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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lowcarb 10 non lowcarb 0 !

Check out a diabetes forum, or a weight loss forum, and the news is unanimous, lowcarb is winning. OK not everyone low carbs, but usually the nay sayers are type ones, very often on a pump and telling us a balanced diet is a cake in each hand. Anyone remember SarahQ, aka CarbsRock, who filled her face with carbs ! Who was going to supplement her winter fuel bill by burning Bernstein’s books ! How about Jopar who told us the difference between HbA1c of seven and five was only two percent and made no difference. Check out the contents of Phoenix ruck sack, almost all carbs. Carbo, the self confessed lover of carbs and years after type two diagnosis still morbidly obese. A common theme here, eat what you like and drugs will sort you out. If only that was true.

For most diabetics drugs are not the answer. The correct answer is reducing the foods that raise BG numbers to non diabetic. Am I right ? Well check out the NHS stats and you will see very few type one diabetics ever get close to a safe HbA1c. Why do type ones feel they have the answer to good control, let them get their own house in order, before they preach to type two’s.


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