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Tuesday 31 January 2012

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

While having a look at my favourite UK forum, at the present time,, I came upon the quote below..
Cleary this Edie knows what he is talking about. I wanted to find more posts by Edie. Checking the members list, there appears to be no member called Edie. Rather strange I thought. How can a member quote, re a forum post of a member that does not exist. Searching the forum, it also appears the post never originated on the forum. Stranger by the minute. There was only one thing for it. I contacted Special Black OPs asset Dick Duck. As always Dick quickly solved the case. He confirmed Edie was never a member, and the post was never placed on the forum. He informed me the member who quoted Edie, was a deeply embedded, long time lowcarb anti troll.

Who is this Edie, who is Zoroaster, where did Edie’s post originate ? It looks like Dick will be working overtime on this one. Eddie

"Edie wrote:
For me it's not a question of high or low, more a question of unnecessary medication. At what point does it become unnecessary? when a diabetic is consuming food that has little nutritional or satiating value, and medicates to cover against BG rises. Food such as potatoes, normal bread, rice and pasta, gateaux and donuts etc. There are so many foods we can eat, that are very low in starch, and offer far more in the way of nutrients. They also require less insulin or medication to control BG"

High fructose corn syrup linked to cardiovascular disease in children !

An investigation by scientists from the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) at Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU) followed 559 children ages 14-18. The study subjects' dietary habits were measured; their blood analyzed and blood pressure, body fat and other health measurements taken. The researchers found a correlation between high-fructose diets and markers for heart and vascular disease such as higher blood pressure, fasting glucose, insulin resistance, levels of C - reactive protein, related to inflammation.

Teens whose diets included more HFCS also had lower levels of HDL cholesterol (the "good" cholesterol) and of the fat burning hormone adiponectin. In addition, study subjects who often consumed the industrial sweetener were more likely to have midsection fat, referred to as visceral adiposity, another known risk factor for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. More generalized fat distribution does not appear to have a link to HFCS or the other health risk factors.

NHS being destroyed ?

Changes to the NHS in England have created an "unholy mess", the editors of three leading journals have said.

With the overhaul just over a year away, the joint editorial by the Health Service Journal, Nursing Times and British Medical Journal acknowledged it was unlikely it could be stopped now.

But it predicted the changes would be so destructive another reorganisation would be needed within five years.

And it urged politicians to learn from the mistakes that had been made.

Monday 30 January 2012

Coming this weekend reserve your copy now !

Is Bob Krause the longest living Insulin dependent diabetic in the World ?

"When Bob Krause turned 90 last week, it was by virtue of an unflagging determination and a mentality of precision that kept his body humming after being diagnosed with diabetes as a boy.

A leading diabetes research center named the San Diego resident the first American known to live 85 years with the disease, a life that has paralleled – and benefited from – the evolution in treatment.

Krause was lucky to be diagnosed with diabetes not long after the commercial production of insulin made it widely available. It was 1926, and he was 5 years old and living in Detroit where his father worked for the U.S. Rubber Co."

For breakfast every day, he eats a bowl of nuts and five pitted prunes. He usually skips lunch and eats a salad with some lean meat for dinner.

So Bob is a lowcarber, surprised ? I'm not.


Novak Djokovic wins battle of endurance to beat Rafael Nadal in near six-hour epic !

The unquenchable spirit met the unbreakable on Sunday when Novak Djokovic faced Rafael Nadal on Rod Laver Arena. It was certainly the longest, surely the hardest and arguably the greatest Grand Slam final in history.

One could only marvel at the players’ endurance and athleticism. Remember that Djokovic had invested 4 hr 50 min in the tricky business of subduing Andy Murray on Friday night. To go back to the well after less than 48 hours’ rest was a mind-boggling achievement. Goodness knows what his feet look like this morning.

Djokovic sat half-slumped, his features blank and his eyes staring glassily into the distance. It was the face of a man who had exhausted all his inner reserves. But inside you knew he was satisfied. He had just delivered one of the greatest sporting performances of the age.

'' Djokovic said of the diagnosis that turned around his career two years ago. ''It means I can't eat stuff like pizza, pasta and bread. I have lost some weight but it's only helped me because my movement is much sharper now and I feel great physically.''

Novak does not suffer from scurvy, osteoporosis, cognitive disorder etc. etc. !


Sunday 29 January 2012

Long is the road to salvation, for some !

Carbophiles aka Tubolards latest post. “Haven’t quite lost the war yet !”
ad ho·mi·nem [ad hom-uh-nuhm]1
1. appealing to one's prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one's intellect or reason.
2. attacking an opponent's character rather than answering his argument.
“I understand the definition to mean that when I say "Edie, I think you're wrong because..." I am providing a reasoned argument to why I think he's wrong. When Edie says "I think you're wrong because you're a retard!"' he's lost the battle”

Retard…to hold back, slow down, delay, check, hinder and impede. It think that covers very well what you and your ‘readers’ try to achieve. Though to be honest, in your case, mentally deficient may well apply. Let’s face it, it does not require the brains of Einstein, or iron will, to get to a safe and healthy weight. Where do you think you have gone so far wrong ?

Tell me Carbo, what do call a person who was fired in disgrace as a forum mod. Whose own forum collapsed and a was complete faluire. What do you call a person who sets up a blog, and does nothing but pour scorn and ridicule on innocent people. From Jay Wortman, AliB, Dillinger, Fergus, Hanna, and so many more. I see your cronies were running down Viv recently. The day before your misfits were running down Borofergie and Grazer. What do call a person, who after more than three years trying to loose weight, is still in the morbidly obese range. What do you call a person that states you have the right to remain anonymous, yet twice signpost people, on your blog, to my private address. I’ll save the rest till next time, with you, there is sure to many next times. You are very crafty aren’t you. Placing a post inviting people to say the words, you have not the courage to say yourself, despite hiding cowardly in the dark, anonymous and gutless !

You may be looking for a part in the next Robin Hood film as Friar Tuck, or maybe Billy Bunter, possibly Laurel and Hardy is more your scene, (I am sure Graham will be happy to play the thin bloke) but many diabetics are not. Having a go at fat or over weight people I hear you say ? I was a fat person. I chose to lose the foods that lead to my obesity, while you were pushing your 400 carb loaves and pedalling Orlistat.

As I said on here yesterday, most of our posts and comments are offering links to sound information, peer revued scientific papers and simple recipes that result in weight loss or maintenance. The sort of foods that lead to safe BG numbers, safe lipids and nil/minimal medication. Let me give you a clue as to the quality of your blog. You recently posted a good recipe for pate, not one single comment, you also looked for a pat on the back because you can walk, three comments. Yet when you post an article encouraging your cronies to ridicule or humiliate good people, your comments section goes crazy. Says it all don’t you think. And you, and almost all of your commentors anonymous of course. Don’t forget I have offered to meet you twice.

I know women and children read this blog, so I will refrain from what I would like to call you. Keep up your good work, and thank you for giving us the opportunity, to promote our low carb lifestyle, and it’s many benefits once again. Try it sometime, and you may not have to go another three years in the morbidly obese club. You may have good control of your BG numbers, but morbid obesity won’t get you to an old age pension. Why are you and your readers so hell bent on taking others with you ? Check out, look at the massive amount of evidence. Low carbing is reducing weight, BG numbers, and lowering medication, even you must feel the joy coming down the wires.

As Borofergie said recently, only a ninja can sneak up on a ninja, and you certainly ain’t no ninja.

Eddie Mitchell

Saturday 28 January 2012

Hi Graham check this out.


Not all coppers are slim.


More good news at

"Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for helping me understand carbs and the effects on a diabetic. When i first posted on the forum my bloods were averaging about 17-18 always, but now that I have been low carbing for the past week my bloods are between 8-9 on average and today I woke up at 7.3 which is fab!!"

How to stay slim and have some fun.

Try this at home, not in a main road ! As you can see not all coppers are fat.


Low-fat dietary pattern and risk of cardiovascular disease: the Women's Health Initiative Randomized Controlled Dietary Modification Trial.


Multiple epidemiologic studies and some trials have linked diet with cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention, but long-term intervention data are needed.


To test the hypothesis that a dietary intervention, intended to be low in fat and high in vegetables, fruits, and grains to reduce cancer, would reduce CVD risk.


Over a mean of 8.1 years, a dietary intervention that reduced total fat intake and increased intakes of vegetables, fruits, and grains did not significantly reduce the risk of CHD, stroke, or CVD in postmenopausal women and achieved only modest effects on CVD risk factors, suggesting that more focused diet and lifestyle interventions may be needed to improve risk factors and reduce CVD risk.


Bid to stop doctor gagging orders !

Doctors are being told they can no longer sign contracts that contain gagging orders, in new guidance issued by the medical regulator.

The General Medical Council advice states medics should not enter contracts or deals that seek to stop them raising concerns about poor care.

The guidance also makes clear that doctors have a duty to act if they believe care is being compromised.
It is the latest in a series of attempts to encourage whistle-blowing.


Dr.Jay Wortmans' blog.

Dr.Jay Wortmans' blog. Jay is a type two diabetic and a low carb expert. Check out his blog, very interesting and includes some great  recipes and food ideas.


CERN Cancels A Visit To Scotland

CERN physicists bitterly disappointed at having to cancel a visit to Scotland to determine if a character called Ken had truly discovered the Higgs boson, the so-called God Particle. Sceptics had informed the physicists that the rumour was likely to be due to Ken’s inflated ego or a simple misreading of Miggs on a diabetes forum.

You will recall Ken’s previous brush with world famous cosmologists when he claimed to have discovered a dietary source of “dark energy”.

A Scottish spokesperson for CERN said “A dinna ken Ken” and since the resources for funding a search among Ken’s many aliases would have to come from the Large Hadron Collider budget, the organisation was cancelling the visit.

James Murdoch quits GlaxoSmithKline board.

Mr Murdoch, who joined Glaxo in 2009 as a non-executive director and sat on the company's ethics committee, has told the board he has no plans to stand for re-election at May's AGM.

Sir Christopher Gent, Glaxo chairman, said: "James has taken this decision to focus on his current duties as non-executive chairman of BSkyB, and following his decision to relocate to the United States" for News Corp. He thanked him for "the very strong contribution he has made".

"following his decision to relocate to the United States" to avoid a stretch in choky ?

You could not make it up !


Why all the agro ?

If you check out this blog, you will find 750 posts and thousands of comments. The majority are links to scientific papers, diabetes articles in magazines and recipe sites, and items on food and simple easy to make low carb meals and food. Some posts highlight the corruption, for that’s what it is, and the strangle hold Global food companies have over the food most people eat. Almost on a daily basis, we hear horror stories regarding big Pharma. Fines of billions of $ for selling off prescription, falsification of trial data, testing new drugs on poor children, in countries were the laws are lax, or the people poorly educated, the list is long. Class action legal cases of people maimed, crippled and very often killed, by drugs the manufactures knew were dangerous. Conspiracy theorist ? Paranoid ? Check it out for yourself. Half an hour on Google reveals enough horror to stun a thinking person. Drug companies know, most drugs don’t work on most people and that’s a fact. Now, not working is bad enough, but as we all know, many of these drugs have multiple side effects, very often far worse than the condition they were supposed to be curing. Diabetes has no cure, and I very much doubt there will ever be an effective cure. There is countless billions being made, and hundreds of thousands employed in the diabetes business.

Yes that’s what it is, a business. Us diabetics are numbers on a spreadsheet. As Stalin once said, one death is a tragedy, a million dead is a statistic. Most of us are a statistic, the big wide world does not give a monkeys for people like us. Most people have heard the expression regarding Banks ‘too big to fail’ the same applies to multination food outfits and big pharma, governments depend on them for tax revenues. Many argue that multinational companies control governments, I would not argue with that. So, why all the agro ?

People like us are powerless against large corporations that are corrupt to the core, and believe me they are corrupt to the core. Riddled with deceit, lies and illegal practises. An example made the news yesterday stated James Murdoch had stood down from the board of Glaxo. He was a non exective director on the ethics committee. Are you getting my drift ? Making the Mafia head of the Inland Revenue service couldn’t be much worse. So, why the agro ?

One of the great things the internet has brought is the exchange of information. Information exchanged between ordinary people like us. For us diabetics forums and blogs can be life savers. It was at our team found Fergus Craig. Without Fergus, Dennis, Timo, Trinkwasser, Dr. Katharine Morrison and others, I dread to think were we would be today. Still consuming the starchy carbs, not bothering to test, health going down hill fast. These people are all gone from the forum. Sick of wasting their time, arguing against people, that had nothing better to do, than cause trouble, spread fear and alarm, and push the same old misinformation, that has put millions in an early grave. Dr.Jay Wortman would have been a fantastic asset to, as was Dr. Katharine Morrison. These are doctors that went against the stupidity that is the diabetes advice given by so many Doctors, Scientists on the payroll, and poorly educated Dietitions. Remember the resident dietition ? Fours years ago we told we risked scurvy, osteoporosis, cognitive disorder, constipation, cancer etc etc. We are all doing very well, thanks to people long gone. All is not lost at diabetes. Benedict is doing a good job, the mods are allowing freedom of speech, and the forum has some new informed and active people, but the attacks against common sense, goes on, on and off the forum.

An example over at Carbo’s blog posted yesterday at the bottom of this post. Carbo, like Ken is another fired forum mod, that leads the small group of retards, that continue the eat the starchy carbs, good fats will kill you brigade. Many of the long term old dogma pushers are using insulin, some are on pumps, all get a good supply of test strips, and access to experts. Most diabetics are type two’s, many at diagnosis are heavily over weight. When are the stupid, nothing better to do lowcarb antis going to learn. Most of us have no choice other than lowcarb. It’s lowcarb or insulin. Most type two meds at best will reduce HbA1c by two points, that would have left me in the tens, and I suspect many others. We will continue to keep an eye on the disrupters, and troll ex mods, the people that post ludicrous dietary information, the people that have all the benefits, that the NHS can bring, who ridicule the newbie’s, and the confused long term out of control, the diabetics that are told to eat the starchy carbs, no need to test, and don’t even get to see their own doctor for diabetes guidance.
The fight goes on, and we fight rough ! Lives are at stake !


“There is a double act at the moment on DCUK, Borofergie and Grazer. They pretend that they can manage everybody's diabetes regardless of what type. They do not like being questioned about anything that they post and will turn very aggressive if they are challenged. They rely on each other for support when the going gets tough and see themselves an invincible”

“Could they really be the Ediot and Dick or some of his henchmen or have they been enrolled to cause disruption so that the Ediot has something to write on his blog?” “I think the poor troll is going to implode- loads of posts, some of them are even sensible but mostly a bitch about other people! Next the made up emails - any fool can tell he wrote them! Give up mate - no one is interested in personal and rude attacks about people”

Friday 27 January 2012

Cugila's pimp Sid Bonkers gets his knuckles rapped again!!

Not content with upsetting newbies on the DCUK forum, Sid flagrantly breaches forum rules by putting a link in his signature to a forum/ego trip run by Ken aka cugila/angeleyes/wrunkelt/albert/millimeter/fat ex-copper. This action could be excused if bonkers was a newbie but after going on 3 years as a member ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse. The fact that Ken has shown his animosity to the Admin at DCUK since his ignominious exit, and bonkers is a member of Kens forum begs the question, is he on a mission at the behest of Kenny to upset forum members at DCUK.

I wonder why it took so long for the link to be removed from the signature, surely the mods must have seen it or was there an ulterior motive for turning a blind eye?

Diabetes Forum Ethos

“Links in signatures are not permitted due to problems with commercial linking and spam links”.

PS. Sid Bonkers gripes about all the low calorie Newcastle type diets, yet his breakfast of 16g of cornflakes approx 60 cals + drop of semi skinned milk contains a lot less calories than 6 month old baby would need!

The Team

Fat ex-copper that used to be a mod outed ! Part Two.

Please read part one first.

The Jimmy Moore pod cast, was the last straw for the management. Miggs was fired, but he was allowed to stay on as member. The clique launched a campaign bleating for Miggs return, Miggs was left dazed and confused. His “I only want to help people speech” went down like four pound of condemned veal. Other than the clique and a few lost souls, the silence was deafening. The management had made some mistakes in the past, but the reinstatement of Miggs was never remotely considered. Miggs continued his campaign, rubbishing the new admin, and rallying his rabble, only Miggs could not see his position was totally untenable. Miggs asked for his account to be closed, his only options was to blow his brains out, or do a Captain Oates. He did neither.

He returned as Albert, and the king of slap-stick, started where he left off. At the same time, he raved and ranted over at Carbo’s cess pit, whining how misunderstood and unfairly he had been treated. Carbo, being pretty shrewd, and no friend of Miggs, allowed him to self destruct. Surely Miggs had learnt a very hard lesson, surely he would never be back at Well, Miggs started his own forum. At last a place he could be King of the hill, a home from home, for the clique, far away, from those horrible, low carb, high fat, fanatical, bastards. Sadly his own forum was not enough. Like his therapy, his forum was going nowhere. Unbelievably, he rejoined as Angeleyes. Exhibiting classic troll techniques, i.e. building up his post count on the word game, and winding up people, that did not fit into his ideas on hypos and fat, in fact anything that was beyond, his limited understanding, it was game on. And what a game it was. Borofergie, gave us an absolute master class, in how to deal with the likes of Miggs. A much (and now forum mod edited) abbreviated account.

Miggs: Yes I am a runner are you an Endocrinologist ?

Fergie: Please accept my profuse apologies Angeleyes. I was confusing you with a fat ex-copper that used to be a mod on here.

Miggs. I'm very pleased to hear you are well read, there are too many people who claim to be many things on the net, qualifications and such like. They really should be checked out as many spout utter rubbish at times.

Still, can't stay here 24/7, you will get me confused with someone else! We should meet up sometime and discuss things over a drink or two, diet of course.

Fergie: Yes, you're right of course. I'd hate to be part of a forum where people pretended to be someone else and invented numerous pseudonyms to agitate people and support themselves in arguments.

Miggs: I suppose we are all not who we say we are, just names on an internet forum. You know, borofergi, I mean is that your real name, I think most people on the net prefer to remain anonymous. Saves weirdos getting in touch and spouting rubbish in places such as blogs etc. They are all frightened to fes up to people in real life. They are not something I would wish to be associated with, don't you agree?

Fergie: Sorry Ken, my bad, I assumed that everyone was on LinkedIn: Fergie posted a very comprehensive CV and fully identified himself. Finishing with the line, Give my love to Albert.

Clearly, game set and match to Borofergie. Not for the first time, Miggs had exposed himself (don’t try and get a mental image of that) as a complete lunatic and charlatan, a complete and utter buffoon of the highest order, a man grappling to hang on to reality, a very sad spectacle indeed. Easily the most unedifying sight ever seen over at Miggs, please for the sake of your own sanity, call it a day lad. Old hands like me love the entertainment, but just for once, think of the confused and newly diagnosed. In my opinion you have proved beyond all doubt, you are a menace to the diabetic community. Get back to your Rubber Ramada of a forum, enough, is enough !


Fat ex-copper that used to be a mod outed ! Part One.

The diabetes community was left flabbergasted this morning, when they awoke and discovered the latest debacle on the forum. Long term forum members, and blog watchers, were left stunned by the antics of Ken, aka too many names to mention, but hereafter to be known as multiple Miggs. Aided and abetted by his long time cohorts and lickspittles known as the clique, he took bullying, trollery and stupidity to a new level. Believe me when I tell you, for Miggs to improve on past lunacy, it takes a very special talent indeed.

But first some back ground for new readers of our blog. Miggs is a long time type two diabetic, who remained clueless for over ten years. He joined, and was very swiftly shown the way to diabetic salvation, by a small group of people, mainly lowcarbers, including yours truly. He thanked us on the forum, and in an online diabetes magazine. He informed us, the standard dietary information he received from the NHS, had been disastrous, and he had seen the light. All was well, until he was promoted to forum moderator. The forum went down hill immediately. His style of moderation, made Stalin’s Gulags, look like a rest home for retired dotcom millionaires. Thread locking, banning members and deletion or alteration of members posts become the norm. The clique comprising of the aptly named Sid Bonkers, aka the village idiot, Nobhead, aka I’m with you on this one Sid, The Cherub and Phoenix, aka the slippery one (Why does an insulin user, on a pump and receiving top class treatment, constantly meddle in the affairs of type two’s, many of which can’t even get their hands on some test strips) we need to be told !

Well, Miggs reign of terror came to an abrupt end, when he picked on the wrong man, Dr.Jay Wortman. Jay is a type two diabetic, a highly qualified Medical Doctor and a low carb expert. Jay politely questioned Miggs on his unsustainable diet, Miggs attacked like a rabid and brain damaged pit-bull. As was the norm, for anyone who dared to question the font of all knowledge. Jay was swiftly banned, his posts deleted and ridicule from Miggs and the clique was posted on the forum.

Our special Black Ops, Special Agent and Head of low carb Anti Counter Intelligence, Dick Duck aka Graham, was swiftly on the case. Within minutes of Jays banning, Dick contacted me and supplied his interim report, including contact details for Jay. I contacted Jay, and commiserated, and informed him he was part of an ever growing list, of banned low carbers. Within hours, I received an email from our good friend, the legendary Jimmy Moore. Miggs was toast, (well he is very partial to two thick slices of crusty white) did he go quietly, not a chance.

To be continued when I get back from the pub.


Breaking News Borofergie Wins Wallycorker Prize.

In an unprecedented move, Borofergie has been awarded the highly prestigious Wallycorker Prize for outstanding achievement in the fight against forum tyranny. In a special all night sitting of the board of trustees the vote was unanimous.

 Fat ex-copper that used to be a mod outed !

A full report will be issued later today.

Thursday 26 January 2012

Best Oral Medication for Type 2 Adult Diabetics

The following post is taken from the paper and  was published June 2011.

It is a much easier read than the papers referenced in the post:

For oral diabetic medications the paper lists the following averages:

HbA1c Reduction (% point)
LDL Change (mg.dL)
HDL Change (mg/dL)
Triglyceride Change (mg/dL)
Risk of Hypoglycaemia (% of patients)
Weight Change (lbs)
Monthly Cost ($)*

** NHS costs (albeit 2009) are given in:

The evaluation of the oral diabetes medications for Type 2 diabetics found the following:

1. Newer drugs are no better. One drug, metformin, have been around for more than a decade and works just as well as newer medicines.
2. Newer drugs are no safer. All diabetes pills have the potential to cause adverse effects, minor and serious.
3. Newer drugs are more expensive. The newer diabetes medicines cost many times more than the older ones.
4. Taking two diabetes drugs can improve blood sugar control. Two or more drugs might be necessary, but this raises the risk of adverse effects and increases cost.

Taking effectiveness, safety, side effects, dosing, and cost into consideration, the following are the Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs:

Metformin or Metformin Sustained Release — alone or with glipizide or glimepiride

Glipizide or Glipizide Sustained Release — alone or with metformin

Glimepiride — alone or with metformin

All of these medicines are low-cost generics.The paper advises try metformin first unless your health status prevents it. If it doesn’t bring your blood glucose into normal range, try adding glipizide or glimepiride.

THE WAR ON INSULIN and the defense of fat !

 I’m Peter Attia, and I’m about to challenge everything you think you know about nutrition, and how it impacts your health and performance. If you’re interested in losing weight, increasing your endurance, increasing your mental acuity, getting rid of your blood pressure and diabetes medicine, or just learning why almost everything the “experts” tell you is wrong, you’ve come to the right place.

My mission is to demonstrate that insulin — not calories — is at the heart of the most pervasive chronic diseases: obesity, heart disease, and even cancer. Suppressing the secretion of insulin is the key to running your body on your own fat, which leads not only to weight loss, but also to what I call “chronic health” and peak performance.

This is a must check out guy !

Thousands of women could be at risk from 'silent Thalidomide'

A drug intended to prevent miscarriage is blamed for causing cancer in the daughters – and possibly even granddaughters – of women who took it decades ago.

Dr Julie Palmer, professor of epidemiology at Boston University's school of public health, who is leading a study on the effects of DES exposure in second and third generations, said she does not think we have uncovered all the side effects of this drug.

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Eating food fried in olive or sunflower oil is not linked to heart disease or premature death, a study has found. Here is the BMJ's editorial on the findings:

In the early 1970s, accumulating evidence showed remarkably low rates of coronary heart disease in various Mediterranean countries, where fat consumption was fairly high but olive oil was the dominant source of dietary fat.

The consumption of fried foods was not associated with the risk of coronary heart disease during the 12 year follow-up. After adjustment for a large number of potential confounding factors, the hazard ratio of coronary heart disease for frequent versus infrequent intake of fried food was 1.08 (95% confidence interval 0.82 to 1.43).

Existing data about the association between consumption of fried food and the risk of coronary heart disease are sparse and the findings inconsistent. A case-control study from Costa Rica comprising 485 cases and 508 controls also reported that frequent intake of fried foods was unrelated to myocardial infarction (odds ratio 1.06, 0.59 to 1.91)

However, the intake of fried foods can also have beneficial effects on cardiovascular risk factors. For example, a study from Italy reported that—compared with the simple addition of raw extra virgin olive oil to a mixed meal—frying food in extra virgin olive oil improved post-prandial insulin and C peptide responses in obese insulin resistant women.

Great Grovels !

Over at Kens forum the rubber Ramada. From Sid Bonkers aka the village idiot.

“Both you and Ken are sorely missed there you know, which is why I always check in here too”
“I agree with Sid, it ain’t the same without you” Carol

Sorely missed, yea, like a bad case of piles. Ain’t the same without you, he never left. He is still causing mayhem. Check out the lunatic Angeleyes.

The great grovel of the week goes to Nigel aka Nobhead at When realising his high carb low fat chums were getting a good kicking bleated.

“Time to put this one to bed IMHO, there's a lot of point scoring going on which isn't achieving all looks very unfriendly and confrontational to those viewing the forum for the very first time”

This from a guy that thinks Diabetes is a Welsh rock group.

More garbage re. ketones !

As commentor said. "Please don't make videos if you have no idea what your talking about. Your body is burning ketones everyday when you sleep."

Listen hard at 1.20 into the video, total nonsense !


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - Albert Einstein

Angeleyes, Albert, Wrunkelt, Silver Fox, Cugila, Ken certainly does the same thing over and over again and never gets different results.

Sad really - does low fat lead to worrying personality traits? - will it all end in foul-mouthed tirades against his tormentors, deleting his posts and slithering into the cyber underworld only to return again as Vasegurt comicbook hero.


Confirmation received Kenny boy is Angeleyes !

After computer analysis, and consulting our huge files on known anti lowcarb high fat  miscreants, and saboteurs, together with special agent Dick ducks report, we can confirm with 99.999% certainty the fired and disgraced forum mod, Kenny boy, is Angeleyes.

Analysis conformed the same arrogant tone, the I know all the answers, the rants against saturated fats, the grovelling references to the Bonkers one, the almost frenzied posts re hypos etc etc. The clincher for Dick, was Angeleyes posting of a gif file showing a man banging his head against a wall posted today. This is not a standard item on The last time the gif was used, was by Ken in December 2009.\%20p112323
Dick stated, I have one keen sense of smell, and I smelt a rat as soon as Angeleyes posted. Our data backs this up.

An email received today.

Hi Eddie,

Although I am not Diabetic I have a big interest in the low carb life style that started this time last year when I wanted to lose weight.

I have adopted a LCHF way of eating and the weight is still coming off, but over the course of the year I have been watching, sometimes commenting on Heart UK and am a subscriber to Diabetes uk.

I have looked and listened to a huge amount of stuff over the course of my research and have developed a pretty sensitive BS radar, which is where Diabetes UK comes in.

I have watched with increasing astonishment the posts on this website, and when I see something that is particularly egregious I forward it to Jimmy Moore, more to let off steam than anything else.

This past week or so has seen some utterly incredible stuff put out there, but I'm sure you've already seen it (keytosis = death!).

Jimmy forwarded the interview you did with him and I've just watched it. I heard it when Jimmy first posted it, but I wasn't as switched on then as I am now; but it just confirmed the opinion I have been recently forming.
You are doing valuable work Eddie, I just wish your website was the first hit newbies would come to instead of the appalling Diabetes UK. It's desperately sad that people will take advice from there and still remain bewildered sufferers. It strikes me that conflict of interest is the main driver, as you suggest, and it also strikes me that if you want to legally earn a very good living for not much effort, then start a charity!

Let me know if there is anything I can do.

Name and e mail address supplied.

My sister died because she didn't take diabetes seriously !

This is a very sad story and a warning to us all. Check out the info from DUK re. keytones, more misinformation or at best very poorly explained. Keytones are a healthy and natural occurrence for lowcarbers whether diabetic or not.

‘A symptom of undiagnosed type 1 diabetes is weight loss — but once that person goes onto insulin they put on weight, and that can be hard to handle,’ says Cathy Moulton, clinical adviser at the DUK charity. Not taking adequate insulin leads to long-term health problems. When the body cannot access sugars from food, it starts to break down fat and protein, leading to by-products called ketones, which are toxic to the body. This can lead to complications including blindness and kidney failure"

The facts.

Ketosis/KetoacidosisDiabetics, and even some health professionals, often confuse two quite distinct metabolic processes - ketosis and ketoacidosis. Ketosis is a perfectly natural and healthy state during which the body uses stored or dietary fat for fuel. In order to enter this state, carbohydrate intake needs to fall below a certain level. Ideally, a healthy metabolism should regularly use ketosis, while fasting overnight for example, to fuel the body's processes and utilise stored fat reserves. Most of the body's organs, the heart for example, in fact run very efficiently on ketones.

Ketoacidosis is quite different and is typically the result of a chronic lack of insulin, not a lack of carbohydrate. With insufficient insulin, the body attempts to fuel itself by breaking down fat and protein stores in an uncontrolled way, a process which results in the blood becoming dangerously acidic. In short, ketosis usually occurs when blood sugars are at the lower end of the normal range, and ketoacidosis occurs when blood sugars are dangerously elevated. Ketosis is a result of low carbohydrate intake, ketoacidosis is a result of inaquate insulin levels.


Merck's next big pay out ?

Naomi Snell, a 28-year-old woman in Melbourne, Australia, is leading a class-action civil lawsuit against drug maker Merck after suffering autoimmune and neurological complications following injections with the HPV vaccine, Gardasil.

After receiving the first of three doses of the vaccine, Naomi suffered convulsions, severe back and neck pain, and lost her ability to walk.


Kenny boy aka Angeleyes resurfaces at !

Tipped off by a reliable whistle blower at, we have been informed the arch buffoon and troll known as Cugila, Ken, Silver fox, Wrunkelt, Albert and now known as Angeleyes, has skulked back onto

We have sent our special agent and Black Ops asset Dick Duck to investigate, and will be posting a full report later today.

Tuesday 24 January 2012

OMG - Is Eddie - Ally?

Startling hint that the infamous Eddie may be the infamous Ally. Check out Eddie's (Ally's) reply to Anne's comment of the following post below.

"This little girl is 28 months old. She is the product of a LCHF gestation and eats a LCHF baby food diet."


Monday 23 January 2012

Land Of Cakes !

Well it was close to four years ago today,
Fergus Craig taught us how to play,
They've been going in and out of style,
But his guaranteed to raise a smile,
So may I introduce to you,
The act you've known for all these years,
Fergus Craig’s Land of Cakes Band!


Shamelessly ‘nicked’ from elsewhere.

"My HbA1c result in June of 2011 was 67mmol/mol when I was first diagnosed type 2
Just after I started Dr Bernsteins low carb diet in Oct 2011 it was 53.
Last week it was 44! Despite me easing up over cholesterol has come down too despite all the dairy products I've been eating."

So, carbs reduced, equals reduced HbA1c. Cholesterol has come down, despite dairy products consumed. Sounds pretty much a typical result to me.

Be warned ! This way of life may well lower your weight, give you blood glucose numbers of a non diabetic, reduce your medication and give you lipids of a kid.


This little girl is 28 months old. She is the product of a LCHF gestation and eats a LCHF baby food diet.

Future ski champion for sure !

An uplifting lowcarb story sent to our website address yesterday.

I am a woman of 58, who has recently started to display the characteristics of 'metabolic syndrome'. I am so glad to have discovered the marvels of the Atkins diet (or low carb diet) and am sure that it has enabled me to side-step the inevitable progress that I would otherwise have made, through type 2 diabetes, to heart disease etc.

It has also caused me to reflect upon my family history, and particularly reflect upon my father's life, as a diabetic of 60+ years, self managing his own condition before the mantra of recommended diet of complex carbs, The management of diabetes is simply shocking. My father was a lifelong diabetic, and my brother and niece also and I'm sure I was on a fast track to type 2 diabetes, so it's a subject that interests me enormously. My father was diagnosed with diabetes as a young man, in the early 1940s. At the time, food groups were broken down, those he could eat freely (eg proteins) foods he could eat moderately (eg veggies) and foods he had to control tightly (eg high carbs). He didn't know those terms, his foods were divided into 3 groups, reds, blacks and greens. He learned by trial and error what a portion of any food equated to in carb terms.

I think it's why I don't have a 'sweet tooth', with a father and brother unable to eat any 'sweet' foods, I grew up in a household where there was no sugar in the house. His insulin requirement stayed the same throughout his life, going down a bit towards the end of his life as he started to eat less, he had no side effects of diabetes whatsoever, his vision was fine, his circulation was fine, and he lived into his late 80s. He was never part of any research programme, he went to the doctors as rarely as possible and never went to a diabetic clinic. And still, now they advocate all these carbs for diabetics, with organisations like the British Diabetic Association suppressing debate on the low carb alternative - it's just crazy.

I have 2 friends who have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (getting to that age) - I bought them both NANY - they've just gone on the medication, trying to lose weight low fat style, and bound to fail. It's so frustrating. While ever low carb is sidelined people will just get more and more ill with these 'modern diseases'. I'm totally convinced of it, it's why I get so frustrated.

I just thought that I would email you. I think that the work you are doing is exceptional.

Full name and e mail address supplied.

Sunday 22 January 2012

Oral Medication for Type 2 Diabetics

Many readers will be familiar with the NHS protocol for glycaemic control in Type 2 Diabetic adults. Basically, it consists of an iterative series of HbA1c tests. If HbA1c < NICE target figure, the patient ‘reverts to routine monitoring for expected deterioration’. If the HbA1c >= NICE target figure, the patient is reviewed for lifestyle intervention and placed on some oral diabetes medication. Depending on where in the iterative testing series the patient is, the medication may be a single drug, double drug, triple drug regimen or in extreme cases an insulin regimen.

Concern over the withdrawal of Actos and Avandia over safety concerns led me to consider what was known regarding the benefits and harm of oral medication for Type 2 diabetic adults.

The evaluation of oral medication for Type 2 diabetics is difficult because there are so many classes of drugs and many individual drugs within each class. Given that much of the drug information mainly comes from industry-sponsored clinical trials, there is a clear need for a systematic, objective analysis of the evidence.

Fortunately, the U.S. Congress directed the AHRQ to establish the Effective Health Care Program to conduct and support research with a focus on “outcomes, comparative clinical effectiveness, and appropriateness of health care items and services (including prescription drugs)”.

The resulting analysis of 216 studies of oral medication for Type 2 diabetics was reported in Ref 1. A follow up analysis was reported in Ref 2.

These reports are important for several reasons. No systematic review had previously summarised all available placebo-controlled trials and head-to-head trials that considered effects on HbA1c values, lipid levels, and body weight as well as other clinically important outcomes, such as adverse effects and macro-vascular events. The reports should move researchers away from industry-sponsored single studies that are often carefully designed to increase the probability of a result in favour of the drug manufacturer – the interested reader no longer has to worry about commercially biased conclusions.

The authors drew the following conclusions.
1.      Older drugs (metformin, second-generation sulfonylureas) have similar or better effects on glycaemic control, lipids, and other intermediate end points, than newer, more expensive drugs (thiazolidinediones, α-glucosidase inhibitors, and meglitinides).
2.      The drug effects on major clinical end points, such as cardiovascular mortality, were inconclusive.
3.      Metformin is recommended as an initial drug therapy because it has the best balance of efficacy, side effects and cost.

The reports have their limitations. They only briefly address the class of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitors and do not highlight the relative ineffectiveness of triple oral medication therapy, as reported in Ref 3

After spending some time reading the report, my position is as follows. Because type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease caused by β-cell failure, some of us will eventually need to move along the iterative sequence from single drug regimen, to double drug regimen, to … , to insulin. Given that safety data regarding the long-term safety of older oral medications for Type 2 diabetics is sparse, it seems reasonable when considering newer drugs whose long-term safety is even more unknown, to be cautious in using them in lieu of the long-established drugs.

Of course, on this forum, there is little need to discuss the advantages of low carbing in the iterative sequence of testing. Suffice to say – low carbing – lower medication.



Saturday 21 January 2012

Five hour lunch !

What a great day. Every six months we meet some of our lowcarb friends, met through and David’s forum. We meet in Guildford at the Loch Fyne restaurant in Chapel street, this place is an old converted Church, and has a fantastic atmosphere. Great lowcarb food (this is a fish restaurant) and the staff and the manager Rahul Punchkaren, go out of their way to make it a great day. Every one controlling their weight and diabetes, and I am the heavy weight meds man on two metformin a day. Between us we have many years of lowcarbing and everyone doing very well.

We also have a six monthly meeting in the north of England (Chorley Lancs.) If you want to get involved, contact us via the contact email address on our main site here.


Friday 20 January 2012

Etta James: Soul legend dies in California aged 73 RIP

Etta James was a key figure in the early days of R&B music with hit songs like "The Wallflower" and "Good Rockin' Daddy". But it was her 1961 recording of the ballad "At Last" that put her on the map. She currently has a CD out called "The Dreamer."

She would have turned 74 on Wednesday.

Paula Deen exposed as Big Pharma selling for profiting from the diabetes disease her recipes promote !

Do you wish you could have a share of the billions in profits raked in by pharmaceutical companies peddling dubious drugs? If you are unencumbered by integrity, you may want to follow the lead of celebrity chef Paula Deen to gain a chunk of the plentiful prescription drug dollars.

Become sick from practicing the lifestyle choices you teach others to make. Paula Deen was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes three years ago. While it is sad when anyone is diagnosed with a serious illness, what makes Paula Deen worthy of ridicule rather than sympathy is how she handled this situation.

Tell no one about the diagnosis you have received, and continue to promote the unhealthy lifestyle which led to the disease. In the meantime, have your agent work on the next step.

Find a pharmaceutical company willing to pay you money to be a spokesperson for one of its drugs designed to squash the symptoms of your disease. Paula Deen now appears in advertisements for Novo Nordisk's diabetes treatment Victoza.

The Deen-endorsed drug not only has the potential to cause cancer, it also does not deliver any health benefits in return for its health risks. Like most pharmaceuticals prescribed for diabetics, the drug treats symptoms but not the disease. In a 2008 issue of the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, University of North Carolina professor of medicine Nortin Hadler noted that anti-diabetes drugs are ineffective because lowering patient's blood-sugar levels does not cure the disease.

Slimming clubs lock members into 'straitjackets' of false hope, says Orbach.

Commercial slimming clubs used by hundreds of thousands of women and men in the UK lock their members into lifelong "straitjackets" of unrealistic expectations about weight loss, a committee of MPs has heard.
Giving evidence to a parliamentary inquiry on body image, author and psychotherapist Susie Orbach criticised companies such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World for misleading slimmers by giving them false hope.

Singling out a recent TV advertisement used by Weight Watchers, which cost £15m – thought to be the most expensive advert ever shown in the UK – Orbach told the committee on Monday and the company's representative that in the advert "everyone was my size, but about 20 years younger" to suggest its publicity material always shows slim people.

Earlier, about 50 women who claimed to have been failed by the diet industry protested outside parliament, carrying placards saying: "Riot, don't diet", and complaining that the only thing that had got thinner was their wallets.

Thursday 19 January 2012

Shameless nepotism The Gaming Blog.

Our youngest lad is a gamer, well you can’t win them all. He is also a star musician, if he spent more time practising, and less time pulling his joy stick, he would be making so much money I wouldn’t have to work. If you are a fellow gamer check out his new blog, thanks.


Sugar Tax Has Huge Potential To Reduce Obesity, Diabetes, And Heart Disease !

Over the past 10 years, Americans drank more sugar-sweetened beverages than ever - as much as 13 billion gallons a year - making these drinks the largest source of added sugar and excess calories in the American diet and, arguably, the single largest dietary factor in the current obesity epidemic.

"Sugary soft drinks really are liquid candy, and their low purchase price hides the true costs of health problems associated with them," said Lee Goldman, MD, MPH, Harold and Margaret Hatch Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology and Dean of the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, and also a coauthor on the paper. "Our model estimates that a penny-per-ounce tax would substantially reduce obesity, diabetes and heart disease among adults in the United States."


Women Did Statins Cause Your Diabetes A Must Watch Video !

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Lowcarb alive and doing very well at !

Checking it’s good to see lowcarbing doing very well. As has always been the case, it’s lowcarbers who are posting most of the good news. From weight loss and drastically reduced BG numbers from type two’s, to reduced medication and much tighter and more predictable control from type one’s. As usual, and the case for close on four years, the success stories from non lowcarbers, are about as thin as an anorexic whippet. I predicted some time ago Benedict would turn a once great forum around, and lowcarbing would get back to the glory days before Ken got his hand on the tiller. He has done a great job.

Ken as you probably know, is entrenched in his self made rubber Ramada of a forum and all is very calm. Let’s face it, you can’t ban, thread lock, delete posts etc etc. if no one posts, and Kens place is so hushed, it makes Trappist monks look like a bunch of acid house ravers. A few of old Kenny boys clique still try to rock the boat now and again, but as we saw yesterday, Cherub was politely shown the door. The days when the clique could posse up, and railroad people off the forum are long gone, why doesn’t Kens crew spend more time getting the rubber Ramada off the ground ? Answers on a post card please.

If you have been successful, in controlling your weight and diabetes with lowcarbing, and are not a member, or you are an ex. member, why not join/re-join Tell people about your success and how it was achieved, spread the word. You know it makes sense, why fight it ?

Evidence for Caution: Women and statin use.

On the highest quality, most credible data possible. There must be solid evidence of advantage over harm and careful analysis of any serious adverse outcomes that may arise immediately or with years or decades of use or when used in conjunction with other drugs commonly prescribed for women. In other words, a Canadian woman should be able to take a pill, safe in the knowledge that its benefits and safety were tested on women like her. She should embark on long-term commitment to a drug therapy with the understanding that she is highly likely to derive a clear advantage in terms of health and longevity and also feel confident that information about any risks will be explained to her in meaningful and accessible language.

These expectations have not been met. Instead we have found a pattern of overestimation

of benefit and underestimation of harm.

Monday 16 January 2012

Effect of reporting bias on meta-analyses of drug trials: reanalysis of meta-analyses !

What is already known on this topic

  • Reporting bias exists across a variety of drug classes
  • When unfavourable results of drug trials are not published, meta-analyses and systematic reviews that are based on only published data may overestimate the efficacy of drugs

What this study adds

  • Addition of unpublished trial outcome data to published meta-analyses changed their results
  • The direction of effect of including unpublished trial outcome data varied by drug and outcome
  • Unpublished trial outcome data should be available and included in meta-analyses; this is particularly important as the effects of including unpublished data are not predictable


More Here

Lowcarb Apple Cake.

Oh no! Ok, I know what your thinking, how many variations of this lowcarb sponge cake is this guy going to come up with ! Try this one, very lowcarb and tastes delicious.

100 grams ground almonds
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 large eggs
1 tablespoon of melted butter
2 tablespoons of double cream
100 grams of sliced apple
1 teaspoon of ground nutmeg
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.
Melt the butter I used a Pyrex jug, add the eggs, cream, then add the dry ingredients and mix. Microwave in a 700watt for 4 minutes. Allow to cool and cut in half. Spread on extra thick cream and some sliced apple. Dust with with cinnamon. Serves four. Around five carbs per portion.


Saturday 14 January 2012

GPs advised to review all patients on aspirin for primary prevention.

The largest analysis to date into the effects of aspirin found no reduction in cardiovascular death yet a 30% increase in life-threatening or debilitating internal bleeding events.

Data from nine trials and 100,000 participants found a modest reduction in non-fatal heart attacks, but that 120 people would have to be treated to prevent one event – compared with the one in 73 who suffered potentially significant bleeding.


Thursday 12 January 2012

What a load of old testicles !

A rave from the grave, or a repost !
If there is one thing my old sparring partner Sid Bonkers hates more than me it’s statistics. He gave me one hell of a chuckle when he posted this today.

“Statistically the average human has one breast and one testicle. ~Des McHale”

At first I thought the mans got a point, when I stopped laughing reality hit. One, all human beings have breasts but for certain hormones men’s breasts would develop further, there are a lot of lady boys who would agree with that statement. Also, I have known many women with far more balls than many of the men I have encountered ! To some degree I agree with Sid, so many of the statistics we hear about are so ridiculous it is a mystery how they ever see the light of day.

A typical headline may be along the lines of ‘Lowcarbing causes heart disease’ always a headline that grabs my attention. On closer inspection I find the trial consisted of a bloke in a shed, force feeding half a dozen mice raw meat for 3 months and wonders why they all croaked. Another gem I saw recently was from our old friend Noblehead ‘Eating cheese every day could raise bladder cancer risk' Ok I know Nigel would rather side with old Beelzebub than consume some good old fashioned saturated fat, closer inspection of his link revealed the following.

“The results showed eating cheese had little effect unless the amount exceeded 53g a day. After that, the risk went up by more than half. But the Dutch and Belgian researchers stressed the numbers of people in the study may be too small to conclude that cheese is a major health threat and called for further investigations to verify their findings, which were published in the European Journal of Cancer.”

Still with me ? The lowcarb antis do love their petty torments. The prize for the most useless dietary information of the week as always goes to my old nemesis Ally 5555. Whatever happened to her ?“It is a amazing the highest cholesterol level I can ever recall was from a pt when I was a student at a leading London hospital - the lady ate 12 eggs and 4 pounds of beef a day , plus a few veggies - her cholesterol was very high - her blood looked like cream!
Would be interesting to eat like that !”

Any of you eating four pounds of beef and a dozen eggs per day ? thought not. Lets face it anyone that could afford to buy four pounds of beef per day would be sending Bill Gates welfare parcels, even Desperate Dan would struggle to consume four pounds of meat a day.

One set of statistics cannot be ignored and are certainly no joking matter, the published NHS stats on HbA1c control are appalling, over to you Sid.

Statins Raise Diabetes Risk In Post-Menopausal Females.

Post-menopausal females who take statins have been found to have a higher risk of developing diabetes, researchers from various medical schools in Massachusetts and other US faculties reported in Archives of Internal Medicine. However, the authors emphasized that the benefits of statins - cholesterol-lowering medications - still outweigh the risks, even for females in the mentioned age-groups.

Their six-to-seven year study, involving thousands of women from the Women's Health Initiative, found that patients who had been prescribed certain types of statins had a 48% higher chance of subsequently being diagnosed with diabetes, compared to their counterparts who were not on those medications.

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Get me on the payroll !

Eat pasta, bread, spuds, cereals, baked products, morning, noon and night. Shovel down the meds.!
To big pharma and junk food firms. When do I get my cheque ?


Tuesday 10 January 2012

Lose weight - or your operation's cancelled !

"Overweight patients have been told to shift excess pounds before they are allowed operations such as hip and knee replacement, tonsil removal or gall bladder surgery."

It is hoped the new policy will result in patients being in a better state to recover following non-urgent procedures.

Today the Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group held a conference about the scheme, which has been officially running since January 1.

Dr Nicolas Small, chairman of the group, said: “GPs in the area will not list patients for routine surgery until they have lost weight. There is a range of support, some from the GP surgery, or they can be sent to groups such as Rosemary Conley or Weight Watchers.”

This is very, very wrong ! Many over weight patients have paid into the NHS for decades. Many may have followed the bull**it diet the NHS has promoted.

Anyone in trouble should be helped by the NHS. This is one of the few great institutions we have left.


Gliclazide, stick it where the Sun doesn't shine !

How it works.

Gliclazide binds to sulfonylurea receptors on the surface of the Beta islet cells found in the pancreas. This binding effectively closes the K+ ion channels. This decreases the efflux of potassium from the cell which leads to the depolarization of the cell. This causes voltage dependent Ca++ ion channels to open increasing the Ca++ influx. The calcium can then bind to and activate calmodulin which in turn leads to exocystosis of insulin vesicles leading to insulin release.

Pretty impressive eh.

That was a copy and paste job from Wikipedia, oh that I could recite that sort of jargon without notes. So the bottom line is, Gliclazide works by forcing the already damaged and overworked pancreas into outputting more insulin. It does this even if more insulin is not required to bring down blood glucose levels, hence the often reported hypos. A heavily overweight type two diabetic often has three times the serum insulin levels as a slim non diabetic, the last thing many type two overweight diabetics need, is more insulin sloshing around their system. More insulin inhibits stored fat burning and very often increases weight, thus reducing insulin sensitivity, and the vicious circle continues.

So apart from knocking out the pancreas, causing hypos and very often increasing weight, it’s not got a lot going for it. It will come as no surprise to some, that world renowned diabetes expert, Dr. Richard Bernstein refuses to prescribe Gliclazide. As with many type two diabetes medications, there is often a high price to pay, for only a modest reduction in HbA1c. Other than insulin, nothing comes close to reducing blood glucose numbers, compared with  a lowcarb diet and exercise. To date, I can find no downside, or side effects, in the consumption of quality non factory produced, lowcarb/starch foods and a brisk two mile walk.

Please check out our lowcarb recipe and food blog.


The diet of death !

For fifteen to twenty years, before type two diabetes diagnosis, I ate cereals, toast and orange juice for breakfast, keeping well away from saturated fat. At diagnosis, I was at least 50lbs over weight with a waist of 40”. My usual breakfast consisted of at least 150 carbs. Since seeing the lowcarb way of weight control, and more importantly BG control, I eat, most days of the week, the breakfast below. This has resulted in HbA1c numbers in the fives, (almost 12 at diagnosis) reduced total cholesterol, increased HDL, and trigs, from near three, to always less than one, also a weight loss of 50 pounds. I have maintained these numbers for three and a half years. My only diabetes medication, two by 500 mg Metformin a day.

Of course this is only anecdotal eh, surely the NHS and DUK must know more than me in controlling type two diabetes ? If they do, why do their figures re. lack of progress, make more depressing news, year on year ? The eat carbs with every meal, for a non insulin using diabetic is a sick joke, they are pushing a diet of DEATH ! If I know it, so must they. But hey, I am not on the payroll of big pharma and junk food companies.


Butter versus Margarine, the big debate !

Butter versus Margarine, the big debate !

The multi national big food companies, love to tell us how healthy their margarine and vegetable oil products are, but are they ? They tell us their products are lower in saturated fat, lower in cholesterol, and will improve our health. We recently added a video showing how butter is made. Check out Canola production, very similar to Margarine production. If you believe Margarine, is a healthier and better alternative than butter, which has been consumed for thousands of years, I believe you should seriously consider, psychiatric counselling !