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Wednesday 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

One of our sons with his son, these photo's just sent to us.

One of our sons with his son, these photo's just sent to us.


Pneu a mod at comments re. fat intake !

A forum member stated the following..

"So tell me this! Why is it that every health official and the government and anyone watching what they eat is adviced to keep the fat intake low. Now they don't tell you that for nothing."

Pneu replies.

I would suggest the following:

1. There is / has been a lot of money invested by food manufactures promoting 'low fat'. 

2. To turn around and tell a whole generation that you may have seriously messed up dietary advise would be particularly damaging to the government that decided to do so; and thus being political animals they wont.

3. The weight of evidence to support low carb - high fat has only really been gaining mainstream momentum over the past 5 - 10 years. 

I work closely with the diabetes team at my local PCT and they have to follow 'standard' advice if you ask them anything officially.. however there is a real interest in LCHF and active support of those who wish to undertake such regimes.

Further I would suggest as a method to control type II diabetes it has been demonstrated countless times by individuals on this forum to work.. not only as a means to control blood glucose; but in terms of offering additional benefits such as improved lipid profiles and blood pressure. LCHF is not a 'fad' or unproven method of control, it is recommend by a number of leading health authorities across the world.

I would suggest the best thing you can do is research your condition and take a holistic view of type II diabetes control.

Well done Pneu spotonski !

Open post to phoenix.

"Presumably I should have just ignored i the problem and left it to the insulin to sort out because it's obviously my secret weapon. I certainly had no choice in the matter of whether I should take it or not." phoenix

That is true, but you do have a choice on what you eat and how much insulin you use. That is your choice, and your choice is to follow the type of diet and carb intake promoted by the NHS, DUK and ADA. Many others have no choice ! A test strip on prescription is a dream for many diabetics, let alone insulin and a pump, test strips and the highly skilled training that goes with it.

You have so much to say at, your own blog, and blogs such as the raving Carbsane asylum. Why don’t you come over here, and tell us how we can hold non diabetic BG numbers, stable weight, and good lipids on your daily intake of carbs, on nil or minimal diabetic meds. Perhaps we could all follow your high carb diet, I am sure our Doctors can't wait to issue us with pumps, insulin and test strips etc. Get real woman, and be grateful you have choices. You have it all, and all you do is sit there day after day spreading doom and misinformation. 

As you said, “I certainly had no choice” but many diabetics do have a choice, a change of lifestyle or ever increasing meds ! Why are you so bitter and twisted and jealous of others who are prepared to sacrifice their favourite foods and work hard to be self sufficient and not be slaves to big pharma and junk food outfits.

You know who and where I am phoenix.


Eddie, Graham and John Part 2

Anecdotal again but this is Eddie, Graham and John before lowcarbing.  Graham is the skinny one in the middle

For Eddie, Graham and John after lowcarbing see:

Quote of the week

"I've just found a recipe for Yorkies from our lovely WhitbyJet: by BlindFaith aka WhitbyJet"
"Hope you don't mind me copying it here, Whitby??"

Lowcarb antis, Liars, Loonies and Layabouts !

I had a quiet day of contemplation yesterday, and it occurred to me the lowcarb antis are either liars, loonies or layabouts, one thing is for sure, if they disappeared the forum would become a  very dull place. So often the antis have had me in pain, bent double at my desk, laughing so much I could hardly breath. Sometimes a friend will phone struggling to compose themselves to inform me about the latest stunt the antis are trying to pull, and very often it’s the funniest part of the day. What’s the shortest list in world ? The list of people on who have thanked the antis for helping them. A piss poor joke eh, I can assure you It’s the way I tell em.

How many people join or post on the forum, I have done everything my healthcare team advised, I have followed my dietitions dietary advice, I have taken all the meds my Doctor prescribed and I have lost weight, have non diabetic BG numbers and the lipids of a kid ? Err…. that’s an even shorter list. Any diabetic telling us the standard dietary advice from the NHS, DUK or ADA has worked well, and restored their health, is either a liar, a loony or a layabout. The grim statistics published ad nauseum prove me right, but those antis provide much needed mirth in the sometimes depressing world that is diabetes.


Tuesday 30 October 2012

Statins 'ineffective in 40% of patients'

Cholesterol-lowering drugs taken by millions of people may sometimes not work effectively because of a protein secreted by fat tissue, say scientists.

Statins reduce levels of low-density lipoprotein, the "bad" form of cholesterol linked to heart disease. But up to 40% of those taking them are resistant to their effects, according to the new research.
The reason may be a fat-generated protein called resistin, which not only causes high levels of LDL, but also counteracts the beneficial effects of statins.
Lead researcher Dr Shirya Rashid, from McMaster University in Canada, said: "The bigger implication of our results is that high blood resistin levels may be the cause of the inability of statins to lower patients' LDL cholesterol levels."
The discovery of resistin's role in raising cholesterol could lead to new therapeutic drugs that target the protein, she believes.
Dr Rashid's team showed resistin increases the production of LDL in human liver cells, and reduced the liver's ability to clear "bad" cholesterol out of the body.
The protein accelerated the accumulation of LDL in arteries, leading to a narrowing of the blood vessels and an increased risk of heart disease.
Results from research were presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Toronto.
Dr Beth Abramson, from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, said: "The possibilities for improved therapy for the causes of cardiovascular disease are very important.
"Fortunately, we know a great deal about heart disease prevention."
She urged people to monitor their weight and waist size, eat low-fat food, and be physically active.

Monday 29 October 2012

Commercial Break !

This musician is available for Parties, Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs, Wakes a speciality.. Contact phoenix at to book.

Defren and Hana awarded Wallycorker medal !

In an unprecedented move, the trustees of the Wallycorker foundation have awarded the highly prestigious Wallycorker medal to Defren and Hana at Rarely is the award given to a member who has not been banned. And never has the award been given to a Woman. Both working hard to help the newbie’s and fighting against the carb laden dietary stupidity that has been the downfall of countless diabetics.

Chairman of the board of trustees. Roger (keto warrior) Jenkins stated today “Hana has spent years helping others despite years of ridicule from Kens clique and Carbos despotic, anonymous and gutless miscreants. Defren is impervious to Carbos Carboholics and meds shills, and shines like a beacon for common sense.

Well done ladies keep up the good work. Illegitimi non carborundum.

Lowcarb team.

Fingers crossed for our friends in America !

One of the biggest storms ever to hit America is on the way. They can put right the financial cost, here’s hoping very few lives are lost.

Eddie Never a day without lowcarb good news !


Just got back from my first NHS clinic after getting diagnosed in July with type 2. I was off work for a month back then feeling terrible and had no idea what was wrong with me. The first week was hell in that I had all sorts of nasty symptoms (numbness in feet and arms, rapid heartbeat, drinking too much, stress, tiredness) and i was totally lost. My Dr told me too eat lots of fruit and healthily and my sugar levels went up 4 points after eating an apple! At this time my BG level was 19!

Help was at hand though as I found this forum and Daisy's initial advice saved me! I've been low carbing and exercising and just taking one met with dinner. I'm now at 6 (and I've lost 2.5 stones) and the nurse described it as miraculous!"

Join and tell your good news story.

The Crazy World Of Diabetes !

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of Mastermind.

John Humphrys: Can we have the first contestant please. Please state your name, occupation and specialist subject.

Contestant. Sid Bonkers: occupation organ grinders monkey (retired) specialist subject The Life and Times of Kenny Boy.

John Humphrys: OK Sid Bonkers your 2 minutes on The Life and Times of Kenny Boy starts now !

John Humphrys: The lowcarb super star Borofergie described a forum troll as ‘a fat ex copper that used to be a mod’ who was he referring to ? Sid: Ken, John Humphrys: correct

John Humphrys: During Kens days on the forum he tried to push a lowcarb, lowfat, low calorie diet, what did this hypothesis become know as ? Sid: Totally Unsustainable, John Humphrys: correct

John Humphrys: During Kens time as forum mod he lead a group of Carboholic bullying thugs, what popular name were these people known as ? Sid: The clique, John Humphrys: correct

John Humphrys: Phoenix, Jopar, Noblehead, and Catherinecherub were all members of the clique, who else was a clique member ? Sid: Pass

John Humphrys: How many long-term trials or studies have proved CVD outcomes have been improved by a reduction in dietary saturated fats. Sid: Loads of em ! John Humphrys: Wrong the correct answer is none.

John Humphrys: Of the three main food groups only one is not essential for life what is that food group ? Sid: Fats, John Humphrys: Wrong the correct answer is carbohydrates

John Humphrys: Some time ago a complete buffoon stated he consumed a 5lb keg of celebration chocolates over the Christmas Holiday, who was that buffoon ? Sid: Pass.

John Humphrys: Well Sid at the end of that round you have scored three points. You passed on two questions. The complete buffoon who stated he consumed a 5lb keg of celebration chocolates over the Christmas Holiday was you Sid. The other question you passed on was, who else was a clique member, the correct answer was you Sid.

John Humphrys: Next !

Eddie, Graham and John

With n = 3, we realise that the evidence is anecdotal but look at what low-carb can do!

In anticipation of the anti's homophobic remarks, Graham and I would like to point out only Eddie leans both ways!


Carlo Spaghetti ponders future !

Newly appointed head coach at team lowcarb anti Carlo Spaghetti looked a worried man at today’s training session. With half his first team undergoing drug rehabilitation in the Priory and his star defender El Bonko due to appear at Bromley Magistrates Court, on a list of charges ranging from drunk and disorderly to grievous bodily harm, the situation looks bleak. The teams other long-time defender Nige Statinski has been despatched on a free transfer to Carbo United, the players grave yard for the failed and over the hill.

Spaghetti has brought in a new head of nutrition, Fatsa Good, the man credited with the spectacular success of the Jamaican Athletics team and Usain Bolts personal chef. Massive dietary changes are expected to be made. Fatsa was staggered when checking out the carb consumption of the Antis, and believes diet is one of the main reasons for the grim run of results seen over the last four seasons. There was one glimmer of hope this weekend when the Team Anti skipper, Brazilian forward Nullius in Verba was on the practise field 18 hours a day. Mystery still surrounds the whereabouts of missing Argentinean forward Jopar Penguinio.

The Sun

Two-thirds of Australians 'obese'

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said people were continuing to pile on the kilos despite other findings indicating a switch to healthier habits.
The study found two thirds of the population are now classified as overweight or obese, which had increased over the past four years.
"The proportion of overweight adult Australians has increased by more than two percentage points, meaning that nearly two-thirds of the population are now classified as overweight or obese," said statistician Paul Jelfs.
The figure compares to 56.3 percent in 1995 and 61.2 percent in 2007-08.
Mr Jelfs said the 2011-12 Australian Health Survey of 33,500 people found that 70.3 percent of men and 56.2 percent of women were losing what he called the "battle of the bulge", with one-quarter of children also classed as overweight.

Sunday 28 October 2012

Effect of Long-Term Exposure to Lower Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Beginning Early in Life on the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease :


The purpose of this study was to estimate the effect of long-term exposure to lower plasma low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) on the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD).


LDL-C is causally related to the risk of CHD. However, the association between long-term exposure to lower LDL-C beginning early in life and the risk of CHD has not been reliably quantified.


We conducted a series of meta-analyses to estimate the effect of long-term exposure to lower LDL-C on the risk of CHD mediated by 9 polymorphisms in 6 different genes. We then combined these Mendelian randomization studies in a meta-analysis to obtain a more precise estimate of the effect of long-term exposure to lower LDL-C and compared it with the clinical benefit associated with the same magnitude of LDL-C reduction during treatment with a statin.


All 9 polymorphisms were associated with a highly consistent reduction in the risk of CHD per unit lower LDL-C, with no evidence of heterogeneity of effect (I2 = 0.0%). In a meta-analysis combining nonoverlapping data from 312,321 participants, naturally random allocation to long-term exposure to lower LDL-C was associated with a 54.5% (95% confidence interval: 48.8% to 59.5%) reduction in the risk of CHD for each mmol/l (38.7 mg/dl) lower LDL-C. This represents a 3-fold greater reduction in the risk of CHD per unit lower LDL-C than that observed during treatment with a statin started later in life (p = 8.43 × 10−19).


Prolonged exposure to lower LDL-C beginning early in life is associated with a substantially greater reduction in the risk of CHD than the current practice of lowering LDL-C beginning later in life.

Funded by Wayne State University School of Medicine. Dr. Flack is a consultant to Novartis, Medtronic, Back Beat Hypertension, Boehringer Ingleheim, and Daiichi Sankyo; and has received research grants fromNovartis, Medtronic, and the NIH. Dr. Williams is a consultant and speaker for Astellas Healthcare, Inc. All other authors have reported that they have no relationships relevant to the contents of this paper to disclose.

The power of the human spirit

Peter Gabriel-Father Son

"Even though I'm a daughter, this song has such meaning for me on a spiritual level. My dad committed suicide when I was 23 at the age of 48. Pain occurs in so many forms. Even though he has been gone from me for more than 25 years, I called out to him in prayer for help today. God must have need was met. Got my Dad by my side in so many ways.Thank you, Peter, for once again blessing me with the sound track of my life. Peace and joy, all!"

Saturday 27 October 2012

For John.


Theme tune from the latest Bond film:


Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends

OK I'm out of here. Thank you so very much to the people that take the time and trouble to read and comment on our humble  blog. Many thanks to my great friends. This month around thirty thousand page views. Good luck and health to you all, god bless. Eddie

Hazel O' Connor "Will you"

The sax player is Wesley McGoogan, beyond description, a man on a different time dimension and tangent Eddie.

Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes

Anyone remember Birdland Piccadilly London ?

When I was a kid I hung out in London music and dance clubs. My favourite was Birdland in Piccadilly.  A mix of about 50-50 blacks and whites, very rarely any trouble, we were there to dance to the great music, and the music was about 99% black. Those black guys taught us to dance and this was a track we loved to dance to. Eddie

Black Music !

How many young people today realise almost all the music they listen to today comes from black singers and musicians. Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Rock and roll, Tamla, Soul, Reggae, and Rap. No band in my life time has not been influenced by black artists. One of the governors Bob Marley. Eddie

Saturday night again. One of the best singers ever to draw breath !

Check this track out, it's a stunner.

Crazy World !

Freddie Starr 'New abuse victim comes forward'

Mr Murdoch, who joined Glaxo in 2009 as a non-executive director and sat on the company's ethics committee, has told the board he has no plans to stand for re-election at May's AGM. 

Sir Christopher Gent, Glaxo chairman, said: "James has taken this decision to focus on his current duties as non-executive chairman of BSkyB, and following his decision to relocate to the United States" for News Corp. He thanked him for "the very strong contribution he has made".

Team lowcarb anti appoint new coach !

After a series of crushing defeats team lowcarb anti have brought in legendary coach Carlo Spaghetti. Spaghetti arguably the worlds most successful coach and strict disciplinarian was appalled at the teams fitness at first training session. At today’s press conference Spaghetti stated getting the antis fit would be the greatest challenge of his career. With half his first team in the Priory undergoing drug addiction therapy and his captain  suffering a cognitive mental disorder during the last match,  Spag is certainly in for a tough time. If these problems weren’t bad enough, Pfizer have withdrawn their sponsorship and his mercurial defender El Bonko was arrested last night for starting a fight in a South London fish and chip shop. Spag stated his immediate task was to assemble a team for the next big match. If Spaghetti can save  them from relegation he will have achieved a miracle.

The Sun

Friday 26 October 2012

Why a Lowfat-Lowcarb Diet is Unsustainable !

Every clued up active and well controlled type two diabetic knows a lowcarb lowfat diet is unsustainable. How can you drastically reduce a food group like carbs and do the same with fats ? That only leaves the third major food group of protein.  How much protein can you eat ? I have done the math and consuming a typical diet for a fit and active man say 2500 calories it does not stack up. The question arises why would you want to do away with fats ? Fats taste good and at over twice the calories per gram as carbs and protein are a great source of energy. Many fall for the biggest con ever hoisted on the medics and the general populace, fats are bad for you. They clog up your arteries and lead to CVD. This is absolute tosh and no meaningful trial or study has ever proved this. In fact the opposite has been found.

Time after time I see trials demonising saturated fats, but often a clever trick is employed, they lump in trans fats to skew the results. Man made trans fats are poison and I believe is how they have made the con stick. Check out the link below and you will see over a mean of 8.1 years, a trial involving  48,835 women a dietary intervention that reduced total fat intake and increased intakes of vegetables, fruits, and grains did not significantly reduce the risk of CHD, stroke, or CVD.


Crazy world !

Lowcarb antis 0 good guys 12

Well if that wasn’t the most one sided match I have ever seen I don’t what is. The antis skipper looks suddenly very old, nowhere near the player that come from Real Madrid four years ago. Where is the flair, speed and skill that made the player a legend, and FIFA player of the year four times on the bounce. Talking of bounce, the antis back row had none of it. Noblyhead taken off before half time, hardly had the energy to walk off, a total light weight, how anyone thought he was Premier Div material is beyond me. The antis star defender El Bonko certainly lived up to his name when he picked a fight with a goal post. Surely there must be a minimum level of consciousness to compete at top level in the UK. Before the match the coach told me El Bonko had been on a portion controlled lowfat diet, clearly a disaster. So what’s the future for team anti ? Well unless they can bring in some star talent very soon, it’s relegation for sure. Lowcarb anti fans sure miss their star player, but talk of Kenny Boy returning have been dismissed as total fantasy by his agent.

The Sun

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Thursday 25 October 2012

Shamelessly nicked without permission from Well said Sir !

phoenix wrote:

"The people on here are a 'few ' people on a forum. Frequent posters are a tiny number of the actual members, they are people who have had a measure of success and find themselves well supported, others though are less supported and unsurprisingly they don't stay. This is not a representative sample. Moreover all have lost weight fairly recently so cannot be compared with what happened over a period of 11 years."

That is still constructively avoiding the point I was trying to impart in my opinion.
The following should be read in the context of T2 posters only. At any particular time on this forum there have been a number of frequent posters. If you look back one year there were a set of frequent posters, two years another set of frequent posters, three years more frequent posters, four years a further set etc. Some have remained posters but many, the majority even, have come and gone. Also at any particular time there have been less frequent posters notably people who arrive on the forum then ask for advice, get that advice, do the advice then leave as mostly satisfied customers. It's what the T2 sections of this forum do best in my opinion.

The overwhelming vast majority of those posters over the years have reported that low carb works. They may have argued that this kind of low carb was better than that kind of low carb and even been at each others throats over which method is best. Some have said said lchf, some have said vlc, some have said lclf, some have argued for gi, some have argued for gl and others portion control with an effective carb control element. Do you know what? I don't give a damn what they use and I'll try and support every last one of them even if they are using a different method than me because they all share a common underlying theme which is generically low carb works and has been reported to have worked by hundreds of members over the time the forum has existed.
Denying that simple fact is absurd and trying to make out the low carb success story in all its forms is only a recent thing being pushed by the likes of me and a few other posters is just as absurd.

You state "and a measure of success and find themselves well supported". That's the point they are being supported by being given low carb advice by members on this forum. I'm glad you finally admit that low carb advice given by me and many, many other members over the years leads to success.  Perhaps if they were given similar low carb support by the NHS it too would begin to reap the benefits.

I'm actually amazed that someone with your very apparent interest and respect of science and as someone who is obviously a gifted amateur (for want of a better phrase) that you appear to be in denial about both the implications of the failure of the AHEAD Trail and the evidence before your eyes in the form of all those real people who have passed in front of you reporting their low carb success on this forum over the years you've been a member.

CarbSane Explains Why She Is A Taunter Of Gary Taubes !

Evelyn Kocur AKA Carbsane is a legend in her own lunch time. She spends her life stalking Jimmy Moore and Gary Taubes. If you ask her the time you get ten thousand words on the history of horology. Check out the link below to a Jimmy Moore podcast. Listen to Evelyn talk for over an hour without drawing breath. She has clearly mastered the trumpet players art of circular breathing. Marvel how Jimmy, no slouch in verbal communication is left almost dumb. Listen to the podcast and come back and tell me this woman is not one wave short of a ship wreck. BTW my good friend phoenix idolises her.

"Check out why she believes counting calories (not carbs) is king, why she thinks long-term low-carbers overestimate the carb counts in foods, the “crazy theories” promoted by Gary Taubes that she’s seen out in the blogosphere and where she thinks he gets it most wrong, what important nutritional concept she thinks is blatantly ignored by the low-carb community, what she agrees with Taubes about, whether she thinks Taubes has done more harm than good, her anger and disgust with how Taubes “cherry picks” the data that supports his theory, why she thinks Taubes lied for his own personal financial gain, her research into carbohydrate metabolism, why the older research cited by Taubes is invalid, why she thinks insulin is good in the body, and what she thinks a diabetic needs to do before beginning a low-carb diet change."

Words of Jimmy Moore


Great grovels ! Great post phoenix, as usual. Sid Bonkers

This from Mr. Portion control, following another feeble attempt by phoenix to diminish the mind blowing confirmation, that modest weight loss and a 55% carb diet, with a severely restricted calorie diet followed on the Look Ahead Trial failed to improve CVD outcomes for type two diabetics. The participants ate a very much portion controlled diet and got nowhere. Sid any more jokes like that and we will sign you up as a script writer on the Novro Claphanger show.

Great post phoenix, as usual. Sid Bonkers 

Small World – Part Two

08.30, this morning, upstairs in my study, going through my emails. I could hear Julie talking to her mum on Skype. Such conversations always make me smile. In a single sentence you are almost certain to hear Teochew, Cantonese, Malay and English. Suddenly the conversation was loudly interrupted by the hysterical shrieks of Julie’s sister. As I made my way down the stairs, I could hear Julie telling her sister to calm down and explain what had happened.

At the back of the garden there is a long strip of land on which, over the years, has developed into secondary rain forest. The sister’s dog, snuffling along the edge of the garden, had suddenly become very agitated. The sister moved across the garden in time to witness a cobra spit its venom and hit the dog’s face. I ran back upstairs, googled “cobra spitting facts” and found this blog:

The sister and her brother then spent 15 -20 minutes washing out the venom from the eyes and went off to the vets with the dog staying overnight.

After all the excitement, Julie and I were relaxing with a cup of coffee when Julie remarked “do you remember 1984?”

June, 1984, Julie and I had just arrived in Singapore and had yet to make friends. We had been invited to watch a cricket match at the Padang. I don’t believe it is an exaggeration to say that cricket can be a little boring and with the tropical heat and humidity we may have closed our eyes once or twice. The slumbers were rudely interrupted by the spectators shouting for a fieldsman to get the ball. Instead he froze. Lying next to the ball was a cobra.

November, 1984, Julie and I were now settled in Singapore with a circle of expat and local friends. Most evenings were spent in the Chip Bee Coffee Shop, Jalan Merah Saga. This became an alternative Senior Common Room. It was one such evening when we were drawn into conversation with a young English couple. On the previous Saturday, the couple had celebrated their 5 year old son’s birthday and presented him with a puppy. On the Sunday, the boy returned from the garden crying that he couldn’t find his puppy…………… know how this is going to end! The fire service caught the python (and puppy) and released it in Bukit Timah nature reserve.


$220 million well spent ! Proves NHS,DUK,ADA dietary information for type two diabetics useless !

Keep well away from the NHS,DUK,ADA dietary information if you want to control your type two diabetes !

The most damning piece of information regarding diet for type two diabetics, I have ever read in four years of studying type two diabetes, was the complete failure of the Look Ahead Trial to improve CVD outcomes for type two diabetics. By  using a modest reduction in weight and calorie reduction, the trial participants were on a 55% carb diet, the trial was doomed to fail from day one ! I am wading through a mass of information, but one thing stands out a mile, the pitiful reduction in HbA1c (see chart below). The participants had a top HbA1c of eleven at the start of the trial, higher numbers excluded from taking part. After 11 years of a 13 year trial it was deemed ‘futile’ to continue. No benefits in outcomes regarding CVD among the participants was found. Average HbA1c reduction 0.5% and the boffins expected an improvement in CVD, what planet are these people on !

With the correct diet it would be normal to see massive reductions in HbA1c and vastly improved blood glucose control. Huge reductions in obesity, far better lipid counts and huge reductions in medication used. This has been proved countless times by lowcarbing diabetics, and they didn’t need 11 years and $220 million to find out a way to improve CVD. The good news we see on blogs and forums all over the world, counts for nothing with outfits like the NHS,DUK and the ADA, they call the good news reported ‘anecdotal’ they much prefer to accept the information received from big pharma and junk food companies. The fact that many of these outfits have been fined $billions for lying, bribery and corruption and falsifying drug trial evidence matters not a jot. Why, because the people we should be able to trust have sold out, and put money before peoples health and wellbeing. We need far more people like Bernstein, Wortman, Taubes, Kendrick, Briffa et al. They have the courage to stick their heads above the parapet, and refuse to be lackeys and yes men to stupidity and greed.

Some HbA1c facts

For every percentage point drop in A1C blood test results (from 8.0 percent to 7.0 percent, for example), the risk of diabetic eye, nerve, and kidney disease is reduced by 40 percent. Lowering blood sugar reduces these microvascular complications in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Intensive blood sugar control in people with type 1 diabetes (average A1C of 7.4%) reduces the risk of any CVD event by 42 percent and the risk of heart attack, stroke, or death from CVD by 57 percent. 

Source: DCCT/EDIC, reported in December 22, 2005, issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.


Wednesday 24 October 2012

Phoenix at and why we need people like her !

A few days ago I said in a post we need the lowcarb antis. Most of them shoot themselves in the foot and limp away from a thread when it goes pear shaped for them, and it almost always does. The point is these people give great opportunities time after time to spread the lowcarb message. One lowcarb anti is in a class of her own, I expect you have realised I’m talking about Phoenix. She is one clever and very shrewd woman. She walks a very fine line between Florence Nightingale and Cruella De Vile. A useful post here, an informative post there, but always hovering like a vulture waiting to land. This person lives to cause confusion and doubt among the membership. Let’s not forget, this person likes to tell us she has a top diabetes team at her disposal, an insulin pump, and adequate testing facilities. She has posted on her blog the wonderful French food she eats and carbs are a very large part of her daily diet. I think it is fair to say she has her diabetes under excellent control and life is good for her. But what about the others ? The others who have none of the benefit she has, the many diabetics who can’t even get a test strip from their Doctor, the people that are not highly educated and have been very poorly advised. The people who have diet or meds that have been proved to kill as their only options. Clearly Phoenix has nothing but contempt for these people. She proved it yesterday when she posted the quote below. This was on a thread that was discussing the complete failure of the Look Ahead Trial to improve CVD outcomes for type two diabetics by a modest reduction in weight and calorie reduction. The trial participants were on a 55% carb diet, just how big pharma likes it, and of course Phoenix.

“Would they have done better on a different type of diet; who knows? It is not sensible to try to compare them with a few people on a forum”

“Would they have done better on a different type of diet; who knows?” Come on Phoenix you know full well they would have done better on a lowcarb diet ! The average drop in HbA1c over 11 years was around 0.5% I lost 6 full points in HbA1c in three months as I have reported many times. I say this not by way of self-aggrandizement because so many others have achieved the same, it’s very easy with some self discipline and some help from people who know what they are doing.

“It is not sensible to try to compare them with a few people on a forum” A few people on a forum ! Surely you are not talking about Over the last four years countless hundreds of people have posted weight loss, BG numbers plummeting, improved lipid counts and so much more by adopting a lowcarb lifestyle. I think you have shown great injustice to people who have worked very hard to get to a safe place without all the benefits you have. Please remember, they cannot dial up a couple more units of insulin on the pumps they do not have when they fancy a donut. 

Keep on giving us a good reason to post and reminding us why the NHS stats for diabetics are so grim. People like you have played a big roll in the downfall of so many diabetics, you are a true credit to big pharma and the Hope Warshaw's of this world.


The ADA Giant vampire squids wrapped around the face of the diabetic community !

Hi folks, please spare a thought for the Medics, evidently they are 'perplexed' as to the best way to treat hyperglycaemia in type two diabetics. The truth is they are perplexed how to treat most conditions in type two diabetics. The $200 million plus Look Ahead Trial proved one thing without a shadow of a doubt. A reduced calorie diet with modest exercise done nothing for type two diabetic outcomes regarding CVD. It also proved the diet of death pushed by the NHS, DUK and ADA i.e. 55% carbs does no diabetic any favours. The other question I’m asking myself is what meds were involved ? Actos, Avandia etc. etc. One thing is for sure, type two diabetics on a 55% carb diet must have made med taking a full time job.

Well those good guys at the ADA wanted to ease the burden on these 'perplexed' Medics.

"As a consequence, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) convened a joint task force to examine the evidence and develop recommendations for antihyperglycemic therapy in nonpregnant adults with type 2 diabetes"

The Task Force, anyone smelling a rat ?


R.M. Bergenstal: membership of scientific advisory boards and consultation for or clinical research support with Abbott Diabetes Care, Amylin, Bayer, Becton Dickinson, Boehringer Ingelheim, Calibra, DexCom, Eli Lilly, Halozyme, Helmsley Trust, Hygieia, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, NIH, Novo Nordisk, Roche, Sanofi, and Takeda (all under contracts with his employer). Inherited stock in Merck (held by family)
J.B. Buse: research and consulting with Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; AstraZeneca; Biodel Inc.; Boehringer Ingelheim; Bristol-Myers Squibb Company; Diartis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Eli Lilly and Company; F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd; Halozyme Therapeutics; Johnson & Johnson; Medtronic MiniMed; Merck & Co., Inc.; Novo Nordisk; Pfizer Inc.; Sanofi; and TransPharma Medical Ltd (all under contracts with his employer)
M. Diamant: member of advisory boards of Abbott Diabetes Care, Eli Lilly, Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), Novo Nordisk, Poxel Pharma. Consultancy for: Astra-BMS, Sanofi. Speaker engagements: Eli Lilly, MSD, Novo Nordisk. Through Dr. Diamant, the VU University receives research grants from Amylin/Eli Lilly, MSE, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi (all under contracts with the Institutional Research Foundation)
E. Ferrannini: membership on scientific advisory boards or speaking engagements for: Merck Sharp & Dohme, Boehringer Ingelheim, GlaxoSmithKline, BMS/AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly & Co., Novartis, Sanofi. Research grant support from: Eli Lilly & Co. and Boehringer Ingelheim
S.E. Inzucchi: advisor/consultant to: Merck, Takeda, Boehringer Ingelheim. Research funding or supplies to Yale University: Eli Lilly, Takeda. Participation in medical educational projects, for which unrestricted funding from Amylin, Eli Lilly, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, Novo Nordisk, and Takeda was received by Yale University
D.R. Matthews: has received advisory board consulting fees or honoraria from Novo Nordisk, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, and Servier. He has research support from Johnson & Johnson and Merck Sharp & Dohme. He has lectured for Novo Nordisk, Servier, and Novartis
M. Nauck: has received research grants (to his institution) from AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly & Co., Merck Sharp & Dohme, Novartis Pharma, GlaxoSmithKline, Novo Nordisk, Roche, and Tolerx. He has received consulting and travel fees or honoraria for speaking from AstraZeneca, Berlin-Chemie, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Diartis, Eli Lilly & Co., F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Intarcia Therapeutics, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi-Aventis Pharma, and Versartis
A.L. Peters: has received lecturing fees and/or fees for ad hoc consulting from Amylin, Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, Takeda, Boehringer Ingelheim
A. Tsapas: has received travel grant, educational grant, research grant and lecture fees from Merck Serono, Novo Nordisk, and Novartis, respectively.

How many carbohydrates can dance on the head of a Scotch egg?

The question, "How many carbohydrates can dance on the head of a Scotch egg?" has been used many times as a dismissal of medieval dietary myths in particular and of nutritionalism in general. The phrase has been used also to criticise figures such as Carbo, Phoenix and WhitbyAraucaria for espousing such medieval dietary myths.

In modern usage, this question also serves as a metaphor for wasting time debating topics of no practical value. An example of such time wasting was the debate in one of Carbo’s blog regarding the carbohydrate content of Scotch Eggs. The renowned empiricist Eddie Mitchel cut short the debate by the simple expedient of purchasing two eggs and presenting the results.

Quote of the week

"Not sure how you could even start to do it on a mixed insulin regime as (as I understand it) you have to eat enough carbs to match the insulin you take rather than the other way round." Sid Bonkers

Here’s a track dedicated to Pauline

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Missing drug trial results 'costs lives and wastes millions', MP argues.

Dr Sarah Wollaston, a family doctor and MP for Totnes, Brixham and South Hams, said the publication of drug research was “hugely important” and “matters very much”.
She has now called for pharmaceutical companies to publish all clinical trial results, saying it would give a “completely different evidence base for medicine”.
The MP intends to raise the issue in Parliament in an attempt to prevent drug companies from allegedly withholding results that are not favourable to them.
A British Medical Journal editorial on the issue states it "generally comes as a shock" to clinicians and the public that research is not properly disseminated.

Evidence showed that "a large proportion of evidence from human trials is unreported, and much of what is reported is done so inadequately," it said. "We are not dealing here with trial design, hidden bias, or problems of data analysis—we are talking simply about the absence of the data.

"And this is no academic matter, because missing data about harm in trials can harm patients, and incomplete data about benefit can lead to futile costs to health systems."Moreover, researchers or others who deliberately conceal trial results have breached their ethical duty to trial participants."

Ben Cochrane, doctor and academic, told the Times the issues was an “ongoing national scandal. “We need to ensure that the results of all clinical trials, past and future, on all drugs in current use are available to doctors and patients,” he said.

Eat less, move more, have your heart attack on time!

More on the Look AHEAD trial the NHS style High Carb / Low Calorie + Exercise Intervention fails, and study is abandoned after 11.5 years of a 13.5 year trial.

"But these three things are typically packaged together as the lifestyle improvements recommended to newly diagnosed diabetics. Each of them (according to conventional wisdom) show help a little bit. The goal of the study was to demonstrate that these together these interventions would improve CV health outcomes for diabetics. The fact that these measures FAILED is demonstrative that the conventional advice is wrong"

A comment from Borofergie at

"Also, what might the outcome have been if the intervention group had been repeatedly bullied, harassed and indoctrinated to maintain a normoglycaemic, low grade ketogenic diet for 13.5 years? Say to an HbA1c of around 5%?"

A comment from Petro Dobromylskyj

A comment made by Stan on the HYPERLIPID blog.

"Peter, you beat me to it, I just noticed a writeup in the NYT about the study! It is also possible that something else may have gone badly wrong there. For one, reduction of the caloric intake by half over 11 years should have helped but it didn't! Unless their dietitians only reduced their fat and protein while kept all those "healthy" carbs in?"

The ramifications of this failed trial are going to be massive. The trial illustrates totally the stupidity of a high carb-high medication regime for type two diabetics. Over $200 million dollars spent to find out what the clued up diabetics have known for years. It seems you can get funding for almost anything, other than a  long term trial to prove the benefits of a lowcarb no/minimal meds diet.


How many carbs do you have a day?

Over at my favourite forum a thread was started ‘How many carbs do you have a day ? This was posted in the lowcarb diet forum. The answers came in from the lowcarbers. Around the 20 mark, I reach 50g, most days between 30-40g. 35-40g per day max - no meds, 50g max, Less that 25g a day, but I'm thinking about going proper zero carb for a month as an experiment, 10-20g a day for me, usually 30-40 etc etc. Then ‘Varies but around 150g a day’

Can someone tell noblyhead 150g is a million miles away from lowcarb! Perish the thought he was trying to start a bun fight, not our Nige surely. Stand by for bonkers in the morning.


Monday 22 October 2012

Insulin not a get out of jail free card !

Over the years I have seen many posts made by what I call lowcarb antis. These tend to be made by type one diabetics using injected insulin, very often on a pump. Comments from ‘I fill my face with carbs’ to ‘a balanced diet is a cake in each hand’ Ok they are comments made by an idiot and not typical of an intelligent diabetic. Most intelligent insulin using diabetics have learned what Dr. Richard Bernstein calls the power of small numbers. Roughly that equates to the less carbs the less insulin, the less insulin used the more predictable the results. Makes sense to me, if you make a miscalculation of say 25% with 10 units of insulin that could make a big difference. A 25% miscalculation with 4 units will probably not be anywhere near as important. But what about the insulin user that does not make miscalculations ?

Well that seems to be a possibility, that you could eat whatever carbs you wanted and hold good HbA1c numbers. OK I know over 90% of type ones never get close to a safe HbA1c number but bear with me. If that could be achieved, what are the down sides ? Well, insulin is known as the weight gain hormone, and some insulin using type ones go onto what is known as double diabetes. They have the problems of a type one to deal with plus the metabolic grief of type two diabetics. There is also the fact that Insulin is also known as the aging hormone. This has been proved.

So, as I say, insulin is not a get out of jail free card. It takes great skill to achieve safe HbA1c numbers when you are an insulin user, but it can be done. I know type one diabetics holding long term HbA1c in the mid fours. They are using very small amounts of insulin. They are also using a lowcarb diet.


Gluten free diet ‘improves coeliac disease symptoms’

I believe far more people than reported have poor tolerance to gluten in their diets. I often read about women reporting hair loss on diabetes forums, could there be a connexion ?


"A gluten-free diet improves multiple outcomes for patients with coeliac disease, say Swedish researchers.
Symptom questionnaires were sent to randomly selected members of the Swedish Society for Coeliacs divided into equal-sized age- and sex strata.
They were asked to self-report symptoms and healthcare consumption for the year prior to diagnosis and the year prior to receiving the questionnaire while undergoing treatment with a gluten-free diet.
Of the 1,031 responses, significantly less patients reported fatigue after starting a gluten-free diet, with 22% reporting this symptom compared with 89% who reported it one year prior to diagnosis of coeliac disease.
A significant number of patients (4%) reported weight loss after commencing the diet, compared with 87% who reported the problem one year before diagnosis. Just eight patients (0.8%)were still vomiting post-diet compared with 88% before, and 2% reported hair loss compared with 85% who complained of this pre-diagnosis.
The researchers concluded said: ‘Coeliac disease patients profit from being diagnosed and treated with a gluten-free diet. An earlier coeliac disease diagnosis is therefore of great importance.’"

I Must Have A Recipe For This

Mitchell may fish for his puny carp with the lovely Janet pouring glasses of rioja and sharing a Sainsbury’s “Taste the Difference” scotch egg. Up North we prefer a larger stamp of fish.


Shopping Alert for Sid

SPAR, Whitby is currently selling “Celebrations” chocolates for £5 a tub.


Reduced calorie diet for type two diabetes ends early because the intensive program did not prevent heart attacks and strokes !

Hitting people on the head with a baseball bat trial !

Imagine if I started a trial and hit ten men on the head with a baseball bat. The trial would last a week and at the end of the week, stated all the men had died and we concluded hitting people with bats was a health hazard and the trial had no positive outcomes for life expectancy. Ok at this stage you may be thinking have I been hit with a bat, there’s a few out there who would like to hit me with a bat I am sure ! So what’s point of this post you may be thinking. The point is, so many trials are so incredulous, I wonder about the sanity of the boffins. The ACCORD study is a great example. This study/trial ended early because too many diabetics died. The subjects had one foot in the grave at the start of the trial. Years of obesity, heart disease poor lipid counts high HbA1c etc. etc. They then filled them to the gills with meds that have been proven to kill, Avandia, Actos and statins among others. The bottom line, an alert chimp could have predicted the outcome. Well, check this piece of nonsense I found yesterday.

Diabetes Study Ends Early With a Surprising Result !

"A large federal study of whether diet and weight loss can prevent heart attacks and strokes in overweight and obese people with Type 2 diabetes has ended two years ahead of schedule because the intensive program did not help.
“I was surprised,” said Rena Wing, the study’s chairwoman and a professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University’s medical school.
The study randomly assigned 5,145 overweight or obese people with Type 2 diabetes to either a rigorous diet and exercise regimen or to sessions in which they got general health information. The diet involved 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day for those weighing less than 250 pounds and 1,500 to 1,800 calories a day for those weighing more. The exercise program was at least 175 minutes a week of moderate exercise.
But 11 years after the study began, researchers concluded it was futile to continue — the two groups had nearly identical rates of heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular deaths."
The $64000 questions, was the restricted calorie diet the usual ADA, NHS, DUK low fat high carb ? How much death inducing medication was used ? What state were the participants in at the start of the trial ? How long had their diabetes been out of control ? How long had they been obese ? Will we ever hear the truth ? I expect you would need a bat to get to some straight answers to those questions.

The $64000 questions, was the restricted calorie diet the usual ADA, NHS, DUK low fat high carb ?

5.4.5 Diet
Restriction of caloric intake is the primary method of achieving weight loss. In order to aim for a weight loss of 10% of initial weight, the calorie goals are 1200-1500 kcal/day for individuals weighing 250 lbs (114 kg) or less at baseline and 1500-1800 kcal/day for individuals who weigh more than 250 lbs. These goals can be reduced to 1000-1200 kcal/day and 1200-1500 kcal/day, respectively, if participants do not lose weight satisfactorily. These calorie levels should promote a weight loss of approximately one to two lbs/week.5

The composition of the diet is structured to enhance glycemic control and to minimize cardiovascular risk factors. The recommended diet is based on guidelines of the ADA and National Cholesterol Education program96,97 and includes a maximum of 30% of total calories from total fat, a maximum of 10% of total calories from saturated fat, and a minimum of 15% of total calories from protein.