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Friday, 16 March 2012

Sachin Tendulkar scores his 100th international century for India !

India's Sachin Tendulkar has become the first player to score 100 international centuries by compiling a ton in a one-day international against Bangladesh.

Not a long time back in a poll, people voted him as the healthiest and happiest Indian.

Sachin Tendulkar is a known foodie. He loves to have any kind of fish preparation cooked at home. He is also very fond of steaks and Thai food. His diet and food intake includes 40% carbohydrate, 30% fat and 30% protein.

OK, not a lowcarber by any stretch of the imagination, ( Sachin is not a diabetic) but fat and protein high on his priority food list. Yet again, we see a world class sportsman, on a reduced carb higher fat and protein diet. And Dietitions tell diabetics to go for a carb intake of up to 60%.



Anonymous said...

Not being a cricket fan, I still must say well done, a very good feat and achievement.

Rahul said...

All the losers saying he scored most of the centuries against minoo's, here is the fact:49 of his 100 centuries comes against the team like Aus, Sri lanka and SA....and only 26 centuries come against the teams like Bangla, zim, Namibai and WI. And mind you when he started his career, WI has bowlers like Ambrose, Bishop, Walsh

Anonymous said...

"....and only 26 centuries come against the teams like Bangla, zim, Namibai and WI"

The WI is easy to beat, especially when they're on the third verse of Jerusalem!