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Monday, 24 November 2014

Richard Nikoley of Free the Animal blows it big time for me !

An email received today.

"I'm not a great marketer. Most email lists, I suppose, are for the purpose of promoting something—BUY NOW, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! Since I really don't explicitly promote sales very much, I guess there's no need to always be sending out emails.

But in this case, I do have something to promote, details at the end of the email. It's a small little deal and to be right up front, the cost is anywhere from 99 cents to $14.84, your choice. More later. In the meantime, let me catch you up with happenings at the blog since last I emailed one of these out, like over 18 months ago.

- I became very interested in "safe starches." This led to something called "resistant starch," which is a special kind of starch that's not digested by your metabolism, but by your gut bacteria; which, in turn, use it to produce a bunch of health promoting things.

That led to a wide awareness of the importance of gut health in general, and the human microbiome ("gut bugs," as one of my collaborators calls them). There's lots to it, including the importance of "earth-based" probiotics (as opposed to the common stuff we see in yogurt, for example).

Anyway, there's over 100 posts over about a year, over 10,000 comments. You can get the gist of it all right here:

A Gut Microbiome, Soil-Based Probiotic, and Resistant Starch Primer For Newbies

Currently, there's a book in the works, now at about 400 pages and 2,000 references to the scientific literature. Forthcoming.

- The foregoing led me to the suspicion that low carb and the ketogenic variation are not necessarily optimal for everyone. In the last couple of years, there's even a variation of ketogenic diets known as "nutritional ketosis." This is a diet comprised of very high fat (80-85%), low protein (10-15%), and very, very low carbohydrate (0-5%).

For very many years, the healthfulness of ketogenic diets have been "substantiated" by looking towards the Inuit population on their traditional diet.

Well, it sure surprised me to find out that 1) the Inuit traditionally ate more carbs than we knew about, and 2) they have never been measured in ketosis in over 75 years of observations by researchers.

All 17 posts on the topic are linked from here:

Leaving The Inuit Behind: Hormesis For The Rest Of Us

- I've begun a new series that looks at lots of things the Paleo "conventional wisdom" (and other dietary regimes) tell us are "toxins" to be avoided at all cost. In fact, the dose makes the poison, and some may providehormetic benefits in small doses. You likely already know about a few hormetic stressors, such as lifting heavy weights, intermittent fasting, and intermittent cold stress.

There's more. Lot's more, and here's the kickoff post:

The Hormesis Files: Chronic Ketosis and The Case of The Missing Glutathione

- Ok, here's the special, simple offer for you. My friend, Todd Dosenberry aka Primal Toad, came to me a while back and asked if I could include my Free The Animal book, version 2.0, in a 15-book package where, for 24 hours, each book is 99 cents. It'sa-la-carte, so you can but any one you want, all 15 of them (under $15), or anything in-between. Now that's a promotion that makes sense to me (unlike the bundles where you have to spend $40, or noting).

Here's the lineup:

9 cookbooks in the event
  1. The Paleo Kitchen
  2. Everyday Paleo
  3. The Ancestral Table
  4. The Modern No Nonsense Guide to Paleo
  5. Beyond Bacon
  6. The Everything Weeknight Paleo Cookbook
  7. Gather, the Art of Paleo Entertaining
  8. The Paleo Sweet Tooth
  9. Decadent Paleo Desserts
6 reading books in the event
  1. The Primal Blueprint
  2. The Paleo Girl
  3. The Paleo Solution
  4. Sexy by Nature
  5. Free the Animal
  6. The Paleo Manifesto
And, hey, if none of them are for you, that's the way it is. And remember, if you have in the past liked some of what I do at FTA, or have been away and want to look at some of the foregoing topics I summarized, and then ultimately want to support my continuing work at no cost to you, it's as easy as Hitting My Amazon Link when you shop, or calling up My Amazon Store, which I endeavor to update now & then.

I hope to see you in comments at my blog when something pops up where you're interested to participate in discussions.

Richard Nikoley"

It's all about money. What ever happened to love for our fellow human beings?



Michael said...

"I hope to see you in comments at my blog when something pops up where you're interested to participate in discussions.

Richard Nikoley""

Hahaha. The last time I commented I was told to fuck off.

As for the resistant starch/raw potato starch, one only has to read this about Nikoley's pal:
So, if you want a 'bout of tender fatty liver', then remember to take your raw potato starch.

Anonymous said...

A bit of hypocrisy here, did Briffa leave the NHS to do corporate work just because he didn't like the dietary advice of the organisation that funded his training?
Is Zoe living in a bedsit in Tower Hamlets having given away all her book sale profits to Oxfam?
Methinks not on both counts.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Moore, Taubes and many more.
They are all selling books and that is where they make their money.
If their book sales are low then they start selling unnecessary supplements. they are all the same. Even Bernstein sells books and supplements.