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Friday, 23 March 2012

Maldon a great Town with some fine traditions.

We have been tramping around Maldon this week and the beautiful river Blackwater. A few pics. If you get a chance visit this great little town, go for it. Home of the magestic Thames Barges and the old Tug Brent. This old Tug is number three on the list of must be saved boats in England. A charity has been set up to save this great old boat. Essex often gets negative reports, but in our opinion it is a great County with some fantastic places to visit.

"The town holds an annual "Taxi Day" which sees mentally and physically disabled children from London driven to Maldon in London Black Cabs for a fun day of activities and a meal. The event dates back to 1952 when a London cab driver visited the Elizabeth Fry Special School in Plaistow. He wanted to do something special for the young patients he saw there. He wrote to every one of Essex's seaside towns to arrange an outing and the only town that was willing to help was Maldon, thus Taxi Day has remained a tradition ever since"


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