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Tuesday 30 July 2013

ETYM Board issue statement.

It has come to the attention of the forum moderators that a so-called blog has been set up exclusively to propogate propaganda of a sort which treats the mod team with contemptuous mirth and/or also derides us. Despite not owning a thesaurus, we've wasted little time in branding the individual behind this blog as at best unhinged, and at worst really rather very unhinged. Be warned, he'll use every trick in the book - parody, cartoons, wordplay, irony, talking Labradors and even name-dropping Sigmund Freud (who's DEAD!) - all in an attempt to brainwash you into thinking that we're a bunch of so-called petulant rotters.

The Management

Please note. This is not an official statement made by the board members, of the artiste formally known as ETYM. Only casual perusal, is all that is necessary, to realise the aforementioned statement, contains far too much wit and accomplishment, to have been published by those humourless nerks.


blinkered said...

Oh no! Don't say I missed the Talking Labrador!

Lowcarb team member said...

blinkered said...

Oh no! Don't say I missed the Talking Labrador

Anything to oblige, dogs coming soon LOL


blinkered said...

Aw shucks Eddie! Thanks love the dogs- and the captions.

Now who says you are not a nice kind thoughtful man /
Oh yeah i know who!