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Friday, 17 May 2013

Thought for the day.

"On a plane once, a very overweight kid sat next to me and his overweight, ill-looking parents were across the aisle. I was in the aisle seat and during the five-hour flight they kept passing sugary snacks to him directly under my nose. I kept my thoughts to myself until we were disembarking. I pulled an Atkins book out of my carry-on bag and gave it to the parents. I have no idea if it had any effect but I felt it was the least I could do."

Doctor Jay Wortman  check out Jay's blog here.



Anonymous said...

Another place this sort of things happens is in the supermarket. I often look at the person next to me only to see an overweight shopper, with an overweight child and the shopping trolley filled with cereals, biscuits, crisps, cake bars etc. I often wonder where are the green vegetables?
It's a sad reflection.


Anonymous said...

Well done Dr W at least you tried!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sue here. It is depressing to see some of the shopping trolleys almost stacked to overflowing with biscuits, cakes, sweets, crisps, a choice of cereals - isn't one bad enough?
This thought for the day also sides with your article on diabetes and the under 40's. Thoughtful though of Jay Wortman to try and do something, I do wonder if any notice was taken of the book he gave them.
We will never know.