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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The best diet plan.

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Gwen said...

HA! BRILLIANT! I'm stealing this for Facebook. :)

Anonymous said...

Such a pity that a lot people interpret "shitty" incorrectly.

What they consider shitty is usually healthy and what they think is healthy is really, really shitty.

Not here, of course.


Anonymous said...

Mediterranean diet - reduce meat, butter, saturated fat intake.... increase unsaturated fat, eat whole grains, no not here on this blog of course. That's a really shitty diet that mediterranean diet, just look at those monks on Mount Athos in Greece, they eat it - virtually zero heart disease or any other disease and there are hundreds of them spread out over many monasteries and most knocking on a bit t'boot, must be all that praying that saves them from early death by that shitty diet. Mind you according to Nina Teicholz the med diet's popularity boils down to the fact that all those top nutrition experts were given nice freebee conference hols in the med courtesy of Big Olive, no doubt when they returned to their unis they instructed all their research staff to distort their conclusions accordingly.