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Saturday, 1 November 2014

DCUK Noblehead gives eggs the all clear !

"Eggs are fine to eat for people with diabetes, they do contain a small amount of cholesterol but eaten in moderation they are fine, I probably eat around 8 a week and my cholesterol levels are fine, if in doubt do check with your own Dr first."

Posted by Noblehead who is one cautious man don't you think. So, if you are contemplating eating an egg, best to get down to your medics to be on the safe side. Noblehead likes to use the term "eaten in moderation" on a regular basis. Now, if eight eggs a week is moderation, what does Nige consider eggsessive ? twenty, thirty, you tell me.

The fact is eggs are one of the true wonder foods and the cholesterol content is not worth considering, especially when you consider without cholesterol you would be dead. Also, if you wanted to try and eat a zero cholesterol diet your blood cholesterol number would not change much as 80 to 90% is made in your own body regardless of what you eat. That being said carbohydrates and excessive insulin levels drive cholesterol numbers up big time.

Check out any diabetes forum and you will see it is the low carb high fat lifestyle diabetics that are reporting very low trigs and increased HDL. It is true many see an increase in LDL when first starting low carb high fat but within months most see LDL settling down to reasonable levels. Not that cholesterol numbers have any bearing whatsoever (other than severe cases of hypercholesterolaemia) regarding future heart health or life expectancy. Indeed, low cholesterol number are strongly linked to cancer and other situations you want to avoid such as depression, violence and suicide in men.

Check out the short video to see what the largest study costing over a $100 million had to say and for cholesterol expert Dr. Malcolm Kendrick's take on cholesterol.

hypercholesterolaemia information here.


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Lowcarb team member said...

I just tried to get a doctors appointment to discuss my egg intake but the phone suddenly went dead......