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Sunday 28 July 2013

Theresa May Home Secretary is not a beer swilling, pie eating fat bastard !

The Daily Mail newspaper ran a long article today on our Home Secretary Theresa May and her recent membership of the club no-one wants to join, the diabetes club. At first they thought she had type two, but it turns out it’s type one. I am sorry another person has joined the club, but thank God it was type one eh. How would her spin team have dealt with the fact, she had joined those beer swilling, pie eating fat bastards, known as type two diabetics? I don’t trust most politicos more than I could throw them, and the cynic in me is wondering, is she really a type one ? Just a thought.

Eddie type two diabetic

Link to Daily Mail story here.


Anonymous said...

Probably showing my age. But as Dick Emery might have said

"Ooh Eddie you are awful"

What an eye catching headline

Anonymous said...

Don't you believe every word you read in the Daily Fail, Eddie ?
Shame on you for doubting !

Now Dave needs to move her to Health where she can effect some meaningful changes. Yeah, right !

Geoff J [not so much an independent thinker as an i one ;) ]

blinkered said...

I'm no expert{on anything} but my forst tthought was to doubt the T1.
she is 56 after all.

Maybe MODY or some variant .
Idoubt very much she has it susssed as much as she claims
Yes she loost weigh but only after she had gained qute abit,

there is general agreement the the timing of he announcement is political so why not the detail too.
I find it hard to believe that she doesn't know Keith vaz is a T2.
he is vocal enough for the condition in his own community.

Maybe T1.5 and straight onto insulin?

Lowcarb team member said...

We will never know, but we know the media's view of type two diabetics. The last thing a future PM wants on the CV.