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Thursday 16 December 2010

Common sense instead of governmental dogma !

If you listen to all the mainstream sources they will tell you to do all the things that we know, and have proven, are bad for us as diabetics. The mainstream sources tell us that we must eat a high carb diet, and to ensure that each meal contains "plenty of starchy carbohydrates". If you follow that mantra, and millions do, then yes, it is essential to eat less fat because it is the combination of high carbs and fat that does the damage, not fat on its own. Even many members of the medical profession are now realising that the advice they have been told to give to patients is plainly flawed, and an increasing number are risking censure by following common sense instead of governmental dogma.

Much of the research that has now disproved the theories of Ancel Keys, on which most western government heath recommendations have been based, was actually funded by the American Heart Association and the American Medical Association, and both bodies are finding it enormously difficult to come to terms with the fact that the advice that they have been giving for decades was probably responsible for millions of early deaths. In 2006 the AMA ditched the "food triangle", describing it as "no longer appropriate", and came out with new guidelines based not on pictures but measured amounts of carbs, protein and fats in a diet, expressed in ounces per day. The ADA followed suit by changing the recommended daily carb intake for diabetics from 280g per day to "between 135g and 185g per day as appropriate to the needs of the individual". This was a brave reduction but even then only half the reduction that had been recommended by Stanford University, who had carried out the AMA/AHA research.

If you wish to risk your own health by following government dietary advice then that is your choice. But please do not try to convince others that they should risk their health, when the mainstream advice is plainly wrong and is at last being recognised as such by at least some of the more enlightened medical professionals.

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