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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Woman 105 says bacon is the secret to a long, happy life !

Bacon. It's what started it all.

"I love bacon, I could eat it for every meal--and I do!", says bacon-loving granny, Pearl Cantrell.

Just a month ago, 105 year-old Pearl Cantrell let us all in on her little secret to a long, happy life.

"I want other people to eat bacon, I tell them too. My kids all eat it", Cantrell tells KRBC.

And lucky for her, the right people were listening.

Just like us, Oscar Mayer took a special interest in the feisty bacon-loving granny.

"We've seen a lot of stories on the road, but nothing quite like this one, so we're excited to be here. We know she's an inspiration. Pearl is an inspiration for the community, and her friends and family. So we had to make a special stop here for her today", says Abraham Luna, "hotdogger" for Oscar Mayer.

Hitting the streets of her hometown of Richland Springs, Pearl is riding shot-bun in the Wienermobile, waiving to several generations of people that she's seen grow over the years.

"When they found out the Wienermobile was coming for Pearl, they said 'everyone knows Pearl, she is an amazing woman'", says Luna.

After the ride, it was more like Christmas, as she was gifted, what else? Bacon!

And Pearl's family says she deserves every bite of it.

"She had a hard life raising all of us, so she deserves all of this, everything that we can give her at this time. And I think this today, will keep her going, she will talk about this for months", says Anno Richards, Pearl's daughter.

After the ride and the gifts, it was time to get down to business.

With her stomach and heart full, Pearl says this day marks a special memory on her lengthy timeline.

"I will never, ever forget this, for the rest of my life", says Cantrell.

The 105 year-old serves as a reminder to us all, the importance of family, a positive attitude, and  of course, bacon.

Oscar Mayer says they plan to ship Pearl additional bacon in the future as well.



Anonymous said...

Nice story! There was a programme a while back about the most long-lived people being from Okinawa and Ovodda (Sardinia?). Okinawa calls itself the island of pork, and of course mountain Italians live on prosciutto, salsicce and salami. Both places eat everything but the squeak.

Anonymous said...

Lovely story and a positive attitude does help + plus bacon and you can't go wrong.


Anonymous said...

Great story and great lady. Would not mind meeting Pearl for breakfast.
Bacon and eggs great start to any day whatever shift am on