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Sunday, 23 November 2014

DCUK Quotes of the week.

From Sid Bonkers aka the enforcer. Re.the latest PLOS study posted here.

"WellI I would take that "study" with a huge pinch of salt and I would like to ask those who think that dietary fat does not increase the fat in your blood (cholesterol) to answer me why is it that we are asked to fast for a lipid profile?"

"At this point I would happily admit that I havent read and have no interest in reading the linked study but the way the thread title is worded is surely incorrect, as as far as I am aware any dietary fat will increase the fat/cholesterol in your blood stream."

This from a man who has spent years playing the roll of chief heavy for the low carb antis. A man who has rubbished Gary Taubes on many occasions but has admitted he has never read his books. The latest study re fat and carbs is exactly what Taubes has been saying for years. This from a man who is classed on the DCUK forum as a senior. The fact is the more Bonkers posts the more ridiculous the low carb antis appear. Keep posting Sid, few have done as much for the low carb cause than you.



Lowcarb team member said...

The Dinosaur/Curmudgeon that is known as Sid is finished over there now,the low carbers still left over there ripped his comment to shreds and tagged him for an answer but as always-he won't answer and will disappear for a a few weeks...Followed by Nobleheads little Jibe to try and deflate others LCHF success...

"My last Trigs result was 0.5, I don't follow a LCHF diet."

Doesn't follow a low carb diet eh? and bloody hell-don't we know it as he tells everyone at every opportunity but omits to mention that most of the low carbers we know have achieved great lipid numbers without taking Statins like the Anti's just LOVE to peddle!


Lowcarb team member said...

Who believes Nobblyhead ? The forums number one liar.


Anonymous said...

Eat to your meter has died a death