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Saturday, 8 November 2014

DCUK to launch worlds first Scratch & Sniff diabetes forum !

Never let it be said is not an innovator in the exciting world of diabetes forums. We are always looking to bring new ideas to our most valued members. After reading a post from one of our esteemed members this week, we have decided to launch the first scratch and sniff diabetes forum. This will enable the members to obtain a more complete experience and better understanding of the ethos of the forum.

"Reality Check, please don't be annoyed at me for this, but my contenence is so poor, that I sat here typing this until the smell told me that I needed Wendies help to clean me, I had Defeacated without knowing in the middle of typing the previous paragraph"

Reality check he says, how much more reality can you get than a scratch and sniff forum ? how much more reality can you take ?

Posted by a man who one year ago was dying from complete organ failure, but praise the Lard is still posting complete dross to the present day. Reality, the flog could do with a hell of a lot more reality.



tess said...

has anyone on their forum needed to have toes amputated? i'm sure THAT smell would be inspiring, too.... :-P

Lowcarb team member said...

You are right Tess, I have seen a diabetic foot, gangrene is a gruesome condition in every way.