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Sunday, 16 November 2014

I am a dead man walking !

I am a type two diabetic, diagnosed over six years ago. The only diabetes medication I have used from the start till the present day is two x 500mg Metformin. The truth is I am a dead man walking according to the majority of dietitians and medical professionals. Why? because I have been a low carber almost since I joined the club no one wants to join, the type two diabetes club.

According to the naysayers my diet is devoid of vital nutrients, it cannot be maintained, it will lead to a plethora of health care problems. So, let us have a look at my diet of death. The diet that maintains my BG at non diabetic levels, the diet I lost over 50 lbs in weight, the diet that improved my lipids and what I use to give me the best chance of avoiding diabetic complications.

Eat the colours of the rainbow with non starchy vegetables 

The remainder of my food plate contains fresh meat

Or fish

The remainder of my food and the shortfall in lost calories from carb reduction comes from healthy fats

Small amounts of low carb fruits also feature in my daily food intake

For snacks nuts and seeds.

Now, you are free to ignore my diet of death, you can follow the diet recommended by the NHS and DUK, but be aware, the recommended diet results in 93% of type one diabetics never getting to a safe HbA1c the NHS audited stats are also grim for type two diabetics. Always remember it's your limbs, kidneys and eyes, well worth saving I reckon.


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