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Tuesday 23 July 2013

ETYM forum board members as predictable as night follows day !

As the ETYM board members sink into a quagmire of their own making, xyzzy makes the big threat. Just as I predicted in my post ‘The Drama Queen Returns’ when I said “What will it be next ? Threatening to close the forum down ?”

From xyzzy at the forum of fantasy tonight.

“This site took six hours to get up and running and it can disappear just as quickly.”

Jeez, I used have a lot of respect for xyzzy, but after the bullshit last night re. the “pornographic” email and threats made tonight, has the sun and heat wave affected his judgement ? We need to be told.



Anonymous said...

One of the issues as to why Defren behaved as she did to Blinkered was that it meant her "very important diary" was not on full display each and every day.

I think she classes herself as a very important person and that we need to know what she is doing every day. Do we really want to know about her hair loss, missing teeth, saggy skin, high heels and family life?

Do you think that she is waiting for the tabloids to call on her because she sees herself as a celebrity?

Lowcarb team member said...

May well be. Ashleigh showed her true colours, when her excruciatingly boring blog was cut in two. When the blogs disappeared off the front page it must have been heart breaking. Then she smells blood and is back on the forum putting the boot in. To be fair, almost all the posts of late have come from the cakes and commiserations club. Without them the post count per day would have been very low indeed. I reckon that forum needs a boat rocker, then they can all wade in and give him or her a good kicking. Always remember, nothing sells like agro on a forum. Now, who do we know that can liven the joint up ?