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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Can we believe any medical research – at all?

From Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

"I have now finished my book, to be called ‘Doctoring Data.’ It has taken a long time to write, mainly because I had to bring together hundreds of different strands of thinking and research. Each strand seemed to get longer and longer as I attempted to pursue them to the end. In many cases I never really found the end."

This book is on my list to buy when available, in the post linked below he quotes Drummond Rennie, at the time the Deputy Editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association.:

"There seems to be no study too fragmented, no hypothesis too trivial, no literature citation too biased or too egotistical, no design too warped, no methodology too bungled, no presentation of results too inaccurate, too obscure, and too contradictory, no analysis too self serving, no argument too circular, no conclusions too trifling or too unjustified, and no grammar and syntax too offensive for a paper to end up in print."

Who and what does the above remind you of? For me it reminds me of all the negative dross thrown up the majority of healthcare professionals and dietitians and the nonsense they talk regarding low carb and healthy fats man has ate since the beginning of time. Plus a few low carb antis that hang around on diabetes forums working full time and these days have lost the argument big time, they seem to be the only ones that fail to see they have lost the plot.

Malcolm's post is here.


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Galina L. said...

It is often hard to find out what to believe when you have to find how to solve a personal health issue.
However I think the Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment did a good job at 2013.