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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Great start for a new diabetic !

While reading up on the bun fight of the year going on at ‘Low-carbohydrate diets and all cause mortality’ (we reported on it here last week yet another Sid Bonkers fiasco) this made me sit up last night. I think you will agree an uplifting story. OK I know it’s early days, but how lucky this lady is to have a switched on friend. And how quick the medics were in pre-judging the need for insulin. Mind you, If the patient had been given a standard diet sheet, and followed it, insulin or other powerful drugs would have been needed sooner rather than later.

"I was diagnosed Type 2 by my doctor three weeks ago. I was told to lose some weight and I'd see a diabetic nurse in a couple of weeks. I was quite shocked and had no idea what to do. I contacted my friend, who is a nutritionist, when I got home, and she put me on a low carb diet. No more than 20g of carbs a day. She introduced me to the low carb pyramid and the Bernstein Diet with information about the tests done at Duke University for reversing the effects of Type 2 diabetes. So, after that I went gung ho on a low carb diet, looking for recipes to make the food I like and preparing for Ketosis.

I found the diet astoundingly easy. It was just a case of checking the carbs and getting the right nutrients in each day. So, sticking to the diet was very easy. In the first week I dropped 5lbs. Since then I've dropped 3lbs a week, making it 11lbs now. I don't know my blood sugar because I haven't been told to track it. On exercise I just did a bit of walking (not much during the ketosis weeks).

After two weeks of Ketosis, I was feeling amazing and lighter, so I knew something was working. I've also begun HIIT exercise now that my body has adjusted to the diet.

I had my first diabetic appointment this week. When I got there, the nurse had a prescription of insulin waiting for me. They had decided to treat me with pills. But when she checked my weight and blood sugar, and the dramatic changes in them she ripped up the prescription and gave me three months on my low carb diet to see how I do. That was for me a telling sign that the low carb diet was the right choice for me. If my friend hadn't taken me under her wing and taught me about low carb diets, I would be stuck on insulin medication right now. I think she saved me a lot of unneccessary hassle and suffering. So, I call that a success of a low carb diet, so far. More coming in about three months when I find out how effective the diet really is."



Lynda said...

Oh how hard I tried to do the same for a "friend", well one I met online who lives near me. She was given three months to sort out her diet before being put on pills. Not only did she ignore my advice, she openly made fun of me on her blog and left me nasty messages. I realised that you can't help everyone - she is now on metformin. To be fair she has since lost weight and is doing well but does love to let everyone know she still eats bread and cakes and potato - kind of like letting me know that my way is rubbish.

Oh well. That's life.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Lynda
Life is seldom straight forward and from time to time when we try to help people we get kicked back. OUCH!
The thing is not to give up, keep spreading the good news about living the low carb lifestyle.
The team here for all the kick backs received have far more thank you's and success stories - that's what makes is so worthwhile.
Keep up your great blog

All the best Jan

Lowcarb team member said...

"we reported on it here last week yet another Sid Bonkers fiasco"

Lets hope Sad Bonkers latest attempt to discredit LowCarb does not deter this newbie from achieving safe A1c levels in the long term.

Rather than listen to scare stories pushed by him she should look at the success of two long term LowCarbers that posted on his thread, Hanna and IanD who are more knowledgeable about Type 2 and Lowcarb than the idiotic Sad Bonkers will ever be.