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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Phoenix number one lowcarb anti at the forum ?

Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t care how anyone controls their diabetes. If a diabetic states they can hold good blood glucose numbers with a diet of shredded balsa wood and ground up fossilised wolf droppings, that’s cool with me. My beef is with a person who has good control, and should be happy with their lot, but spends years spreading fear and doom to other diabetics, who have used a low carb high fat diet for their salvation. I especially take offence, when that grief monger has all the modern benefits such as insulin, an insulin pump, adequate test strips and a first class  medical team. It is worth noting Phoenix is a fan of Hope Warshaw the dietition who believes low carb is "old dogma" in diabetes circles and advocates eating “a slightly higher carb (45%-65%) diet”  and big pharma drugs are the way to go.

Some time ago I asked the question on this blog “is Hope Warshaw more dangerous than Osama Bin Laden” Well, thanks to US Special Forces Soldiers, Osama’s days of harming people are over, but Hope is still out there. When I wrote that Phoenix shot over to the excremental Carbsane blog like a rat down a pipe, posting  “I don't think any of the US bloggers have sunk so low as the heading on a blog from the UK 'Hope Warshaw more dangerous than Osama Bin Laden ?'. I could write a lot more about the author but I don't think he deserves the publicity”

So, let’s have a look at what Phoenix aka OnePointFive has to say at the Carbsane blog.

“I'm sorry that you don't seem to believe my personal observations. However if you have read the paper on mixed meals & insulin response or indeed the original work on the insulin index: you would have noticed that it isn't just carbs that create an insulin response and that indeed some high protein foods create a higher response than carbohydrate foods”

Eureka ! Phoenix knows very well protein can have a totally different response on BG compared to fat, and she knew that two years ago. Therefore she must know a low carb high fat diet is a very long way from a low carb high protein diet. What kind of diet is Phoenix using ? “1800cal a day(the right amount for my age and gender so certainly not starving) About 45% of my diet is carb. This includes veg, fruit, legumes, dairy and the dreaded whole grains, almost all of it is 'real' food', almost nothing industrially produced” Let’s look at 45% carb on 1800 calories, this heads towards the thick end of 200 grams of carb a day. Completely out of the question, for a type two diabetic using a low carb high fat diet to safely control their diabetes, very often on nil meds. No one knows this more than Phoenix, never have I said she was anything less than highly intelligent or lacking in knowledge. This it what in my opinion makes her the number one anti at !

She has used the Latin words Nullius in verba (trust no one) in her forum signature, the best advice she has posted, especially where many of her posts are concerned. So, should you trust me ? Well, you don’t have to trust me, so, who or what can you trust ?

Trust your weighing scales, your tape measure, trust your blood tests,  your BG meter if you are a diabetic, trust your BP meter, and if you feel good, you probably are good. I’m sticking with the old low carb high fat dogma, it’s served me and so many others well for years.

Source of information here.

The onepointfive  blog here.



Anonymous said...

And still doing what it says on the tin.
"In our spare time we like to lampoon the spreaders of fear and misinformation. Welcome to the crazy world of diabetes."

Bob (applauding)

Anonymous said...

People should be allowed to make their own minds up and it is their decision as to how they do control their diabetes. The optimum word being control. For me it is LCHF.
The other point is Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is quite different and although it is good to see different points of view it is a different disease and Type 1's and Type 2's should think about this before stating certain points.Diabetes and the for's and against low carb has never been straightforward. Perhaps it never will be.

Lowcarb team member said...

Anonymous said...

The other point is Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is quite different and although it is good to see different points of view it is a different disease and Type 1's and Type 2's should think about this before stating certain points.

We always kept out of the Type 1 forums at DCUK on the other hand phoenix and certain other T1's were constantly sticking their oars in the T2 forums, they actually seem to believe they know better than us on how to deal with our diabetes based on their experience of covering carbs with insulin.

I used check unanswered posts were many T1 queries went neglected whilst phoenix was spending time in the T2 forums warning of the dangers of LowCarb.

I should add the vast majority of T1's keep to their own forum, it's just the arrogant few who are self appointed T2 experts.


Lowcarb team member said...

But has phoenix got good control Eddie! That's what she would have us believe, on seeing 11.4mmol/L on her meter she exclaimed "were did that come from" and she has also reported seeing plus 10mmol/L on the forum.

Lets face it mate she could never get any were near Fergus's control.