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Thursday, 1 March 2012

“Low-carb had no scientific merit whatsoever”

“Dr Frank Sacks, lead author on this study, at the Metabolic Syndrome meeting in Barcelona in the spring of 2007, I won’t go into great detail here. Suffice to say that after he presented some data on the merits of high protein, I suggested it may actually have been reduced carb that generated the benefits. This provoked him to respond was an angry rant about how low-carb had no scientific merit whatsoever.”

The above paragraph taken from Doctor Jay Wortman’s blog, link below. Jay is a lowcarb expert and type two diabetic, please check out his blog. My comment below.

While the obesity and type two diabetes numbers go forever upward, most of the ‘experts’ push the same dogma. Cut the calories and you will lose weight. That seems true to me, there must be a level of calorie reduction that will result in weight loss for all. Most officially approved weight loss methods agree, cut the calories and we will reduce weight. As we all know, most calorie restrictive dieters fail. They work for a time, but in time, the majority of people put the weight back on, many end up heavier than when they started the diet. Hunger or starvation will beat most people, few have the iron will to stay hungry for the rest of their lives. Calorie restrictive diets have failed massively, and the evidence is monumental. The only people that do not want to admit calorie restriction is a failure, and will always be a failure, are the very people that should understand why, Scientists, Doctors and Dietitions.

Why lowcarbing works, and how low carbing works, and why it keeps on working, can be explained to a child in ten minutes. As you know, my grandchildren are lowcarbers. Obviously, I have influenced my children to the benefits of lowcarbing. Have I put my family at risk ? I have asked myself that question many times and the answer is always no. How can replacing sugar, starch and highly refined factory produced foods, with a large range of fresh non starchy vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts be detrimental to health ? How can essential fats in meat and fish, butter, cheese, avocado, olive oil etc. bring about chronic disease ? How can any educated and sane person believe, a diet based on sugar, promotes long term good health, and will ward off chronic disease.

For close on four years, I have been asking Doctors, Diabetic Nurses and Dietitions, how do I keep my non diabetic HbA1c, vastly improved lipids, maintained weight loss of 50lbs. without lowcarbing and two metformin pills a day ? The silence has been deafening. There is no answer, there will never be an answer from these people. They must know in their heart of hearts, lowcarbing is the only way to safely control type two diabetes, but still so many push the diet of slow death, shame on them. So many of the type two wonder drugs have failed miserably or have been banned. I am amazed when big pharma states their drugs can reduce HbA1c by up to 2% as if this is a triumph of technology, when a humble meat and three veg meal can drop HbA1c from 12 to 5 in a few months. That’s what lowcarbing has done for me and so many others I know. Lowcarbing of “no scientific merit whatsoever” that makes about as much sense as the wheel has no useful benefits whatsoever.



Anonymous said...

Thanks to Doctors like Jay the truth will come out. Diabetics can live a long healthy and active life.


Margaret said...

For those of us that are true converts to low carb it just makes no sense at all to keep on saying it doesn't work, it can't be kept up, we are doing ourselves harm etc etc etc

Our meters tell us the truth, our weighing scales tell us the truth, even the way we feel. I for one have had so much more energy since low carbing.

Going back to 'the olden days' our diets seemed to be far more healthy, obesity and diabetes were not on the rise. Even in the young the rate of obesity has risen as has the incidence of the younger ones being diagnosed with type 2.

Thank goodness for doctors like Dr Jay who stand out from the crowd. We need more of them but I think their numbers may be slowly growing. The doctors and nurses at my surgery are not so alien towards a low carb diet as they were so at least a little progress has been made. You have to make sure your voice is heard.

Low carbing DOES work.

Anonymous said...

Look up Dr John Briffa, a British doctor who is fully behind the low carbing regime. It is heartening that we have medics here who are enlightened.