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Wednesday 31 July 2013

Undercover of the night !

A track dedicated to the disappeared ones and the skulduggery that goes on at UK diabetes forums.

Post deleted ? Click on screen shot to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

Memo from ETYM members from the Board.

"It has been noted that ETYM members are posting. Will you please desist or you will be suspended".

Anonymous said...

Any criticism, constructive or otherwise, is instantly hidden from view.
What a bunch of idiots, debate keeps forums healthy.

AMBreadman said...

Abbos post still showing under latest posts as was Chocos earlier in the guests online thread although you cannot read them,has cugila joined the board ?

blinkered said...

I really think they should take a sep back and reconsider..
Not making everything visible unless logged in is one thing but
moving posts so they come under the invisible category is going too far for most people, especially if the thread has been live for some time and individual posts from it are targeted.
There seems to be a siege mentality at work here .
Its a little like a totalitarian state trying to conrol its citizens by making them think they are constantly under attack .
Its a little OTT to say the least.
The members are not children - they must face worse problems in their daily lives than are posed by opinions they don't like on an inernet blog.
They are not doing themselves any favours. -especially when they very often adopt the advice of the owner of the blog .
I hope they come to their senses soon