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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Would you take diet advice from this man?

Douglas99 aka 'the bog brush' is at it again over at the flog. Evidently someone has told him at DUK diabetes is always progressive. As others have pointed out, if you follow the sort of dietary advice from the NHS, BDA and DUK diabetes is always progressive. Duggie over three years a diabetic and up to recently scoffing pot noodles and other complete junk, certainly knows how to prolong the agony. Over three years in and still fooling around with diets, the latest gimmick is the Newcastle Diet of starvation. 

Over time Duggie has grown on me, he is a sort of semi-amphibious version of Sid Bonkers. Lots to say but nothing of any use to the average diabetic. The $64000 question, would you take dietary advice from the bloke ? One thing cannot be denied, Duggie boy does liven up the flog. What a newbie makes of his antics can only be imagined, but make no mistake, Duggie has got future admin or mod written all over him.



tess said...

I like to think that if we had timeline pictures of everyone who talks about diet and health, it would be easy to see whose opinion is worthwhile! :-)

Anonymous said...

Surely you're taking the piss and have found some random pic of a middle aged woman on the internet.