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Thursday 25 July 2013

Diabetes 'linked to disability risk'

Adults with diabetes have a higher risk of physical disability, research shows.
Older people with diabetes are 50% to 80% more likely to develop a physical disability than those without, according to a review of 26 studies.

No distinction was made between type-1 and type-2 diabetes, but most of the data involved people over the age of 65, who are more likely to have type-2.
Ensuring all people with diabetes have access to the right care is hugely important, said a diabetes charity.
The charity Diabetes UK said the research showed yet again that diabetes complications could result in serious life-limiting disability. Head of research, Dr Matthew Hobbs, said: "It emphasises why preventing type-2 diabetes and ensuring that all people with diabetes have access to the right care is so hugely important"

Well there is a surprise eh, diabetes causes physical disability, who would have thought that ? What a stunning piece of information and news from the experts ! 

If DUK got it's act together, and started giving some sound dietary information, rather than acting as big pharma drug shills, we would see far less of the gruesome outcomes that befall so many diabetics. 


More on this dross here.

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Anonymous said...

The right care, the right advice, the right foods all help but do all diabetics get this. The sad answer is still no. It is important for those who can and do control their diabetes to speak out and inform others.