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Tuesday 9 July 2013

Dr. Edelman takes the piss ! Literally.

Stand by for another junk type two diabetes drug ! Eddie


paul1976 said...

Just what our kidneys need eh?..I'll take my chances with low carb rather than Meds+carbs+High Bg's BUT then piss 'em out with the reality of the larger glucose molecule Vs the 'Smaller' nephron filter in our renal system!! My god!!:O

Best regards


Lowcarb team member said...

paul1976 said...

"I'll take my chances with low carb rather than Meds+carbs+High Bg's

Me too Paul! low carb's far better and safer than potentially dangerous drugs.


Unknown said...

Eddie - I have an adult son age 34, with type II diabetes. In November 2012 he developed a diabetic ulcer of the foot. I recommended L-Arginine to help with the healing based on an article at Wikipedia about diabetic ulcers of the feet and L-Arginine. Since that time I've read diabetics SHOULD NOT take L-Arginine. Why and who's right? BTW - his foot finally healed after several months. I don't think he ever took L-Arginine.

Lisa said...

Oh goody! So now I can stuff my face with bread, cake, crackers and breakfast cereal, and then stuff my face with medication and I won't have to worry about the consequences. won't the drug company just love that! One thing they forgot to mention, glucose is only one negative aspect of eating grains. Grains have the highest amount of lectins than any other food (bind to insulin receptors, leptin resistance, inflammation. perforate intestine endothelium, let toxins into the blood stream, autoimmune response)Not to mention phytates which bind to minerals which prevents them from being absorbed by the gut. Is there a pill for that?

Unknown said...

No wonder Dr Bernstein is so scathing about American endocrinologists :-)

Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks for the comments Guys. Jeez that guy looked more like a game show host than a healthcare pro. You could almost see the cash register reflecting in his eyes. Do you know there is over two hundred type two meds in the pipeline, almost all will be useless and many if they hit the streets will be banned in the future no-doubt.

Marc good news re your son. I also have a type two diabetic son aged 40, with two very young kids, I worry about him. As you would expect I try to educate him as much as possible. He has good control, but I believe could be better, but there is only so much we can do before people turn off.

Kind regards Guys, Eddie