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Wednesday 31 July 2013

Patient information leaflets: “a stupid system”

The NHS’s multifarious patient information leaflets are inaccurate, inconsistent, and confusing, finds Margaret McCartney, and effort is duplicated because each trust commissions its own, often from the private sector
The so called patient revolution is nothing without quality information. And so the NHS is awash with patient information, especially leaflets, in hospital wards, outpatient clinics, and general practitioners’ surgeries. Some trusts commission leaflets from external, profit making companies; others write their own. But how efficiently does the health service coordinate them, and are leaflets tested for effectiveness on patients?
In a recent study researchers asked 128 trusts for leaflets given to patients after an inguinal hernia repair, and 93 trusts responded.1 Almost one in five trusts sent a leaflet created by a private company, Eido Healthcare. Others had inconsistent guidance on when to return to office work (ranging 1 to 6 weeks) or manual work (2 to 12 weeks). Similarly, leaflets gave conflicting advice about when to resume driving, sex, and sport. This means that patients are being given very different information about the effects of the same surgery, depending on where they live and which leaflets are used.
A similar study examined leaflets provided to patients who had been offered extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy. The researchers found that the leaflets did not consistently mention common recognised complications and some were not mentioned at all.2 Another study, which examined patient information leaflets …

Grazer spills the beans !

From the ETYM forum.

"Sorry you're going Desi, but for the life of me can't see why. Some seem to see Machiavellian dealings where there are none. How's this for open - Eddie is an Arse who insisted on insulting me and my colleagues who spend a lot of our time and money running this purely to help others. We didn't like that, so told him to get lost anmd banned him. Our bat, our ball, don't insult the umpire. Changes to who can read what means guests get a taste, but have to become members to see more. Really dumbfounded by the concerns. The Americans really did land on the moon."

So there you have it folks ! Our bat, our ball, don't insult the umpire” and yet another reference to money “my colleagues who spend a lot of our time and money running this purely to help others” what a load of bluster and bullshit. You can host a forum for next to nothing, in fact you can host a forum for free if you accept advertising, just ask Tubolard aka Carbophile. As for time, Grazer is a part timer compared to some on the forum. As he said “Our bat, our ball, don't insult the umpire” and don’t we all know it. Just like the kid who can’t play football, he shouts it’s my ball give me it back and goes home sulking. What a light weight. How tough he is in his little kingdom ruling the roost. Easy to slag me off and tell lies when I have been banned, and can‘t answer back. So Grazer and your fellow misfits and dullards, get your butts over here and take me on, or shut it. Stop hiding in the shadows under an anon name, show us you are not all mouth and no trousers.


Recent Events at ETYM

A little over the top for a discussion of cupcakes. Drama queens


Thin Ice.

Posted by fly on the wall.

TONIGHT! Ask Dr. Bernstein Webcast and Teleconference Call.

Ask Dr. Bernstein Webcast and Teleconference !!! Wednesday, July 31, 2013 7:00 PM CST SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS NOW!! Special Topic: To be announced TONIGHT! Wednesday, July 31, at 7:00 pm Central Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast Phone number: (206) 402-0100 PIN Code: 900326# To attend via the internet, visit: Please Ask Dr. Bernstein Your Questions NOW! By emailing us at or by going to Join the Ask Dr. Bernstein Webcast and conference call on Wed. JUly 31st, 2013 7PM CST, 8PM EST and 5PM West Coast Time. Dr. Bernstein will answer your questions.

Pfizer to pay $491m in fine for off-label marketing !

"Pfizer has agreed to pay a fine of $490.9m to settle an investigation related to off-label marketing of immunosuppressive drug Rapamune, according to the US Department of Justice. The drug was produced by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, a company acquired by Pfizer in 2009. According to Pfizer, Rapamune (sirolimus) is indicated for the prevention of organ rejection in kidney transplant patients aged 13 years or older.
The company, in a statement, said, “Pfizer was not a subject or target of this matter, and cooperated fully with the government from the time it learned of this investigation in October 2009.”

Wyeth received FDA approval for Rapamune in 1999 for use in renal (kidney) transplant patients. Once approved, a drug may not be used for unapproved (off-label) purposes until the clearance from FDA for the new intended uses, which are supposed to be specified under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA).

Wyeth has pleaded guilty of violating FDCA. In addition, Wyeth is also alleged to have violated the False Claims Act, from 1998 through 2009, by marketing Rapamune for unapproved uses.The department, in a statement, said: “Wyeth encouraged sales force members, through financial incentives, to target all transplant patient populations to increase Rapamune sales.” Sanford Coats, US attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma, said: “The FDA approved Rapamune for limited use in renal transplants and required the label to include a warning against certain uses.

“Yet, Wyeth trained its sales force to promote Rapamune for off-label uses not approved by the FDA, including ex-renal uses, and even paid bonuses to incentivize those sales. This was a systemic, corporate effort to seek profit over safety. Companies that ignore compliance with FDA regulations will face criminal prosecution and stiff penalties.”

Yet again we see big pharma paying massive fines for illegal activities. How come they get away with it time after time ? Remember, this sort of money is petty cash to these outfits, no more than an overhead, or an occasional expense. Think about it, you make $2 billion net profit from an activity. You get caught, you pay out $500,000,000 in fines and trouser $1.5 billion. No-one goes to jail and the game recommences. You see big pharma are the same as big Banks, they have become far too big to fail. As always, we are the ones that pay for the greed of a relatively small group of people. Steal a hundred quid and you can end up in prison, steal a billion, and you can get a Knighthood. As Jimmy Greaves used to say “Football it’s a funny old game”


Link to full story here.

Undercover of the night !

A track dedicated to the disappeared ones and the skulduggery that goes on at UK diabetes forums.

Post deleted ? Click on screen shot to enlarge.

Quote of the day !

From the ETYM forum.

"The whole life section and all it's threads have disappeared!"

Another day another dollar at the fantasy forum.

Posted by fly on the wall.

Metformin Pill Linked To Longer Life !

You guessed it folks, it’s another study based on the long suffering mouse. If I had a tenner for every headline I read regarding a mouse trial or study, I could afford to send welfare parcels to Bill Gates. The article concludes with "What we don't know however is whether similar effects on lifespan might be produced in humans."This is something that we cannot simply take for granted and the study's authors do well to sound a note of caution"

That’s the usual conclusion. What I often ask myself is, how easy is it to get funding for this malarkey. For instance, could I get a fat funding cheque for some mouse experiments that conclude the same way as this metformin trial. How about this for a trial. I get fifty mice, separated into two groups, twenty-five I leave in peace. The other twenty-five I hit with a cricket bat. Conclusion, hitting a mouse with a cricket bat can be fatal. OK  I’m talking complete bollocks (what’s new cry the antis) but jeez, you know what I mean. I am not getting paid, but these boffins are, and we are paying, one way or the other.


More on the madness here.

More Lunacy From New Zealand.Fat tax would add $1 to butter !

A fat tax is being suggested as a possible way to improve the health of New Zealanders by encouraging people to replace some saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats. Some butter could be replaced with grapeseed or safflower oil, meat with omega-3 rich fish, and potato chips with nuts or seeds, while the tax could add $1 to a pack of butter. Rachel Foster and Associate Professor Nick Wilson from Otago University in Wellington looked at five meta-analyses to estimate how the risk of cardiovascular disease could be reduced by eating less saturated fats. They also used data from the New Zealand Adult Nutrition Survey 2008/09 to determine whether a change to the amount of fat eaten would be warranted and feasible.

Their conclusion was that replacing 5 per cent of daily energy consumed as saturated fat with polyunsaturated fats would be expected to reduce cardiovascular events by about 10 per cent.

On average New Zealanders were getting almost 34 per cent of daily energy as fat including 13 per cent as saturated fat. That compared to recommendations that dietary intake of fat be no more than 30 to 35 per cent of daily energy, with less than 10 per cent of daily energy from saturated or trans fats, the study said.

While the meta-analyses used in the study found benefits from replacing saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats, they did not find any significant association between saturated fat intake alone and cardiovascular disease. Replacing saturated fat with carbohydrates also did not reduce the risk of coronary events. (My Bold)

This story sent in by our friend in New Zealand Lynda, thank you. Stand by for a very sad story regarding GM foods and how they are leading to suicide and starvation for many farmers around the world, sent in to us by our friend Jill (Indy).


More on this lunacy here.

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Pocket-Sized Sensor Gives Instant Fat Burning Updates.

Fitness fanatics may soon be able to gauge if their hard work is paying off without the need for weighing scales thanks to a new device that can instantly tell if your body is burning fat.

The device has been presented today, 25 July, in IOP Publishing's Journal of Breath Research.
Acetone is primarily produced in the blood when fat is broken down; however, it is also expelled through tiny sacs, called alveoli, in the lungs during exhalation and is therefore present in exhaled breath.

This new device, which is capable of detecting acetone concentrations in the range of 0.2 to 50 parts-per-million, is just 10 cm long, weighs 125 g and requires two AA batteries to operate.

More on this story here.

The cartoon with the overtly pious Labrador.

Living Ruff

ETYM Board issue statement.

It has come to the attention of the forum moderators that a so-called blog has been set up exclusively to propogate propaganda of a sort which treats the mod team with contemptuous mirth and/or also derides us. Despite not owning a thesaurus, we've wasted little time in branding the individual behind this blog as at best unhinged, and at worst really rather very unhinged. Be warned, he'll use every trick in the book - parody, cartoons, wordplay, irony, talking Labradors and even name-dropping Sigmund Freud (who's DEAD!) - all in an attempt to brainwash you into thinking that we're a bunch of so-called petulant rotters.

The Management

Please note. This is not an official statement made by the board members, of the artiste formally known as ETYM. Only casual perusal, is all that is necessary, to realise the aforementioned statement, contains far too much wit and accomplishment, to have been published by those humourless nerks.

ETYM crisis meeting in progress.

Posted by fly on the wall.

You don’t need a fat wallet to stay slim !

In a perfect world some of us lowcarbers would live on fillet steak, lobsters and scallops. But in the real world most of us have to live on a budget. The retired, and most families with children, have incomes that are shrinking. Salaries are fixed for many these days, and when you take into account inflation, which I believe regarding food, is way above the number we are told by Government, times are tight. So, do you need a fat wallet, or purse, to stay slim, and eat good lowcarb food ? I don’t believe we do. The meal featured below cost around £2.00 per person, roughly $3 US dollars. Four large legs of chicken from Sainsbury’s economy range cost £2.00, some broccoli baked in double cream, to which I also added some grated cheese, and some left over mashed Swede from the night before.It tasted great and was very filling. In fact you may find one piece of chicken with a selection of non starchy vegetables suits you better. Tuck in and enjoy!

All the best Jan


Dear forumers on the flora,
By the time that you read this, it will be too late - I will be gone.
Sorry, that came out all wrong. What I meant to say is: by the time I read this, you'll be gone. Banned, banned, banned. Banned in the wink of my eye - which, incidentally, is an eye that I've had on you all for quite a while now.

I fear that few people realise the time and commitment that's involved in my tediously refuting and rebuking every single contrary opinion fired at me from across the interweb. It isn't just a case of immediately hitting the ban button. First there needs to be a fair and open-minded interchange of the ideas which surround any conflicting viewpoint - THEN I'll hit the ban button.

Hence I've taken the decision to preemptively ban all forum members rather than risk the possibility of any future descent into dissent. This move thus enables me to devote more of my valuable time to my main hobby: ridding cyberspace of petty-minded egotists.

In the interests of preventing any vicious backbiting, the remaining member of the moderation team would be very grateful if you could all now turn off your computers and disappear.

Lord Beantipper 

ETYM a forum or a very exclusive club ?

When the hardest fighters for the lowcarb cause, in recent times were banned from, the guys set up a forum of their own. Great I thought, we need a set of pipe wielding, blow torch holding set of lowcarbers, setting up a much needed lowcarb forum in the UK. Not only that they invited me, a lowcarb member of the Hezbollah to join them. Let’s get at it I thought, lets kick some lowcarb anti butt ! how wrong could I be. From the start it was doomed to failure. After kicking butt at, and taking on every lowcarb anti that posted, they pushed a diet to newbie’s along the lines of DUK and the NHS. Sid Bonkers must have turned in his crypt. Who would have believed, Sid’s portion control, low GI diet would be the order of the day. Check this out from the advice thread for the newly diagnosed.

“On the starchy foods that are left in your regime, try brown basmati rice, and brown or tri-colour pasta, instead of white. A couple of baby new potatoes boiled are far better than old potatoes, be they boiled, mashed or in their jackets. The bread that is most recommended is Burgen Soya and linseed bread, but some of us manage ok with wholegrain brown as well.”

How many of the forum owners, and well controlled members are eating brown rice, brown pasta, new potatoes, and any kind of bread other than flax/linseed ? answer one, Grazer ! All the very well controlled i.e low fives and fours would not touch this sort of food with a ten foot pole. When I pointed this out, a feeling of Déjà Vu came over me. I was back at the forum of flog,, fighting for my life.  Had these staunch lowcarb warriors taken a bribe from big pharma and junk food ? had they gone batshit ? Who can tell, but what have they achieved in the last nine months.

Well, they have alienated many of the first to join lowcarb members, many with years of great diabetes control under their belts. They have followed the worst aspects of the forum of flog, with post deletion, thread locking etc, they fought so hard against at the flog. They have become a cakes and commiserations club. But, they have done worse. The excruciatingly boring and mainstay of the forum in recent times, the members blogs, cannot be seen by a visitor, trust me that’s a bonus. But after my recent comment here, re. the members list, and how most have left, many have never posted and pages of clearly spoof members etc. What was their mind blowing response ? Make the members list unavailable to visitors. The question I find myself asking is, how long before no-one can see anything ? Now, that’s what I call a one hell of an exclusive club. Remember the big forum ethos at the start, was total transparency and honesty for the members, it seemed to good to be true, and by golly it was. For the first time in their lives, some of the owners had a little bit of authority and power, jeez did it go to their heads.


 Being conscientious sorts, they decided to do things by the book.

PS. I see the General Discussions section, seems to be members only job now, oh dear.

A 280,000% Mark Up For... Water !

Imagine there was a time when bottled water didn't exist in our catalog of popular commodities. Perhaps the trend started in 1976 when the chic French sparkling water, Perrier made its introduction. There it was seductively bottled in its emerald green glass amongst the era of disco and the spectacle of excesses... who could resist right?! What could be more decadent than to package, sell and consume what most consider (in the western world) a common human right easily supplied through a home faucet! It’s absurd that the cost of designer water is at a "280,000% markup" to your tap water and it's reaching record heights in consumption.

It wasn't until the 1990s when bottled H2O became an everyday common sight and a symbol of our cultural desire towards fitness and "health-consciousness". Even today health enthusiasts claim drinking water often helps to "detox and boost the metabolism!"

There have been controversies about chemicals leeching into the water from the soft plastic material of bottles, but the FDA determined the containers "do not pose a health risk to consumers." IBISWorld reports that the "U.S. is the largest consumer for bottled water in the world, followed by Mexico, China, and Brazil".

In the mid-1990s, soda companies found that the niche market for bottled water could be huge, why not? The profits were obvious! Pepsi and Coca-Cola jumped into a race with their brands Aquafina and Dasani; they led the way to making bottled water what it is today.

More on this story here.

Monday 29 July 2013

Doctors pioneer use of 'bug' device to protect critically ill patients

Doctors in Southampton are the first in the world to fit critically ill patients with a revolutionary bug-like device to detect dangerous blood sugar levels.

The hi-tech gadget, which consists of two probes with four sensors that are hooked into the skin and covered with a dressing, enables doctors to offer patients round-the-clock protection against life-threatening infections or seizures for the duration of their time in intensive care.

Many seriously ill patients, including those with diabetes, suffer high levels of glucose in the blood as a result of the body's reaction to trauma or surgery and, as this increases the risk of infection, levels are usually lowered with infusions of insulin.

However, as this treatment can force glucose levels to drop too low and cause seizures or coma, patients require regular glucose monitoring.

In the past, this was managed using traditional blood test analysis, which would only take place every two to four hours - leaving patients vulnerable if sugar levels increased or dropped without warning.

With the new device, which is known as the Sentrino Continuous Glucose Management System, patients' blood sugar levels are updated minute-by-minute and displayed on a monitor at the bedside.

An alert warning system is triggered to allow clinicians to intervene early if a patient begins to head outside of their target glucose range and prevent possible complications while, if their blood sugar alters without warning, a separate alarm is activated to prompt urgent action.

"This device is a cutting-edge advance for critically ill patients as, for the first time, we are able to constantly monitor the blood glucose levels in critically ill patients," said Dr Paul Diprose, a consultant cardiac anaesthetist at Southampton General Hospital.

"Until this development, we were reliant on information taken and assessed every two to four hours. Many of our patients have rapidly changing blood glucose levels and this device can allow much more frequent feedback of levels and allow us to intervene early to attempt to avoid complications."

Dr Diprose, who led a study of 25 patients fitted with the device following cardiac surgery at Southampton General, said it provided glucose levels which "correlated well" with the current time-consuming methods of glucose monitoring.

Dr Mike Herbertson, director of cardiac intensive care at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, added: "This device provides a continuous measure rather than intermittent 'snapshots' of glucose levels that we have traditionally used.

"It provides the opportunity to control patients' blood sugar levels much more effectively than was safe to do in the past and that is an important development."

The study was presented at a meeting of the Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthetists in Cambridge.


One day I’m gonna lose !

In over five years of taking on lowcarb antis, idiotic forum moderators, and owners of forums and blogs, I have never lost the argument. Sure, I have been banned, thread locked and thousands of posts deleted, but I have never lost. I know what you may be thinking, what a cocky son of a bitch, how does his head get through the door. Let me explain. So many dullards I have taken on, never understood the big issue. It was never about me, it was about the lowcarb lifestyle.

What kind of idiot could ever believe a diet based on sugar and starch could ever be Plan A for a diabetic. Indeed, the diet sucks for most non diabetics. People who believe, the dropping of junk food for fresh vegetables, quality proteins and fats man has ate since the beginning of time, is not the way to go, are crazy. What possible chance, do they believe they have, in winning the argument ?


Lowcarbers Have We Got It All Wrong ?

We have worked hard to tell our stories, we have worked hard for the lowcarb cause, some of us for years. Imagine this scenario, we all wake up tomorrow, and find out the Governments and food advising outfits all over the world, have come clean. They admit they have been mistaken, and hoodwinked by multinational food outfits and big pharma. That a huge change in policy has taken place. The way forward is less carbs, and stop eating highly processed junk food. That basing our meals on lot’s of fresh vegetables, quality meats, fish, eggs and dairy. Nuts, seeds, and lowcarb fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, was the way forward to a better and healthier way to live. Where would that leave us ?

Well, with everyone going for our sort of grub, we would be in big trouble. The price of the food we eat would go through the roof. Unless we got to the supermarket at the crack of dawn, only high starch/sugar junk food would be left. No way could farmers and producers of fresh quality food, be able to keep up with demand. Are you getting my drift ? Maybe we should stop promoting the benefits of a low carb lifestyle, maybe we should all blend back into the woodwork, and keep what we know to ourselves. Just a thought.

Some low carb. fruits. Strawberries 6 grams. Blackberries 5.1 grams. Raspberries 4.6 grams. per 100 grams.


Man 'kicked out' of New Zealand for being too fat!

"A South African man is facing deportation from New Zealand - for being overweight. Albert Buitenhuis weighs 20 stone and six pounds, 66lbs lighter than when he moved to NZ six years ago. But he has now been told his weight may place demands on New Zealand's health services.

At 5ft 10in tall, Albert has a body mass index of 40, making him clinically obese. His wife Marthie says his weight has never stopped him from working 40 hours a week as a chef, and has not been a problem with gaining their annual visas every year since 2007. According to Miami Newsday, Marthie said: "We applied for [them] year after year and there were no issues. They never mentioned Albert's weight or his health once and he was a lot heavier then."

Well it was the headline that caught my attention, which was of course exactly what the writer wanted. More and more the word 'fat' grabs the headlines. We all know that if you are overweight this can lead to serious health problems. The issue of what we eat, and what we should eat, always makes for an exchange of views and much discussion.This man has not been 'kicked out' yet, should he be kicked out? From the article he has been working and making a life for him and his family and contributing to the NZ tax, welfare system etc.
I'm sure our readers have their own views, please feel free to share.

All the best Jan

More on this story here.

The Sid Bonkers Paradox !

Say what you like about Sid Bonkers, long time member of the forum of flog,, he never fails to amuse. The experienced and well controlled diabetic members at the forum, know Sid as an absolute genius at getting threads locked and posts deleted on the forum. The big question is, is Sid a harmless old buffoon, or a menace to the diabetic community ? Sid is a very mercurial man, one day he is posting some useful information, he once posted a fantastic lowcarb recipe complete with a great picture, the next day he is spouting the biggest load of tosh that ever came up the pike. I have tried to fathom Sid out. What goes on in his head. Does the phase of the moon effect him more than most, does wind direction play a part, is he a complete nutter ?

Sid uses every opportunity to tell the world, lowcarbing is a restricted diet, and many people cannot keep with it in the long term. Yet Sid has the most restricted long term diet I have seen on the forum. He tells us breakfast is a splash of milk over 17 grams of cornflakes, please note I said 17 grams. He once came onto this blog to correct me when I stated he ate 16 grams of cornflakes. Sid likes to rubbish Gary Taubes books, but when asked what he did not like about the books, he said he had not read them, but had seen a Taubes video once. Yesterday Bonkers said this on the flog “And if someone does "opt" to take more medication and or eat a healthy balanced diet instead of low carbing is that now a crime?” read again, “eat a healthy balanced diet instead of low carbing” Now that is very subtle by Sid’s standard. Lowcarbing is not a healthy diet, this from a man that consumes around 1200 calories a day, with more than his fair share of junk. When he is in full flow, he is far less restrained. When Doctor Jay Wortman joined the forum, Sid was first in the queue putting the boot in and rejoiced when Jay was banned. A month or so ago he attacked another Doctor and promoter of lowcarb, who joined the forum, labelling the Doctor a troll. The Doctors credentials proved he/she was a Doctor, who sadly appears to have walked, as have other healthcare professionals.

Sid’s latest outburst, came after he read a line from long term forum member, and long term lowcarber Hana. Who stated  “In addition there's been a history of rubbishing the low carbers and opting for more medication” That’s completely true, Sid must know that, he has lead the vulture pack for around five years. Sid must also know for a typical type two diabetic, the more carbs consumed, the more medication needed to try to bring down blood glucose numbers. Sid must also know, over the years type two drugs considered wonder cures by some, have been banned for killing people. So Sid, if someone does "opt" to take more medication” and not lowcarb, that is not a crime, but the NHS stats tell us 93% of type one diabetics never get to a safe HbA1c number, and that is a tragedy. And the Sid’s of this world seem to want this grim situation to continue, for there is something else Sid must know very well. That almost all the success stories on the forum of flog and so many other forums, has come by lowcarbing and minimal diabetes medication.


Check out the Bonkers one here. 

Stop press. This months golden Gezza award goes to Sid Bonkers.


Sunday 28 July 2013

What do the worlds toughest athletes eat ?

The Tour de France is arguably the worlds toughest endurance sport event. Day after day riding for hours, with gruelling mountain climbs, sometimes in sweltering heat. As you would expect, food is a very special part of these guys performance. Team Saxo-Tinkoff employ a head chef, Hannah Grant, to ensure the team operates at their best. She has some views you may find interesting.


"First of all, I set the menu. I mean, they can request stuff, the riders, if they want. I’ll note it and I’ll do it if it’s possible. But, obviously, then there’s rules to how to assemble the menu. Today’s a rest day, so we do a low-carb lunch for them. They’re not going so far, they just want to keep their legs going, so we don’t want to fill them up too much. And we don’t want to go too hard on the carbs so they don’t gain weight.

Then we have a philosophy of using lots of vegetables, proteins, and cold-pressed fats, and then we use a lot of gluten-free alternatives. So we try to encourage the riders to try other things than just pasta and bread. I do gluten-free breads as well.

It’s all to minimize all the little things that can stop you from performing 100 percent, that promote injuries, stomach problems, all those things. So that’s a big difference (from cooking in a restaurant), because I have to follow all those rules. I can’t just cook whatever I think is amazing. It has to be within those guidelines."

More on this story here.

'In vitro' beef - it's the meat of the future !

A week tomorrow, at an exclusive west London venue, the most expensive beefburger in history will be nervously cooked and served before an invited audience. Costing somewhere in the region of £250,000, the 5oz burger will be composed of synthetic meat, grown in a laboratory from the stem cells of a slaughtered cow.

The scientist behind the "in vitro" burger believes synthetic meat could help to save the world from the growing consumer demand for beef, lamb, pork and chicken. The future appetite for beef alone, for instance, could easily lead to the conversion of much of the world's remaining forests to barren, manicured pastures by the end of this century.
The precious patty will be made of some 3,000 strips of artificial beef, each the size of a rice grain, grown from bovine stem cells cultured in the laboratory. Scientists believe the public demonstration will be "proof of principle", possibly leading to artificial meat being sold in supermarkets within five to 10 years.

Stem cells taken from just one animal could, in theory, be used to make a million times more meat than could be butchered from a single beef carcass. The reduction in the need for land, water and feed, as well as the decrease in greenhouse gases and other environmental pollutants, would change the environmental footprint of meat eating.

Read more on this story here.

OMG I just couldn't believe what I was reading. I checked, was it April 1st? But no it's a sunny day in July! Ah I thought that explains it then, too much sun has gone to their heads, oh how I wish this were true. This story is fact where will it all end?

All the best Janet

Theresa May Home Secretary is not a beer swilling, pie eating fat bastard !

The Daily Mail newspaper ran a long article today on our Home Secretary Theresa May and her recent membership of the club no-one wants to join, the diabetes club. At first they thought she had type two, but it turns out it’s type one. I am sorry another person has joined the club, but thank God it was type one eh. How would her spin team have dealt with the fact, she had joined those beer swilling, pie eating fat bastards, known as type two diabetics? I don’t trust most politicos more than I could throw them, and the cynic in me is wondering, is she really a type one ? Just a thought.

Eddie type two diabetic

Link to Daily Mail story here.

Diabetes New Zealand another Black Ops shill for big pharma ?

One of our friends who lives in New Zealand sent in a link to an outfit called Diabetes New Zealand. DNZ loves sugar and carbohydrates, poor old sugar gets some stick, they imply, ah poor old Mr. Sugar never mind old chap. Let’s all feel sorry for poor old Mr. Sugar. The fact is sugar contains nothing other than calories, no vitamins no minerals, none, zilch.  “But sugar is just a type of carbohydrate” they tell us. Now that is good, because our NHS doesn’t seem to know that ! Give it a rest Eddie I hear you say ! They must know. Well yesterday we quoted the NHS who’s spokesman said in the Sun newspaper  “It’s important everyone eats a healthy, balanced diet. This includes plenty of carbohydrates, choosing higher fibre options where possible, fruit and vegetables, some meat, fish, dairy and non-dairy protein foods, but only small amounts of foods high in salt, saturated fat and sugars”

Did you spot that  “plenty of carbohydrates” but only small amounts of sugar. And people wonder why diabetics are so often confused. I reckon DNZ, the NHS and our DNZ equivalent DUK are not confused. They push the carbs and they push the sugar, just like big pharma wants it. Because we all know nothing gets those BG numbers into the danger zone faster than poor old Mr. Sugar and Mrs Carbs, and how do you get them down ? Good old Mr. big pharma drugs. Everybody’s happy eh. I have tried to find out who sponsors this outfit, at time of writing all I see the DNZ site states “Diabetes New Zealand gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of our special sponsors.” What’s the betting big pharma and junk food are pulling the strings, of yet another useless and dangerous puppet ?

From the Diabetes New Zealand website here. Check out the diet plate.

“Someone may have told you that people with diabetes can't eat any sugar. Some people think that eating too much sugar causes diabetes in the first place. Such ideas make sugar sound like a 'bad guy'. But sugar is just a type of carbohydrate. New Zealand registered dietitian Alison Pask explains why a sugar free diet is no longer the norm for people with diabetes.”


Saturday 27 July 2013

For Leon a friend from Ireland.

The Mavericks "Come Unto Me"

Follow on from Eddies video with another tune from The Mavericks:


Saturday is music night again !

Check this track out and try to stop dancing or smiling. You know it makes sense, why fight it. Eddie

Eddie does his best but!

Eddie does his best, but as some of the low carb anti’s have said, his grammar and spelling leaves much to be desired at times. Well the team had a whip round and sent me on a crash course to study English. It went well. An example.

Eddie recently referred to a forum mod as an arch buffoon, did this really do the mod and the situation justice ? My description of the forum mod.

A sophistical rhetorician, inebriated with the exuberance of his own verbosity, and gifted with an egotistical imagination that can at all times command an interminable and inconsistent series of arguments to malign an opponent and to glorify himself.


“Long is the way. And hard. That out of hell leads up to light.” Part 1

I have used that quote from Milton before on this blog. To some it may seem a bit heavy, or over the top, but trust me, diabetes can be a living hell for some. Two weeks after my diagnosis of type two diabetes, I buried my Father. He was a type two diabetic, and his last fifteen years were blighted with diabetic complications. Two heart attacks, a diabetic foot, and a once very strong man reduced to a physical wreck. This did not need to be. He came from a generation who believed Doctors and medical people were above reproach and followed their instructions to the letter. The standard NHS diet for diabetics and took his medication religiously. When he finally checked out, he was using insulin and ten different medications, he was a credit to big pharma.

I was given the standard NHS diabetic dietary information, a prescription for two metformin a day, and told to come back in three months time. This is pretty routine in the UK as can be seen on forums and blogs. Well, that was easy, sorted eh ? no way. Following the NHS diet and taking my metformin, my BG numbers never got better than twelve. Very basic research had informed me these sort of numbers lead to diabetic complications. I joined the forum and it was one of the best and luckiest decisions of my life. I say lucky, because just as I joined, a man called Fergus Craig had just joined. Fergus was a long term type one diabetic. He had gone from obesity, poor control and the onset of complications, to safe weight, and HbA1c in the fours. From crashing his car into a lamp post, due to a hypo, to riding in 100 mile bike races and running marathons. He achieved this remarkable turn around by way of a strict Bernstein level lowcarb high fat diet. His teachings made perfect sense to me, and I gave lowcarb a try, I was I believe his first lowcarb disciple, and I reported my success on the forum.(My success stories and over 2000 of my posts were deleted by Cugila the forum mod) *  By lowcarbing, my HbA1c had gone from almost twelve (BG 26) to in the fives within three months, fasting  BG from12-14 to 4-6, trigs from over three to less than 1, and around 50lbs in weight lost. Other newly diagnosed forum diabetics achieved the same great results as me. People like Wiflib, Ian D, John Wilson, Ray Davies, Graham and many more.

So many posting great success stories, many on nil or minimal meds. So many reporting non diabetic BG numbers and easy weight loss, it was brilliant, Fergus had shown us the Holy Grail, who could argue with the lowcarb way of life, what could possibly go wrong ? I consider myself a street wise sort of guy, not easily taken in or fooled, but Jeez, how naive was I, when it came to the crazy world of diabetes. Almost immediately, Fergus and his new recruits came under attack. Forum mods to fellow diabetics and even a Dietician, put the boot in at every opportunity. Lowcarb antis, trolls and allsorts came out of the woodwork. To cut a long story short. Fergus walked, some of us lowcarbers got banned, and the lunatics took over the asylum. History has repeated itself on what I now call the forum of flog. Other staunch lowcarb promoters have been banned and the lunacy continues at the flog to this present day.


Read Fergus’ stunning and uplifting story here.

* Cugila’s reign came to an end when he banned Dr.Jay Wortman a type two diabetic and lowcarb expert. With some help from Jimmy Moore, Graham and yours truly we saw Cugila off, arguably our finest hour.

Quote of the day from Paul1976 at the flog !

"Big Pharma doesn't want you dead but doesn't want you well either but in the middle.There's no money in dead people but equally there's no money in healthy people who dare think outside the box and go against the status quo with their dietary regimes"

Coronation Street Star Comes Under Attack For Recommending Lowcarb !

All hell broke lose recently, no, this is not another rant against the forum of fantasy, when Coronation Street Star Catherine Tyldesle, who plays Eva Price in the longest running soap opera in the world, Coronation Street.(Catherine also runs a health club with her partner) tweeted “I’m shocked by some of the nutritional advice available on NHS. ‘Wholemeal bread, cereal and pasta are good for you?!?!’ #yeahright.”

Evidently all hell broke lose. The Sun, the UK’s best selling newspaper, a cross between a comic, men’s magazine and scandal sheet, said “Didn't use her loaf” very droll, I bet someone stayed up all night thinking that quip up, gave the story it’s usual spin. So, Catherine, who you can see from the link, looks in fantastic shape to me, got some stick, but not all the comments belong to the 10 pints of lager swilling and  chips with everything brigade. As you would expect the NHS spouted the usual nonsense.

 “A Department of Health spokesman said: “All of the advice on NHS Choices is based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence. It’s important everyone eats a healthy, balanced diet. This includes plenty of carbohydrates, choosing higher fibre options where possible, fruit and vegetables, some meat, fish, dairy and non-dairy protein foods, but only small amounts of foods high in salt, saturated fat and sugars”

A lot of comments came into the newspaper, some people had a good take on carbs and junk food, others showed their complete ignorance, about the foods that we can all do without. You really can’t blame the average Joe, for believing, he will swiftly become a malnourished gibbering wreck, without the junk, when the NHS push the diet of death, like a stuck record. “All of the advice on NHS Choices is based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence” This is known as complete bollocks in the UK, even some of the Sun readers know that.


Full story here.

Friday 26 July 2013

Type 2 Diabetes Etiology and reversibility

  1. Roy Taylor, MD, FRCP
  1. Reversal of type 2 diabetes to normal metabolic control by either bariatric surgery or hypocaloric diet allows for the time sequence of underlying pathophysiologic mechanisms to be observed. In reverse order, the same mechanisms are likely to determine the events leading to the onset of hyperglycemia and permit insight into the etiology of type 2 diabetes. Within 7 days of instituting a substantial negative calorie balance by either dietary intervention or bariatric surgery, fasting plasma glucose levels can normalize. This rapid change relates to a substantial fall in liver fat content and return of normal hepatic insulin sensitivity. Over 8 weeks, first phase and maximal rates of insulin secretion steadily return to normal, and this change is in step with steadily decreasing pancreatic fat content. The difference in time course of these two processes is striking. Recent information on the intracellular effects of excess lipid intermediaries explains the likely biochemical basis, which simplifies both the basic understanding of the condition and the concepts used to determine appropriate management. Recent large, long-duration population studies on time course of plasma glucose and insulin secretion before the diagnosis of diabetes are consistent with this new understanding. Type 2 diabetes has long been regarded as inevitably progressive, requiring increasing numbers of oral hypoglycemic agents and eventually insulin, but it is now certain that the disease process can be halted with restoration of normal carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Type 2 diabetes can be understood as a potentially reversible metabolic state precipitated by the single cause of chronic excess intraorgan fat.
    Type 2 diabetes has long been known to progress despite glucose-lowering treatment, with 50% of individuals requiring insulin therapy within 10 years (1). This seemingly inexorable deterioration in control has been interpreted to mean that the condition is treatable but not curable. Clinical guidelines recognize …

Lowcarb bloggers install google translate on your blog !

First, thank you so much to the people that read our blog. A very special thank you to the people that comment. The screen shot shows the page views by country, this total is just under half a million. The Google stats only show the top ten countries, when looking at the all time blog page views, this indicates almost 200,000 page views have  come via other countries. The British are said to be the worlds worst at learning a new language. So, if you want to reach out to all people, all over the world, get Google translate on your blog. Remember, not everyone speaks or reads English.


Lowcarb not only for type two diabetics !

"My son has type 1 diabetes , aged 13. We all eat a low carb diet. No processed food. Only my cooking. I can make almost anything low carb: cookies, cakes, waffles, brownies, pasta from zucchini, rice from cauliflower, cheesecake, chocolate mousse. It is so delicious, and best of all tasty because it contains healthy fats.

HIS BG’S are always normal if he eats my cooking, His HbA1c is 5.5, and apparently the ONLY patient his paediatrician has with these numbers. He also exercises regularly and spends time in the sun to synthesise vitamin D. I research every week about true nutrition and physiology. 

The health benefits from eating low carb are substantial and it is honestly very easy to keep my son healthy this way. And yes, I was told NOT to put my son on a low carb diet by his diabetes educator. BUt, as a mother, I will do what every I can to stop my child from developing diabetic complications, and I believe I have found the "magic secret" to diabetes control, except that it is not magic and it is just so simple." 

Nicked without permission from the lowcarb Dietitian site.


Quote of the day !

"Many dieticians, in particular, do this ‘appeal to authority’ thing, like it absolves them from the need to be accurate, do the necessary research or think for themselves."

Doctor John Briffa

Check out the link where John is shredding the latest black ops outfit The Fat Information Service  aka the forum of Flora flog.
Link to the thread here.

Check out a dietitian who can see the need for accurate information, who does the necessary research, and can think for herself. Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE

The low carb dietitian site is here.


Thursday 25 July 2013

Dr. Google may have a place in health care after all, experts say

As websites improve, doctors say it's OK to search your symptoms

One hospital has made a symptom checker available on its website

July 24, 2013

While online websites can sometimes steer patients astray—"people tend to freak out when they read all the scary conditions they might [have]" according to one expert—more doctors and hospitals are now encouraging patients to better understand their symptoms by looking them up online, Laura Landro writes for the Wall Street Journal.
According to the Wall Street Journal, a Philips North America survey conducted in December 2012 found that more than 40% of U.S. residents reported feeling comfortable about using online tools to understand their symptoms. The survey also found that 25% of people use such symptom-checkers just as often as they visit their physicians, while another 25% said they use the tools as an alternative to seeing their doctors.

Experts: Websites have pros, cons

Symptom-checking websites can have both positive and negative effects on care, according to some experts.
For example, patients might see their physicians with a list of serious but unlikely illnesses that the sites suggested, which might require unnecessary and costly screenings. Additionally, some patients have avoided seeking necessary medical care because the online sites suggested that their symptoms did not require a physician visit.
On the other hand, lists of possible ailments from the websites could help physicians make a diagnosis that they might not have considered, preventing missed diagnoses, says Jason Maude, CEO of Isabel Healthcare, which produces an online diagnosis checklist for physicians. Moreover, encouraging patients to use online tools beforehand could save time and make consultations more productive.
"Patients are experts on their symptoms and doctors are experts in working out their probable causes," and need to work together to create a list of possible diagnoses, says Maude.
Omaha Children's Hospital & Medical Center is one of the many companies that have begun offering symptom-checkers as part of a broader set of interactive tools for patients. In January, the hospital added Isabel to its homepage, and it plans to include a link to Isabel's consumer symptom check in the login page for its new electronic health record system.
"People are already using the Internet for health information and we are giving them a much better tool than just googling a bunch of stuff," says Omaha Children's Chief Information Officer George Reynolds, adding, "They get better and smarter questions to come to their doctor with" (Landro, Journal, 7/22).

Say goodbye to the NHS folks !

Exclusive: Just over half of GPs are in favour of the NHS charging a small fee for routine appointments, with many believing it is the only way of managing their workload and curbing rising patient demand, a Pulse survey has found. Of the 440 GPs polled in the survey, 51% said they would support charging a small fee for GP appointments, compared with 36% who would not.

That represents a significant increase on the 34% of GPs who said they would support charging for appointments in a similar poll last September, and suggests many GPs are willing to consider more drastic solutions to reduce their growing workload.

The survey results come at a time when GPs have been reporting growing workload due to the imposed 2013 contract deal, with some willing to take a pay cut rather than bid for new work under four new DESs being offered this year, and worrying levels of GP burnout. The majority of doctors who called for charging to be introduced specified an amount between £5 and £25 per appointment. One GP suggested means-testing, saying: ‘£10 for poor, £25 for others, £100 for professionals and politicians and £150 for solicitors and accountants.’

More on this story here. 

I visited my Doctor on Tuesday, I had not seen him in many months. I had been told my monthly prescription would not be renewed until I had called in for a blood pressure check. All part of the check list for diabetics I presume. My Doctor knows I have a BP meter, as I took it in and we checked my meter against his, one on each arm. Almost identical readings, which I would expect because the meters are the exact same model. As I believe I am one of the “others” will I have to check in four times a year at £25 per visit to get my BP checked, something I can do for myself for free.


From the right honourable Mr. Sid Bonkers at the forum of flog today.

“I've never taken any supplement apart from cod liver oil for arthritis not that I have noticed any improvement I tend to think that they're a waste of time and money unless you have been told following a blood test that you are deficient in a particular vitamin or mineral. I'd rather spend my money on a balanced diet to ensure that I wont not be deficient in any vitamins in the first place.”

Good grief ! I read this today and thought Jeez I agree with Sid one hundred percent. Believe it or not Sid was awarded the Wally Corker prize for the advancement of lowcarb, when he published this stunning recipe, complete with a great photograph. Never say we don’t give credit when credit is due.


Link to the great recipe here.

Good news not wanted at ETYM forum ?

Yesterday I wrote about the best and unfortunately rare posting of great success on the forum to-date. I stated the board owners appeared to be in no rush to congratulate the member. Despite the post standing for over two days at time of writing this post, only one board member has bothered to post on the thread. This is despite all the board members being logged on and posting over the last 48 hours. Just a thought.

I now consider myself banned permanently from the forum. I see my path clear to continue my points of view and debate, I tried to raise, but was so bitterly opposed on the ETYM forum, mostly by the forum owners and the poorly informed.


Link to the good news story here.

Big pharma greed knows no bounds ! Thalidomide victims being born again !

If you have never taken a pharma drug in your life, and know absolutely nothing about drugs, if you are middle aged or older you will have heard of Thalidomide. Not the largest big pharma disaster by any means, but certainly the most well known. I was staggered to read today the drug has been used again, and babies are being born without limbs because of this horror drug. I can only hope the poor souls, affected by this terrible drug, receive millions in compensation. Years ago when UK children were victims of this horror story, it took years to get some compensation, and the compensation was meagre.

"In the same 2005-2010 period, 5.8 million Thalidomide pills were distributed across Brazil. "We had about 100 cases in these six years similar to Thalidomide syndrome," says another of the research team, Dr Fernanda Vianna."
"A tragedy is occurring in Brazil... it is a syndrome which is completely avoidable," says Dr Lavinia Schuler-Faccini, a professor at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul.But campaigners, doctors and leprosy sufferers say the drug is vital. They believe the benefits outweigh the risks."

Victim of unbelievable stupidity and greed !

More on this horror story here.


Diabetes 'linked to disability risk'

Adults with diabetes have a higher risk of physical disability, research shows.
Older people with diabetes are 50% to 80% more likely to develop a physical disability than those without, according to a review of 26 studies.

No distinction was made between type-1 and type-2 diabetes, but most of the data involved people over the age of 65, who are more likely to have type-2.
Ensuring all people with diabetes have access to the right care is hugely important, said a diabetes charity.
The charity Diabetes UK said the research showed yet again that diabetes complications could result in serious life-limiting disability. Head of research, Dr Matthew Hobbs, said: "It emphasises why preventing type-2 diabetes and ensuring that all people with diabetes have access to the right care is so hugely important"

Well there is a surprise eh, diabetes causes physical disability, who would have thought that ? What a stunning piece of information and news from the experts ! 

If DUK got it's act together, and started giving some sound dietary information, rather than acting as big pharma drug shills, we would see far less of the gruesome outcomes that befall so many diabetics. 


More on this dross here.

Wednesday 24 July 2013

The small things in life!

Life can be very mad and maddening at times, sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. So isn’t it great when you can step back and think, thank goodness for small things that can and do help to uplift us. They make us smile and it‘s like a small piece of magic has momentarily entered our world and the madness, trouble and grief disappears.

Like it’s magic when my youngest grandchild says “hiya” to me with such an adorable smile. Or perhaps it’s when my grandson rushes up to me with a big welcome hug and kiss. You instantly smile and smiles are so infectious, could we do with more of them?.

The other day I was in a bank along with several other customers and staff, where most of us were waiting patiently to be served. A young boy came in with his mother. There was something about him, his demeanour, the bounce in his step that made most of us look and smile at him. He patiently waited his turn  and then went up to the cashier to pay in some “birthday money.” With a big smile on his face and politeness that was refreshing to see he asked, “could he pay some birthday money into his savings account. He was saving up for a computer game a Lego one he told her, and I‘ve nearly got enough now”. The cashier visibly melted when she smiled back at him and said “of course you can”. At that point I glanced around me and it was interesting to see that everyone in the bank now had a smile, the atmosphere was more relaxed …it was a small piece of magic in an incredibly busy day that for a moment in time bought a smile to a lot of people. It’s the small things in life that mean so much.

All the best Jan

Great News From ETYM !

Just when I thought the forum of fantasy was about as much use as a rubber beak on a woodpecker, we hear of a remarkable diabetes story. Many members and visitors to the forum of fantasy, know how hard I fought to get the high fat low carb message a mainstay of the forum. Countless times we were told by the board owners we are not a low carb forum. Countless times I was attacked by the mob, very often lead by the forum owners (ironically mostly low carb high fat) well, those with good diabetes control, but at last we have a success story worth shouting from the roof tops.

A member posted a wonderful success story. Weight loss almost 60lbs, Triglycerides reduced from 3.9 to 0.8 and HbA1c reduced from 7.5 to 4.8 a fantastic achievement.

The member concluded with “So whoever is out there wondering if low carb high fat diet is for them, I can only suggest you try it and observe the results for yourself.”

It made all the nonsense worth while. As you may have expected, to-date the board owners are hardly falling over themselves congratulating the member, they are too busy deleting threads and issuing threats, and orchestrating smear campaigns. Five years a diabetic and healthcare professional Wiflib congratulated the member. Wiflib lost and has maintained twice the weight loss and is another very rare diabetic, a member of the 4% club. No prizes for guessing the method that completely transformed Wiflib’s life.

Have a good day folks, I am going to have a stress free day today. Low carb high fat, you know it makes sense, why fight it !


Grazers grief !

Grazers grief, sorry folks but I could not resist it. Jeez they can’t even ban someone properly these days. I posted this 24 hours after gruesome Grazers bravado, is he a plank or what ? This post made a new post deletion record at ETYM ! deleted in twenty seconds, beat that !

Click on screen shot to enlarge.


Tuesday 23 July 2013

ETYM forum board members as predictable as night follows day !

As the ETYM board members sink into a quagmire of their own making, xyzzy makes the big threat. Just as I predicted in my post ‘The Drama Queen Returns’ when I said “What will it be next ? Threatening to close the forum down ?”

From xyzzy at the forum of fantasy tonight.

“This site took six hours to get up and running and it can disappear just as quickly.”

Jeez, I used have a lot of respect for xyzzy, but after the bullshit last night re. the “pornographic” email and threats made tonight, has the sun and heat wave affected his judgement ? We need to be told.


Cannabis-Derived Drug for Type 2 Enters Phase 2

A British drug company is looking to medical marijuana- or at least a derivative of it-to help treat a variety of different diseases, including type 2 diabetes.
The company, GW Pharma, is in the process of creating a collection of cannabinoid-based drugs, including one that takes aim at diabetes. The first of this type of drug the company has produced is Sativex, a nasal spray used to treat spasms associated with multiple sclerosis. Sativex has been okayed in eight countries, and is currently awaiting FDA approval in the United States.
The diabetes drug, GWP4204, is currently in its second phase of testing after a small but successful double-blind study. That study featured 62 type 2 patients who received various levels of the oral-administered drug or a placebo.
Those who took the drug experienced a variety of positive effects on diabetic-related symptoms, including:
    • Reduced fasting glucose levels;
    • Improved pancreatic beta cell function;
    • Increased adiponectin, a protein that regulates glucose levels and the breakdown of fatty acids;
    • Reduced systolic blood pressure;
    • Reduced inflammation levels;
    • Increased insulin sensitivity; and
    • Increased levels of the hormone GLP-1, which plays a critical role in the secretion of insulin.

    "We are very pleased that the promising results seen for GWP42004 in our pre-clinical research have been borne out in this first early proof of principle clinical trial," said Dr. Stephen Writer, GW's director of research and development.
    "If larger studies confirm these findings, GWP42004 would have the potential to offer a novel orally-administered treatment option within one of the largest therapeutic areas where there still exist serious unmet medical needs," added Dr. Garry Tan, a physician at the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism, and principal investigator of the study.


    Monday 22 July 2013

    Has xyzzy lost his grip on reality ?

     Xyzzy said at diabetes support formerly ETYM forum.

    "Eddie resigned after he sent a pornographic email to Jo (Defren). I still have the email and the internet headers that are invisibly attached to all emails when sent proving it came from his email address. I still also remember Sue (my wife) and I taking Jo's telephone call and having to console her over its content when it appeared in her inbox. I also have Eddie's bizarre attempt at an apology in a later email".

    Xyzzy is that the best you can do mate, give me a good argument at least. I know you can do better than this. We've done the "pornographic email" bit yesterday get up to speed lad.

    I copied all the board members with that  "pornographic email" It was a joke, an old joke many have heard, bad taste maybe but not pornographic ! Publish this "pornographic email" together with my "bizarre" apology.I have not denied sending the email and have posted it on this blog, or as near as damn well as I can remember. My resignation was weeks after the email was sent. If you lot thought it was so bad, why was I not fired as a board member immediately and banned for life? You're talking utter tosh and you know it ! More importantly, many of your members know it I suspect !

    So chuffed you took my advice re. the forum name, remember how you came on here, more than once and gave me an argument, when I said diabetic or diabetes needs to be in the name. The big question is, how low will you people go to defend the indefensible ?

    Your board members have bullied and lied and connived, most of the members can see it. Many have emailed and posted here in my support. Why do they fear to post on your forum ? When will Blinkered get an apology ? When will you lot admit you have messed up big time ? Why have so many of the early members walked ? Why is it that a forum that has hundreds of visitors in a day, yet no one wants to join ? When are you going to remove all the obvious spoof names in the members list ?

    I would ask these questions on your forum, but the MO in your joint is delete, thread lock and ban. Over to you xyzzy. BTW I am off fishing tomorrow, so you and your board can get your heads together and come up with some plausible answers. Let's face it, you and your team always came at me mob handed when I said something that rocked the boat.



    Spotted this post over at the DCUK forum:

    by rory robertson » July 20th, 2013, 6:15 pm
    Believe it or not, Mexicans now are fatter than Americans on average. No prizes for guessing why. I'll CC you on the answer to that one: ... co-obesity

    Readers, I am an Australian promoting a ban on all sugary drinks in all schools across the world. That's all! Join the push to kill the global uptrends in obesity and type 2 diabetes, to give all kids a fairer start in life: ... ks-Ban.pdf 

    If you think that sugary drinks are a disaster for private and public health - as I do: ... 7.full.pdf - then a serious new problem appears to be low-fat and low-GI "breakfast drinks".

    The engineering of new unhealthy sugary choices is occurring under our noses. For example, at least one well-known producer engineering sweet beverages for kids and adults adds “cane sugar”, “fructose”, “corn syrup”, “banana puree”, honey (more fructose) and/or “stevia extract” to its products, with up to five of those sweeteners sometimes in the one concoction (click onIngredients in) ... ive-banana

    In 2012, Australia's only ever widely trusted nutritionist Dr Rosemary Stanton was surprised to learn in a public discussion that a particularly yummy drink for kids and adults contained added fructose and added corn syrup, on top of added cane sugar. Long a champion for Australian public health, Dr Stanton’s absolutely appropriate response was to rubbish the product: ... -gain-7424 :thumbup: 

    By contrast, some of Australia's other high-profile "Dietitians" – often wearing second hats as food-industry service providers - promote sugary “low fat” and “low GI” products as healthy options. One recently rated CoCo Pops in sugary drink form as “16 out of 20” in terms of “Nutrition”!Almost unbelievable! (Google it.) :crazy: 

    As Sanitarium above demonstrates, the fundamental flaw of the Glycemic Index (GI) approach to nutrition is that it provides an implicit green light to add sugar when the need for improved public health requires added sugar be removed. :sick: 

    Now, according to the story told to us plebs, low=good GI readings are 55 and under, for broccoli as well as processed high-carb junkfoods. Another critical but apparently little-known fact is that adding super-low GI=19 fructose - the “sweet poison” half of added sugar - to any product mix is a recipe for a lower GI reading.

    Yes, check out the yummy low-GI readings for sugary “Coca Cola” (53 in Australia), “Snickers” bar (41) and “Carrot” cake (36-39) in :oops: 

    The University of Sydney is charging food companies up to $6,000 a pop for stamping low-GI sugar and sugary processed-carb foods as Healthy: pp. 10-11 at ... ochure.pdf ; and pp 4-5 at ... vities.pdf (If the link fails, please google “PDF Reformulating Glycemic”.)

    Notably, Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council went out of its way in February to dismiss the University of Sydney’s pro-sugar Glycemic/Glycaemic index approach to nutrition as unhelpful and unreliable: 

    The US review found strong and consistent evidence that glycaemic index and/or glycaemic load are not associated with body weight and that modifying either of these does not lead to greater weight loss or better weight management. [footnote 198] There is considerable variability in these indices, depending on inter-and intra-individual factors and the form of food (including the degree of processing, stage of ripeness, cooking and cooling times), which may limit practical application.[footnote 199] These factors were not included in the literature review to inform the revision of these Guidelines. 
    (p. 20 of 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines)