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Friday, 6 May 2011

Type 2 diabetes linked to immune system !

According to the media, most type two diabetics have asked for it. Let’s be frank, we sit about all day with a sofa nailed to our butts, munching on crispy cream doenuts yeah. Ok, calm down, but how about this latest news.
“A new study by researchers at Stanford University and the University of Toronto, however, suggests that type 2 diabetes may involve immune-system abnormalities after all.
The researchers also found that blood samples of people with type 2 diabetes contained antibodies against some of their own proteins. In other words, their immune systems have turned on them.”

Oh and by the way, check out DUK 's latest info on lowcarbing for type 2's. Have they seen the writing on the wall ?


Anonymous said...

Intersting reading, great link


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