey about high blood glucose numbers ? It says here it can lead to blindness, kidney failure, heart attack and leg amputations, this is a wind up surely ! No, I’m afraid it’s true Fred. Jesus Christ !!! these Metformin pills must be amazing if they can stop all that. ( Doctor struggles not to grimace)Tell me Doc, what causes blood sugar to go to dangerous levels ? Err, Err, Err eating starchy carbohydrate foods like spuds, bread, rice and couscous. Come on Doc your pulling my chain, the book says I should eat that sort of grub. See you in six months Fred, keep taking the pills. Gloria, send in the next patient please.

Welcome to the crazy world of diabetes.

To be continued.


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