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Monday, 12 March 2012

Low carb chicken and vegetable curry.

Ingredients serves two
325 grams diced chicken
1 small red onion
2 table spoons of Pataks Madras curry paste
Quarter of a medium sized Swede
A handful of button mushrooms
300ml of double cream
Butter, Salt, pepper and mixed herbs to taste

Place diced chicken in a large deep frying pan. Add a large knob of butter. Heat and turn chicken until slightly brown on all sides. Add 300ml of double cream and two tablespoons of Pateks Madras curry paste, stir well. Add a handful of quartered button mushrooms and finely chopped onion. Add salt, pepper and dried mixed herbs and slow simmer for around twenty minutes. Cut a quarter of a medium size swede into half inch/12mm chunks and  boil for ten minutes, drain and add to frying pan. Add some cauliflower rice as described below, or you can lightly fry the grated cauliflower in a second frying pan with a little butter until browning.

A great meal, very easy and very low carb enjoy !



Anonymous said...

This looks a very warming meal. You could also make it with lamb.

Mmmn delicious


Anonymous said...

Another good low carb recipe thank you.