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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Ian Day a lowcarb diabetic super star !

Ian is a Gentleman in the finest sense of the word. A pillar of society in his local community, a highly moral and religious man, who dotes on his family. A man who works tirelessly to inform and help fellow type two diabetics. Both on the forum, and at diabetes meetings. He is a retired Scientist, and obviously knows his way around a technical diabetes study or trial. Never rising to the bait and insults from the lowcarb anti’s and dullards on the forum, in short, he is a man to be highly respected. A recent post he made on the forum. He uses the forum name IanD.

“When I was diagnosed, Steve Redgrave was winning his Olympic Gold medals, so I wasn't unduly concerned - until my Dr. explained ALL the possible complications, including the PROBABILITY of a heart attack. I left the surgery in a state of shock - I had the disease that would kill me. I was afraid NOT to follow the advice they gave me.

That was 12 years ago. Now, at 74 I am fit & well & play tennis & last year won "Olympic" Gold at the Ealing Hospital gym "Olympics."

My secret - DON'T follow the advice given by Drs, nurses & dietitions. I did for 7 1/2 years until I became crippled with neuropathy, & suffered chronic tiredness & the beginning of kidney deterioration & retinopathy. I then found this forum & learned about low carb high fat diet. At once I gave up all the obvious carbohydrates. In 3 months I was out of pain & playing tennis again. 5 years of low carb, high fat & I would not dare go back to the NHS/DUK high carb, low fat diet.

All the signs of diabetes progression were reversed by diet. I'm still diabetic, not cured. If I eat carbs my BG goes into double figures”

Raising a glass to you Ian, keep up your great work.


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