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Sunday 30 October 2011

National Diabetes Audit (NDA)

The NDA currently covers four ‘core care’ components of the National Service Framework (NSF) for Diabetes

1. Registrations:
Is everyone with diabetes diagnosed and recorded on a practice diabetes register?

2. Care Processes:
What percentage of people registered with diabetes received the nine key processes of diabetes care (Measure: Weight, Blood Pressure, HbA1c, Urine Albumin Creatinine Ratio (UACR), Serum Creatinine, Serum Cholesterol; Assess: Eyes, Feet, Smoking)?

3. Treatment Targets:
What percentage of people registered with diabetes achieved NICE defined treatment targets for glucose control, blood pressure and blood cholesterol?

4. Complications:
For people with registered diabetes what are the rates of acute and long term complications (disease outcomes)

Summaries of the NDAs for the years 2004, 2005, … , 2010 are available from:

The audits make grim reading. In all four ‘core care’ components there are serious problems.

1. Registrations:
Large % of diabetics are not diagnosed and recorded on a practice diabetes register.

2. Care Processes:
Large % of registered diabetics do not receive the nine key processes of diabetes care.

3. Treatment Targets:
Large % of registered diabetics do not achieve the NICE defined treatment targets.

4. Complications
Large % of registered diabetics have acute and long term complications.

To avoid getting overwhelmed with the wealth of data we will consider only the NICE clinical guidelines that the HbA1c level should be less than 7.5% (in itself considered by many to be too high!)

Over the years 2004 -2010 the % of registered diabetics failing to achieve HbA1c of less than 7.5% has remained at approximately 40% (with small year to year variations).

There seems to be only one conclusion – The NHS strategy for diabetes is not working. Given the increasing prevalence of diabetes the implications for both for the diabetics suffering and the public purse are deeply worrying.


Saturday 29 October 2011

The gov

Check this out, beautiful !

As good as it gets ! Freddie King - Have You Ever Loved A Woman.

Coming Soon !

Are you the type of person that likes to “fill your face with carbs” maybe the sort who will “supplement your winter fuel bill by burning Bernstein or Taubes books” then this is the journal for you. If you prefer to stay on your sofa, shovelling high carb nosh down you neck and trusting big pharma, rejoice, this is the journal for you. Recipes, that cannot fail to raise BG to highly dangerous levels, lipid numbers through the roof and weight ever going up, this is the journal for you !

Coming soon all you anti lowcarbers, the journal for you !

Thursday 27 October 2011

Dr Malcolm Kendrick who advocates a high-fat, low carbohydrate diet in patients with diabetes.

Dr Malcolm Kendrick, a GP in Macclesfield who advocates a high-fat, low carbohydrate diet in patients with diabetes, said the study’s conclusions should encourage GPs to reject the conventional wisdom.

“The reality is that over the years, and around the world we have killed literally millions of diabetics by advising them to eat a high-carb diet and avoid fats. Only now is it being recognised that previous advice was and remains useless, dangerous and scientifically illiterate.The authors of this Cochrane review should be applauded for taking the fist step on a path that will, inevitably, result in the destruction of the nonsense.”

A readers comment.
I was diagnosed as diabetic type 2 in 1992 and injected insulin for fourteen years twice a day. I was approaching 90 units of insulin each day when I decided that I would try something different, initially to reduce my weight and increase exercise and at the same time increase the number of blood glucose tests so that I could see if specific foods elevated my glucose levels higher and for longer.

As my weight reduced I could gradually decrease my insulin intake and initially guided by my meter eliminated bread and potatoes. Within six months I no longer need to inject insulin or take diabetic medication and now two years and seven months later with my HbA1c varying downwards from 6.8, 6.1, 5.8 and an expectation that I will get below five, My healthy eating is targeted on a wide variety of vegetables, fruit & nuts. Reducing the starchy carbohydrates and sugar in our diet would at least minimise the collateral damage of diabetes.

Diabetes numbers near three million !

Diabetes rates in the UK have soared to nearly three million, a leading charity has said.

The number of people diagnosed with the disease has risen by nearly 130,000 to 2.9 million in the past year, said Diabetes UK.

There are now 50% more Britons with diabetes than when GP data on the disease were first published in 2005.

Barbara Young, chief executive of Diabetes UK, said: "The rate of increase of diabetes is growing with huge human cost and cost to the NHS. The time for action is now. Whilst rates of other serious conditions including many cancers, heart disease and stroke are steady or declining, the epidemic of diabetes continues to grow at even faster rates.

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Talking of madmen !

Tensions over Italy's attempts to avoid becoming the next victim of the eurozone debt crisis exploded in parliament on Wednesday, with MPs exchanging blows and insults over a pension reform plan.

And people say some of us diabetics get over heated. As Harry Hill says "there is only one way to sort this, FIGHT"

Check out this madman !

From a Carbo commenter.

“They don't want comments that would belittle their extreme dogma, how can they try and convince diabetics that their way is the right way if people keep interrupting them with valid comments?”

Let’s have a look at our extreme dogma. For diet we say base your meals on non starchy vegetables. Eat the colours of the rainbow, and as many small and varied portions as you can. The greater the variety the more the nutrients. Add good quality proteins such as lean meat, fish and eggs. Use good quality fats such as avocado, olive oil, butter and cream. Add some nuts and seeds. Stay away from processed, take away and factory foods. Eat foods as close as nature intended.

Establish a regular exercise regime, walking and swimming is good, gardening, car cleaning, house work, anything that keeps you moving. Use the minimum meds that you can to hold non diabetic BG numbers, i.e HbA1c under six and good lipids.

Is this extreme, maybe for Carbo and his follower’s, but not for me. But hey, I am not addicted to carbs. Carbo has admitted he is.


Evidently we have made some mistakes re: the apostrophe.

Our old friend Carbo aka Tubolard, the self confessed carb addicted Orlistat salesman, is mortified. Evidently we have made some mistakes re: the apostophe.

Carbo, get a grip lad. Mistakes with apostrophes are not the end of the world. But your diet may hasten your exit. Join the fold, dump those carbs and get healthy,

You know it makes sense, why continue to fight it?


High carb low phat !

Diabetics lose licences thanks to EU

More than 25,000 diabetics have lost their driving licences in the last six years because they have been deemed unfit to get behind the wheel, it was revealed today.

Under the regulation, insulin-dependent diabetics who have suffered a recent hypoglycemic attack will be banned from driving.

Paul Nuttall MEP, UKIP's deputy leader, said he had now discovered through a Freedom of Information request that 25,247 diabetics had lost their licences since 2006. He also questioned whether the Government was doing all it could to resist new EU regulations.

"Nobody outside that shadowy EU committee has ever discussed, debated or voted on this directive. It appeared fully formed and was dropped into the European Parliament's library without fanfare. Nobody knew and nobody saw. It then became EU law, and became British law by default."

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Woman admits biting off testicles OUCH !

A woman who admitted biting off her boyfriend's testicles has been warned she could be jailed.
Maria Topp, 44, from Wrekenton, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm at Newcastle Crown Court.

She bit Martin Douglas, her partner of five years, during a drunken brawl at his flat in February. She was granted bail to be sentenced next month and Recorder Robin Mairs warned her: "All options are open and that will include locking you up."

Topp, a mother of four with a blonde bob, bit Mr Douglas's testicles off at his flat in Waterloo Street, Newcastle, during the early hours of February 18. She cannot remember biting her partner, but can recall their fight, and the court accepted that violence had been used by both sides.

Saturated Fats, are good for you.

By Donald Miller.

"When I was the director of the heart institute at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle in the 1990s I looked into establishing a Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease at Swedish. The Ornish Program limits fat intake to less than 10 percent of calories in the diet, with, as one study shows, only 1 percent saturated fat. I had a cardiologist at Swedish accompany me to New York to visit the leading Dean Ornish Program there. We came back and recommended that Swedish establish one in Seattle.

I was wrong. Several years later, after leaving Swedish and rejoining the faculty the University of Washington, I came upon an article by Dr. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon titled “The Oiling of America” that was published in the magazine Nexus in 1999. It stimulated me to look more carefully into this subject."

"Evidence against fat wilts upon close scrutiny. In his Six Country Study, Ancel Keys ignored data available from 16 other countries that did not fall in line with his desired graph. If he had chosen these six other countries [on the left side], or even more strikingly, these six countries [on the bottom right] he could have shown that increasing the percent of calories from fat in the diet reduces the number of deaths from coronary heart disease."

"Then, in 1992, in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the third director of the study, Dr. William Castelli, reported: “In Framingham, Mass., the more saturated fat one ate, the more cholesterol one ate, the more calories one ate, the lower the person’s serum cholesterol” [emphasis in original]… We found that the people who ate the most cholesterol, ate the most saturated fat, ate the most calories, weighed the least, and were the most physically active.” (Arch Int Med 1992;152:1271-2)

Most doctors have not heard about these findings because medical organizations, notably the American Heart Association, government agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry have ignored them. After all, prescribing statin drugs to lower cholesterol is a $25 billion/year industry."

A long read but well worth reading and keeping !

Donald Miller is a cardiac surgeon and Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle.


No progress is being made in the fight against serious complications !

If you check out the NHS stats you see no progress has been made in the fight against serious complications, safer HbA1c numbers and life expectancy for diabetics. The new expensive drugs and healthcare professionals and dietitions have got nowhere, in fact the situation is getting worse. Diabetics requiring kidney dialysis is going up steeply.

NHS Statistics for 2008 2009:
Percentage of Type 1 diabetics with HbA1c greater than 7.5 per cent = 71.4 per cent.
Percentage of Type 2 diabetics with HbA1c greater than 7.5 per cent = 33.4 per cent.
Percentage of Type 1 diabetics with HbA1c greater than 10.0 per cent = 33.6 per cent.
Percentage of Type 2 diabetics with HbA1c greater than 10.0 per cent = 14.3 per cent.
These results are very similar to those found in 2006 – 2007 and 2007 – 2008.

Check out the link below it will take you to the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. Check out the dietary recommendations for type two diabetics. The diet is the reason for nil progress !
"Daily food intake - no clear formula for dietary composition, aim to make changes that approach following recommendations"

Total carbohydrate - 45-60% of energy intake [16] or 45-65% of energy intake [17]
protein - less than 1g/kg per body weight [16]
total fat - less than 35% of energy intake [16]
saturated and trans-unsaturated fat (hydrogenated vegetable oils in manufactured foods, such as pies, pastry, biscuits, cake) - less than 10% of energy intake [16]"

Go onto the link and click the diet button.


Some of the milestones on the road to type two diabetes.

1976  FDA gives GRAS status (generally regarded as safe) to hydrogenated soybean oil – even though lipid biochemist Mary Enig, PhD, warned the government that  – among their many dangers - trans fats interfere with insulin receptors on cell membranes and thereby increase the risk of diabetes. It wasn't until 2005 that the Dietary Guidelines finally and weakly cautioned Americans to "limit trans fatty acids" by lumping them together with saturated fat into a dumb new meaningless category called "Bad Fat." 

1978  High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) enters the sweetener market. By 1985, 50 percent of the sweetener consumed by Americans was HFCS. In combination, HFCS and white sugar create a metabolic traffic jam in the liver, resulting in both greater insulin production and insulin resistance at the same time. Not good.

1988  After 20 years researching carbohydrate metabolism, Gerald Reavan, MD, University of California, announces his discovery of “Syndrome X,” now referred to as Metabolic Syndrome or diabetes-related heart disease. Syndrome X is a cluster of abnormalities, including high blood sugar, high insulin levels, elevated triglycerides, and depressed levels of protective HDL. In his book Syndrome X, Dr. Reaven said the culprit in heart disease is excess sugar and excess easily-digested carbohydrates - not red meat.


The very poor outcomes for many diabetics is a disgrace.

This post uses the following reference “Diabetes in the UK 2010 – Key Statistics on Diabetes”. Link at bottom of page. [Page xx] refers to the page number xx of the above document.

Diabetes is one of the biggest health challenges in the UK today. The UK is facing a huge increase in the number of people with diabetes. In 1996 the number of people diagnosed with diabetes was approximately 1.4 million, in 2009 approximately 2.6 million and by 2025 estimated to be approximately 4 million [Page 3].

The motivation for the post comes from the realisation that if the growing health crisis is to be curbed and the number of people dying from diabetes and its complications is to be reduced then there is a need to increase awareness of the risks involved in not keeping blood glucose levels under control.


Adults: In 2009 there was approximately 2.6 million adults diagnosed with diabetes: approximately 10 % Type 1, 90 % Type 2 [Page 4].

Children: In England in 2009 there was approximately 22000 children diagnosed with diabetes: approximately 97 % Type 1, 1.5 % Type 2 and 1.5 % another type of diabetes [Page 7].


Keeping blood glucose levels as near normal as possible can greatly reduce the risks of the following diabetes complications [Page 11].

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD): CVD accounts for 44 % of fatalities with Type 1, 52 % in Type 2 [Page 11].

Kidney Disease (nephropathy): Kidney disease accounts for 21 % of fatalities with Type 1, 11 % in Type 2 [Page 12].

Eye Disease (retinopathy): Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness; within 20 years of diagnosis nearly 100 % Type 1 and almost 60 % of Type 2 have some degree of retinopathy [Page 12].

Amputation: Diabetes is the leading cause of lower limb amputations; more than 10 % of foot ulcers result in an amputation; up to 70 % diabetics die within 5 years of having an amputation [Page 12].

Depression: The prevalence of depression is approximately twice as high in diabetics as it is in the general population [Page 13].

Neuropathy: May affect up to 50 % of diabetics [page 13].

Complications In Pregnancy: In order not to increase the stress I have not quoted the relevant statistic. The statistics can be found on [Page 14].

Life Expectancy: Life expectancy is reduced, on average, by more than 20 years for Type 1, up to 10 years for Type 2 [Page 14].

Good Diabetes Management

Research shows that keeping blood glucose levels as near normal as possible, keeping blood pressure well controlled, managing weight and keeping active can greatly reduce the risk of the diabetic complications.

Are those carbs worth it?


Monday 24 October 2011

Message to Carbo

Carbo I read your comment re. my article on sat fat and carbs. First let me state this blog is not for the benefit of the likes of you. Secondly I will get back to you and shred your comment in due course. At present I am busy dealing with that other chimp Kenny Boy. I am sure you can appreciate he is far more entertaining than a failed orlistat salesman like you.


Sunday 23 October 2011

Saturated fat, carbohydrates and cardiovascular disease.

The total body of evidence suggests that attention should be shifted from the harmful effects of dietary SAFA per se, to the prevention of the accumulation of SAFA in body lipids. This shift would emphasise the importance of reducing dietary CHO, especially CHO with a high glycaemic index, rather than reducing dietary SAFA.

The chronic interaction of SAFA with our immune system elicits so-called chronic systemic low-grade inflammation, which underlies the metabolic changes referred to as the (atherogenic) dyslipidaemia of the metabolic syndrome or the lipidaemia of sepsis. The ultimate goal of the ensuing insulin resistance is the re-allocation of energy-rich substrates, such as glucose, to the immune system while the change in our lipoprotein profile aims at the limitation of the inflammatory responses and the repair of the resulting tissue damage.

Dietary SAFA belong to the many false triggers of inflammation that result from the conflict between our slowly adapting genome and our rapidly changing lifestyle, but among these many factors they are not the most important.

A reduction in the consumption of CHO with a high glycaemic index, trans-fatty acids and linoleic acid, and an increased consumption of fish, vegetables and fruit, and a reduction of inactivity, sleep deprivation and chronic stress seem more realistic approaches to fight the current pandemic of cardiovascular disease resulting from chronic systemic low grade inflammation.


Edition 1

They say a week can be a long time in politics, it appears 48 hours can be a long time in the world of diabetes forums.

Saturday on

From Albert

“Here's a link a good friend of mine gave me to a cracking new website for those newly diagnosed diabetic's. It's worth a look as it is packed with helpful information.” Complete with a link to Kenny boys new forum of fun.


From Albert

"Please can somebody tell me if this rule has changed?

A link to another forum for diabetics which I posted in this thread 'Other forums and Blogs' has been edited by Josie38 (moderator) as being advertising??? It has been removed?

This thread was specially set up for that reason, so that people could post clickable links to 'Other forums and blogs'. I would have thought the clue was in the title! Links according to Admin are allowed in this section?

I would just like to know what is going on. If my link has to be removed then surely every other one in this thread should be as well. They are all advertising. Why am I being discriminated against?

I would be grateful if somebody, Administrator or mod could clarify what is going on here?"

Only the grey matter deficient, did not realise, Albert was a creation of the arch Troll Ken. Did Ken really think were going to give free advertising to a guy that caused so much grief ? If so, Ken is barmier than I thought, and believe me, I never figured Ken to be very high up in the food chain.
I won’t go so far as to say I missed Kenny’s short absence, but he did bring a sense of macabre entertainment to the diabetes world. I am sure more slapstick will follow. Is it me, or does the Panto season start earlier every year ? Probably an age thing.


Nice to see Albert has put on some weight.


 Keeping Kenny boy and the misinformation mob on the straight and narrow.

Meanwhile over at Kens Kingdom

Hope Warshaw drug company Shill ?

Over the years, I have seen some ludicrous information preached by dietitions,  but No Hope Warshaw must rank as one of the most idiotic that ever came up the pike ! Some of her words of wisdom.

“Old Dogma: People with type 2 diabetes should follow a low carbohydrate diet.”

“New Reality: Nutrition recommendations for people with type 2 diabetes from the American Diabetes Association and other health authorities echo the recently unveiled U.S. 2010 Dietary Guidelines (1/31/11) for carbohydrate about 45 to 65 percent of calories. (Americans currently eat about 45 to 50 percent of calories as carbohydrate--not a "high carb" intake.)”

“Countless research studies do not show long term (greater than six months to a year) benefit of low carb diets on blood glucose, weight control, or blood fats.”

“Let's encourage people with diabetes to eat healthfully, control their ABCs, use the blood glucose lowering medications they need to stay healthy over the years."

Scroll down the page from the link and all becomes crystal clear. PRESENT Diabetes is brought to you by the generous contributions of the following companies.


Saturday 22 October 2011

Please check out our lowcarb food blog !

Saturday night is music night on this blog !

For my good friend John.


This one is for me.

As one despotic Dictator goes another one re-surfaces.

Yes folks, old Kenny boy is back with his own forum, assisted by the ever faithful Sue. Albert aka Kenny boy made the announcement on today. Albert …err…Ken gushing and close to orgasm posted. “Here's a link a good friend of mine gave me to a cracking new website for those newly diagnosed diabetic's. It's worth a look as it is packed with helpful information.”

Albert always as transparent as cling film, never fooled anyone, and neither did Ken. No doubt the Ku Klux Klique will soon join up and promote the very low calorie, very low fat, very lowcarb that lead to Kens demise at The forum is back to the great place it once was, before Kenny came close to destroying it, I’m looking forward to Kenny making a horses arse of his own forum.

Interesting times ahead.

Friday 21 October 2011

GlaxoSmithKline morals of gangsters ?

GlaxoSmithKline's former scientific supremo has been summoned by a powerful congressional body to explain his role in the alleged intimidation of a scientist who criticised its diabetes drug, Avandia.

The Senate finance committee has asked Dr Tachi Yamada to describe the circumstances surrounding emails sent to Dr John Buse, a US academic who raised early concerns about an increased risk of heart attacks among patients on Avandia.

Congressmen are unhappy at how Britain's biggest drug company handled the danger signals around Avandia, which was recently given a "black box" warning over its cardiovascular side effects. The Food and Drug Administration has suggested that it may have contributed to 83,000 heart attacks.

Shortly after Avandia was put on sale by GSK's predecessor, SmithKline Beecham, in 1999, doubts were raised about its safety by Buse, a diabetes specialist at the University of North Carolina.

In internal emails, SmithKline executives dubbed him "the Avandia renegade" and discussed ways to quieten him. In a message copied to GSK's chief executive, Jean-Pierre Garnier, Yamada volunteered to speak with an acquaintance who was Buse's department chairman.

A GSK spokeswoman said the company stood by its efforts to correct "serious mis-statements" by Buse - but in a statement it agreed that communications had become "heated" and that "in hindsight, we agree that perhaps we could have handled interactions with Dr Buse better". It added: "GSK understands that there is a fundamental difference between engaging in scientific debate to ensure the accuracy of public statements and trying to inappropriately influence or silence a critic.

Avandia is now banned in most European countries.


Great Quotes !

In December 2003, Allen Roses, the then worldwide vice-president of genetics at GlaxoSmithKline, noted that most prescription medicines do not work on most people who take them. "The vast majority of drugs – more than 90 per cent – only work in 30 or 50 per cent of the people."


The big Corporations, food, pharma etc. own us !

Have you ever wondered why diabetics are encouraged to eat more of the same foods that made them ill, and for many obese. Ever thought how can diabetic outcomes be improved by raising recommended HbA1c targets. Ever wondered why type two diabetics are told not to test and given handfuls of expensive drugs. It’s all about money. The big Corporations, food, pharma etc. etc. own us.

Warning the video contains strong language.

Thursday 20 October 2011

Carbophile aka Tubolard, a man of many contradictions.

A post from my long term adversary, Tubolard, aka Carbophile. Tubs, the owner of the failed and defunct diabetes for life forum, the disgraced and banned mod and forum member. The self admitted, morbidly obese, and orlistat addicted blowhard, the carbohydrate addicted raver, takes me on, again ! Seriously Tubs, what chance do you think you stand ?

Tubs, I am flattered by your non stop attention. Don’t get me wrong, I am not homophobic. I believe this world needs all the love it can get. Having said that, I will try almost anything once, but with a woman. Sorry lad, but that’s the way it is. To be honest my web pics flatter me, I’m not as good looking as I appear.

I see after many requests you still refuse to meet me. Your latest excuse, is you feel my manners are not up to your required standard. Trust me Tubs, I promise not to molest you. Let’s meet up, what harm can it do ?

Eddie, swalk !

The Independent Diabetes trust.

I have one keen sense of smell and my nose is twitching. Another shill outfit ? Time will tell !


"It was a gas leak," said Bystander. "Definitely, unequivocally and absolutely."

The blast was initially thought to be a terrorist attack, as this is always the initial thought for any explosion, but this was quickly regarded as improbable, unlikely and untrue as it fits none of the facts.

"It was a gas leak," said Bystander. "Definitely, unequivocally and absolutely."

Although three gas cylinders were present at the Sprout and Cabbage Soup Stall, it is unlikely that these were the source of the blast.

"We think that the blast was caused by a particularly pungent fart," said Bystander. "That particular stall has been the source of a lot of nasty emissions since they set up. We think in this case that a combination of factors combined to make it the final straw."

According to Bystander, the source of the blast had previously had a sweet chili wrap, followed by a baked potato and beans, and finished with a sprout and cabbage soup.

"Our recommendation to prevent this from happening again," said Bystander, "is to prevent the fire eater from performing anywhere near the Sprout and Cabbage Soup stall. Given they're particularly bad at it, we'd suggest they return to their call centre job instead."


Bydureon another expensive and next to useless type two drug becomes NICE approved and available !

“Over a time period of 26 weeks, patients received the max dose allowed for each medication. Results showed that patients receiving Bydureon experienced a reduction in A1C of 1.3 percentage points from baseline, compared to a reduction of 1.5 percentage points for Victoza.

Twenty percent of Victoza patients reported nausea, 11% vomiting and 13% diarrhoea . Bydureon patients reported 9% nausea, 4% vomiting and 6% diarrhoea respectively.”

So,  A1c improvement of 1.3 percent, about the same as Metformin that costs pennies per day. And next to nil to what can be acheived with the correct diet and exercise !

Not only that, Metformin has been around years and safely used by millions of people.

NICE has approved this expensive and minimal benefits drug. Who’s receiving the unmarked cash filled brown envelopes, we need to be told !

"The agency’s decision is preliminary. NICE will review comments from the company, health providers and the public and probably will issue a final decision in February, according to the statement.
Bydureon costs 73.36 pounds ($115.56) for a pack of four doses, NICE said."

Type two diabetes, the biggest con ever worked on people around the world ! Eat the right food, get off your butt, and forget about expensive medication.



Gaddafi killed as Sirte falls !

So, another Dictator exits this world. I’m not a religious man, but I believe much wisdom is to be found in the Christian bible, the same goes for other great religions holy books. Gaddafi was a man with much blood on his hands. The bible says, he who lives by the sword, will die by the sword. The cynic in me thinks, how much of this was down to oil.

We have seen many despots left free to carry on repressing and murdering people, Robert Mugabe
comes to mind. Saddam Hussein came from the same mould as Gaddafi. He was responsible for the death and torture of tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of people. Since his demise, hundreds of thousands have been killed or wounded, have the people of Iraq benefited ? Will the same apply to Libya ? I hope not. History tells me, the bloodbath has only just begun.


Tuesday 18 October 2011

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it !

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joseph Goebbels
Avandia is safe, saturated fat is bad for your health, basing your meals on starchy carbohydrates is healthy for diabetics, diabetes is always progressive, people can’t stick to a lowcarb diet, low carbing will bring about scurvy and osteoporosis, a calorie is a just a calorie, high protein will damage healthy kidneys, multinational food companies care about kids health, food companies do not target infants with high sugar/starch products, food packaging nutritional information can be trusted, Dr. Robert Atkins died of a heart attack, Statins are safe, lowering total cholesterol will improve cardio outcomes, we can trust big pharma, sugar does not cause a whole host of health problems, BG testing for type two’s is a waste of time,  all type two diabetics are fat, lazy and brought it on themselves, the NHS is making progress in the fight against reducing blood glucose numbers and diabetic complications, that relaxing HbA1c control will bring about improvement in outcomes for diabetics.
The list of lies is long ! The spirit of Goebbels lives on.

Big Pharma and multinational food companies, giant vampire squids, wrapped around the face of humanity.


More junk to avoid ?

Another drug combo both of which have a high incidence of side effects.

"Known as Juvisync (Merck), the new medication combines sitagliptin (Januvia, Merck), a dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitor used for glycemia control, with the cholesterol-lowering simvastatin...."


Within 10 days, her cholesterol dropped dramatically, as did her blood pressure.

University of California at San Francisco researchers are showing how a modern-day Paleo diet works just as well as statin drugs when it comes to dropping cholesterol levels.

CBS 5 medical reporter Dr. Kim Mulvihill was so intrigued by the UCSF research that she became a guinea pig for the scientists.

She was told that she could not lose any weight and was given a Paleo plan to follow. Within 10 days, her cholesterol dropped dramatically, as did her blood pressure.


This guy looks pretty fit and healthy to me !

As low-carb books and resources climb to the top of the bestsellers charts there, the gig is up on companies who have relied on the low-fat diet being “heart healthy.” One such company is the UK-based Unilever, the largest manufacturer of margarine in Sweden and around the world. Since the debate over fat became a national issue for discussion last year, sales of margarine have tanked. And just like in America, Unilever has been placing the “heart healthy” symbol on their products for years in a cozy multi-million dollar deal with the Heart-Lung Foundation, Sweden’s equivalent of the American Heart Association.

But not anymore.

The Heart-Lung Foundation has now terminated their relationship with Unilever because of their concerns over the limited scientific support that margarine is healthier than the saturated-fat-filled butter. As Dr. Eenfeldt notes, this is a “big blow for Unilever” who has relied on the public perception that their products are healthy for consumers to market them. Now what are they gonna say to people who are no longer fearful of fat?  Words of Jimmy Moore

Jonas Colting lowcarb world class athlete no sign of scurvy, osteoporosis for this man.

Saturated fat is a must for good health !

"Let’s make one thing clear – when someone is going to lower carbohydrate content in their diet, they should replace it mostly with fat, not protein. Eating a lot of protein with little fat and carbs may be a short term strategy for initiating fat loss, but not a healthy way of eating in the long run. A lot of people, who are willing to try or have already felt the benefits of low-carb/high-fat eating, are scared of hurting themselves, because the common knowledge is that saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease by clogging arteries. In reality, that is as far from the truth as Planet Earth is from the Sun!

By minimizing SF intake, it is impossible to get enough fat soluble vitamins. A lot of nutrients found in vegetables go to waste if not prepared with fat – and by fat I mean SF, because only saturated fatty acids have the ability to resist heat and thus not oxidize. Moreover, energy provided by fats is long-lasting and does not result in an energy crash. And SF is the most satiating macronutrient of all!"

If only they had listened to Yudkin and Cleave !

Another bumped post. But has received lots of attention.
The George McGovern’s Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs 1973.
Peter Cleave testified to his belief that the problem extended to all refined carbohydrates. “I don’t hold the cholesterol view for a moment,” Cleave said, noting that mankind had been eating saturated fats for hundreds of thousands of years. “For a modern disease to be related to an old fashioned food is one of the most ludicrous things I have ever heard in my life,” Cleave said. “if anybody tells me that eating fat was the cause of coronary disease, I should look at them in amazement. But, when it comes to the dreadful sweet things that are served up … that is a very different proposition.” Yudkin blamed heart disease exclusively on sugar, and he was equally adamant that neither saturated fat nor cholesterol played a role. He explained how carbohydrates and specifically sugar in the diet could induce both diabetes and heart disease, through their effect on insulin secretion and the blood fats known as triglycerides. McGovern now struggled with the difficulty of getting some consensus on these matters.

“Are you saying that you don’t think a high fat intake produces the high cholesterol count?” McGovern asked Yudkin. “Or are you even saying that a person with high cholesterol count is not in great danger?”

“Well, I would like to exclude those rare people who have probably a genetic condition in which there is an extremely high cholesterol,” Yudkin responded. “If we are talking about the general population, I believe both those things that you say. I believe that decreasing the fat in the diet is not the best way of combating a high blood cholesterol …. I believe that the high blood cholesterol in itself has nothing whatever to do with heart disease.”

“That is exactly opposite what my doctor told me,” said McGovern.

Extract taken from the brilliant book ‘The Diet Delusion’ by Gary Taubes page 123 a must read for anyone with an interest in weight loss and controlling diabetes.


How to control your weight, and type two diabetes !

Base your meals on low starch vegetables, add some good proteins (meat, fish, and eggs) and good fats (avacado, olive oil, butter, double cream and nuts) Learn to cook and don’t cut corners. It’s a doddle and knocks type 2 diabetes medications out of the water. Three and a half years into lowcarb, and no signs of any problems. The only downside has been non diabetic HbA1c numbers, vastly improved lipids, improved blood pressure and 50 pounds less weight than at diagnosis.

Roughly chop the vegetables. add plenty of extra virgin olive oil and pepper, a little salt and dried mixed herbs. Bake for about an hour at gas mark five. The trick is to turn every ten minutes or so to stop burning.
Carb. counts. Swede 2.3, celery 0.8, mushrooms 0.3, onion fried in oil 14, courgettes 2.6, cherry toms. 5, red pepper 7, green pepper 2.6, yellow pepper 5, brussels 4, All numbers per 100 grams.


Monday 17 October 2011 congratulates Monty Beantipper on his eighty-eighth birthday.

Always controversial and somewhat of an enigma, Beantipper celebrated his eighty- eighth birthday today. One of the worlds best known lowcarbers, and founder member of the March Against Starch Liberation Army, Beantipper has been loved and detested in equal measure. Big Pharma, the junk food mobs and lowcarb antis hated him, and on more than one occasion, tried to eliminate him with extreme prejudice.

When this failed, a smear campaign was started, implicating Monty in a bestiality scandal involving a Shetland pony. True lowcarbers, have never doubted Monty’s determination to promote the lowcarb message, and to this day, he shines as a beacon for rightness, in a world besmirched by starch fuelled lies and filth.

Raising a glass to you my old friend.


""Rejoice, for the tent of low-carb is with mankind, and normoglycemia resides with them. Anyone conquering carbohydrate will inherit these things. Outside are the carb-ridden dogs and those who are disgusting in their starchy filth, and all those who are liking and carrying on a carb-fuelled lie."

Monty Beantipper


Congratulations to: Monty Beantipper (88), ladybird3 (33), shell123x (21), SpyderGurl (15)

Saturday 15 October 2011

Carlos Santana & Sarah Mclachlan - Angel (live)

As good as it gets !

Graham, get your lugs around this.

Gary Taubes book The Diet Delusion.

1. Dietary fat, whether saturated or not, is not a cause of obesity, heart disease or any other chronic disease.

2. The problem is refined carbs in diet, their effect on insulin secretion & the hormonal regulation of homeostasis.

3. Sugars - sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup specifically - are particularly harmful, the combination of fructose & glucose simultaneously elevates insulin levels & overload liver with carbs.

4. Through their direct effects on insulin & blood sugar, refined carbs, starches, sugars are the dietary cause of coronary heart disease & diabetes. They are likely dietary causes of cancer, Alzheimer's & other diseases.

5. Obesity is a disorder of excess fat accumulation, not overeating.

6. Consuming excess calories does not cause us to grow fatter.

7. Fattening & obesity are caused by an imbalance in the hormonal regulation of adipose tissue & fat metabolism. Fat synthesis & storage exceed the mobilization of fat from adipose tissue & its subsequent oxidation.

8. Insulin is the primary regulator of fat storage. When insulin levels fall, we release fat from fat tissue.

9. By stimulating insulin secretion, carbs make us fat.

10. By driving fat accumulation, carbs also increase hunger & decrease the amount of energy we expend in metabolism & physical activity.

Extract from the book The Diet Delusion page 454 by Gary Taubes ISBN-978-0-09-189141-1

From the village idiot !

"I just tried a search for the mentioned thread but it doesnt seem to exist, on this forum at least. I would guess that it is a reference to the writings of Gary Taubes who most people (other than extreme low carbers) view as a quack who makes money by selling books about 'his' diet, I say his diet although he just rehashes the same old low carb high fat message that has been around for years, his reasoning of why we get fat has no basis is fact whatsoever, so if you want to read his books I would do so with a very large pinch of salt if I were you."

Give it a rest Sid, you are flogging a long dead horse. You and Kenny boy are yesterdays papers !


A man, touched by the hand of God ?

If this does not move you !

If this does not move you !

Check your pulse, you’re probably dead !


I believe in freedom of speech !

There are some that would give me an argument on that statement. It is true, I have deleted some of the comments that have come our way. I have been called everything, from an arsehole, to a complete idiot. That’s fair enough, everyone is entitled to their opinion. One thing we have never received, is a well argued case against the benefits of a lowcarb diet for a diabetic.


Type two diabetes, an absolute doddle !

I have been chucked off a few forums in my time. David kicked me off his forum, ( I was the number one poster) after I criticised some whining type two’s, bleating about the problems with dealing with type two diabetes. A few months later David shut the place down. This was due to one of our ex friends, using various forum names, kicking the place and him to death. Water under the bridge, and I am sure David is doing well. He deserves to, he is a great guy, and done what he could to promote the lowcarb cause. But I still believe type two diabetes is a doddle, and feel it is no big deal ! Let me tell you what I believe is a big deal.

Back down on the South Coast this week, where I thought I had retired to around 15 years ago, I learn a friend of 55 years of age, has gone down with cancer of the oesophagus, this has spread to her liver, and her time is short. I telephoned one of our lowcarb friends, and he told me is daughter in law has also gone down with cancer, has a grim outlook, and has an 18 month old daughter. See what I mean, type diabetes is nothing.

Type two diabetes is a warning, a wake up call, nothing more. If we take the warning seriously, we can overcome the downside and live full and active life. For many, but not all, type two diabetes was brought about by the lifestyle we chose to live. By changing our lifestyle, we can reverse our diabetes and live a full and useful life, the choice is yours. Good, plain, wholesome lowcarb food and exercise, or ever increasing dangerous drugs and possibly an early check out, it’s up to you.


Please check out  and our good food blog

Friday 14 October 2011

The forum of flog !

After being banned from, aka the forum of flog, I posted this under my wife's maiden name. The post still stands, but I was banned again within hours. Thems the breaks eh. Hell hath no fury like a forum on the make eh !  I am still a registered member and get emails every day of the marketing sort. We don't want you posting here, but please feel free to spend your money and earn us a commission eh !

OK, these days the good guys are running the place, and some common sense has been restored. Long may it remain so !

"When considering the low-fat low-carb diet I believe for most people, it is impossible for an active person in the long term. I have proved this for myself. When I started low carbing and back in those days three years ago, I had no understanding of healthy fats, I was on a low carb low fat diet of around 1300-1500 calories a day. Like so many I believed that fats were dangerous and to be feared. My BG numbers fell to non diabetic within days and the weight started to fall off at the rate of around 20 lbs per month. Great what more could I want. The problem came around the forth month. I had gone from a 40” waist to 32” lost over 50lbs fantastic, but my weight kept dropping. I was beginning to look very ill, friends and family wanted to know was it the diabetes that was making ill, one friend asked did I have cancer. I was facing a huge dilemma.

I wanted to stay low carbing, my HbA1c had gone from 12 to 5.4 within three months. My second full bloods tests after three months of diagnoses showed not only a huge reduction in HbA1c but improvement in almost every other area. My Doctor was totally amazed at the changes, (it was beyond his experience) I had made in such a short time. After some thought and a little research I realised I had to turn to fats. I was still eating the same protein I had ate all my life and did not want to start eating huge amounts of protein to increase the calories I needed to maintain a good weight.

I discovered there was good fats and dangerous fats. That much of the processed food I had used before low carbing contained trans fats and other ingredients that were unhealthy. I learned the fats in natural foods such as avocado, olives, nuts, seeds, butter and cream were safe and in fact fat in the diet is essential. I did not go over the top with fats I did not need to. I now know that fat has over twice the calories as carbs and protein and it was easy with some tweaking here and there to get back to a food intake that controlled my diabetes and my weight. Three years on I have never had a HbA1c out of the fives and I am happy with my weight. I use around 2300-2500 calories a day. I live a very active life, some days working over 10 hours. I appreciate others for various reasons do not require my level of calories."

Ain't life grand.


Thursday 13 October 2011

Low testosterone can lead to diabetes !

I picked this one up on the flog today.

“It says that low testosterone can lead to diabetes, and vice-versa. If you read it all, you'll see that one doctor in this states that 40% of diabetics have low testosterone.
Thoughts? could therefore treating low testosterone (simple apparently), thus curing that hormone deficiency, help the insulin responses in a diabetic?”

After consulting my old mate Graham aka the tripod, he felt this was more baloney. When last checked out, Graham had the testosterone levels of a prime Aberdeen Angus, so my money is on Graham ! ... erone.html

I just can’t get enough !

No, I’m not talking about sex, drugs or booze. I’m talking about mashed swede, with lot’s of real butter. Carbs around 3 per 100 grams. For me it blows the taste of mashed potatoes out of the water. And the nutrient count makes spuds a non runner.

Over three years on lowcarb, and no scurvy, osteoporosis or mange. Whatever happen to that idiot dietition ?


Oh Dear !

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Base jumping, Kamikaze pilots and Albert’s diet of death !

So, Albert reveals his diet, 425 calories per day. I really hope Albert is winding us up, and not for real. If he really is living on this sort of calorie input, his time on this earth is short. It is a total impossibility to get the required proteins, fats and nutrients to sustain life on this level of calories. This is starvation pure and simple. A three year old child requires three times this level of calories.

Albert is either a wind up merchant, a corpse or stark raving mad !


Monday 10 October 2011

"You still haven't told us what you eat, Albert."

“You still haven't told us what you eat, Albert. Being overweight and limited in what exercise I can do, I'm interested. How about posting a typical day's menus?”

Straight to the point. Let's see if Albert responds. My money is on, not a chance.

Like the carb addicted, morbidly obese, and 'orribilstat' addicted Carbo, we will never receive a straight answer.


Let’s take a look at energy expenditure.

About 70% of a humans total energy expenditure is due to the basal life processes within the organs of the body. About 20% of one's energy expenditure comes from physical activity and another 10% from thermo genesis or digestion of food. So, with 70% of energy being used just to stay alive and only 20% of ones energy available for physical activity, one has to ask the question. What levels of physical activities do low carb, low fat and low calorie diabetics participate in ?

Very little it would appear. A sofa attached to their butts, and nothing better to do than to post total dross on diabetic forums.

Prove me wrong.


Cugila, gone but not forgotten, or has he returned ?

No one other than a traveller from Mars, or a deaf, dumb, blind, mute, will have forgotten old Cugila aka Kenny boy, the disgraced and fired chief exectioner forum moderator and leader of the Ku Klux Klique. His antics were legendary, from rabid outbursts at anyone that questioned his self appointed God like powers, to swiftly banning members that had the temerity to question his ludicrous dietary claims. From long term successful diabetics, to Doctors and diabetes experts, all were treated equally, i.e abysmally. Posts altered or deleted, threads locked and banning was the norm. King Canute could do no wrong in the eyes of the clique. How dare they question the authority of the font of all knowledge and his small band of fulltime lowcarb antis.

The lunacy reached new heights, when Ken and his long term Moll Sue, another fired mod, done their best to convince the world, that a 1000 calories a day was sustainable once weight loss had been achieved and stabilised. A well know Doctor and diabetes expert, himself a diet controlled type two diabetic, questioned Kenny on his unique low carb, low fat, low calorie diet. The result was highly predictable for anyone following at the time, the member was swiftly banned. As was the usual modus operandi from the grovelling clique, Kenny was hailed as a hero and the font of all knowledge. But not for long.

Kenny had finally cooked his own goose, high fat low carb ironically. Kenny boy and the moll were fired from the mods jobs, they done their best to hang onto the power, like a couple of deposed third world Dictators. First rubbishing the new mods and admin, then bleating for support from the toadying, petrified, and leaderless clique. It was not a bloodless coup, but the good guys had won back the forum, and quickly returned to the good days before the Junta’s takeover.

Albert aka Kenny boy, assisted by his long term bag carrier, Sid Bonkers aka the village idiot is pushing the very lowcarb, very low fat, very low calorie diet once again. No-one with more than six functioning brain cells fell for it last time, and it’s falling on deaf ears once again.

To be continued.

Saturday 8 October 2011

Thank you for your comments and interest !

Thank you all the people that take the time to read and comment on this blog. At the peak we were receiving close to a thousand page views per day. It is much quieter these days, but hey, we will fight on. I received this email from a lady the day before yesterday and it makes it all worthwhile.

Hi there,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you as I have just stumbled across your site! I have been living low carb now for just under a year and have found the benefits, both visual and health, to be incredible. Whilst I am not diabetic, I do find wheat hard to process so following many of your recipes have been great. I enjoy cooking and eating low carb dishes and have found many of your recipes both tasty and simple to do. It is often easy to get stuck in rut with what you cook however, your site has enlightened me to many more dishes!

Keep up the good work!


While we live, and receive messages like this, we will carry on.

Eddie, good luck and health to you and yours.

Friday 7 October 2011

Lowcarb summer fruits cake.

100 grams ground almonds
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 large eggs
1 tablespoon of melted butter
2 tablespoons of double cream
100 grams of thawed summer fruits 

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.
Melt the butter I used a Pyrex jug, add the eggs, cream, then add the dry ingredients and mix. Pour into a 6" microwave proof dish. Microwave in a 700watt for 3 minutes. Allow to cool and cut in half. Spread on extra thick cream and add 100 grams of Sainsbury's defrosted summer fruits, serves four. 
Another variation on our lowcarb almond flour cake recipes.


Brussel sprouts a true wonder food !

Brussels sprouts are rich in many valuable nutrients. They are an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin K. They are a very good source of numerous nutrients including folate, vitamin A, manganese, dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin B6 and thiamin (vitamin B1) and a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, iron, phosphorus, protein, magnesium, riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin E, copper and calcium. In addition to these nutrients, Brussels sprouts contain numerous disease-fighting phytochemicals including sulforaphane, indoles, glucosinolates, isothiocynates, coumarins, dithiolthiones, and phenols.

For more great food information please visit this great site.


More great lowcarb food ideas can be found here.

Is the use of cholesterol in mortality risk algorithms in clinical guidelines valid? Ten years prospective data from the Norwegian HUNT 2 study.

This is not going to please our low fat friends but this is another study casting doubt on the value of low cholesterol.


"Our study provides an updated epidemiological indication of possible errors in the CVD risk algorithms of many clinical guidelines. If our findings are generalizable, clinical and public health recommendations
regarding the 'dangers' of cholesterol should be revised. This is especially true for women, for whom moderately elevated cholesterol (by current standards) may prove to be not only harmless but even


Effects of olive oil on lipid profiles and blood glucose in type2 diabetic patients.

After four weeks of consumption of olive oil, the levels of FBG, TG, Ch and LDL were significantly reduced in both groups (Table 2). Reduction of these parameters in diabetics was more profound than that in healthy controls. Meanwhile, significant increases in levels of HDL were recorded in both diabetic patients and healthy controls.


Wednesday 5 October 2011

Another load of, er, Bollocks !

Another mind blower, re a geezer in a shed and a couple of mice.

If I had a pound for every cure regarding type two diabetes, and a mouse study, I would be rich beyond my wildest dreams.


Wine of the week.

Sainsbury's house Soave, £3.49. Nectar and won't break the bank. Look out for it, buy it, and try it.

You know it makes sense, why fight it. Ok, I am a poet, and know it !


Carbo, and the deranged, demented and confused.

Say what you like about old Tubolard, aka Carbopile, he will post anything sent into his blog. From the out of their skulls, medication addicted, to the on the run Broadmoor patient, Carbo is there for them all. Old Tubo, the disgraced forum mod, and owner of the failed and defunct forum, diabetes for life, ho ho, never misses an opportunity to kick lowcarb. Staggeringly, his last post on his bog roll, is enthusing about the benefits of a lowcarb tomato omelette for breakfast. Let no man be beyond redemption eh. The latest posted comment.

“Not for a minute do I believe that Eddie is a low carber, he just uses that as an excuse to start arguments so that he has something to write about oh his blog.”

I have posted well over six thousand posts on various forums promoting low carb. I have run, and paid for, the website, for over three years, and have set up this and other blogs promoting the lowcarb way of life. What more can I do ?

“It's as clear as day that Eddie is, and has always been, a bully, his life, otherwise, must really be very boring and miserable. He doesn't have a life outside of bullying and generally being a miserable old git.”

I have lost count of the times, I have offered to meet Carbo, and his delinquents to discuss the virtues of lowcarb, not a word from these gutless cowards. They have absolutely no courage in their phoney convictions, and will hide in anonymous bunkers forever, and that’s a fact ! We bully the bullies, including you, my gutless commentator..

“I was very happy when Eddie and his sock puppets got banned a couple of years ago but I'm equally glad that I am no longer a member of DUK, the new "management" maybe not be as bad as Eddie out in the open but behind the scenes they are probably worse, I would not be surprised if they allowed Eddie to return under a different "nick". In fact, I am pretty certain he is back there posting and forcing non-low carbers to leave the forum.”

Not at the moment, I am too busy fishing, but when the cold weather really sets in, I may be back.

“DUK is gradually turning into a low-carb only forum, no wonder, the new "Admin" is a low-carber himself.”

Lowcarbing is the way forward for the safe control of diabetes. But hey, it’s not the only way. Some prefer the nutrient low carbs, and prefer to cover carbs with meds. Each to their own. Good to see is doing very well without Kenny boy and the high carb, high meds mob.
Mitch the militant !

Take That!

Now, let's be clear; I don't read The Metro and am not a Take That fan (...) but have a look at this;

"...the fat-obsessed regime laid down by the boys’ category judge Gary Barlow led to chubby wannabe Craig Colton losing more than 6.3kg (1st) in a week.

The 22-year-old’s diet was dictated by the Take That singer’s own nutritionist.

‘I am on this very strict diet but it’s full of energy,’ said Colton.

He has been forced to do away with snacks, which have been swapped for seemingly boring almonds and sunflower seeds.

‘It’s pure protein and nutrition, no carbs,’ he added."

Take That! Indeed



Saturday 1 October 2011

Bangers and mash

Bangers and celeriac mash with roast fennel and green beans.

Sausages are Sainsbury’s very lowcarb, ultimate outdoor bred 97% pork, at 1.2 grams of carbohydrate per 100 grams, i.e. 3 sausages 200 grams 2.4 grams of carb. Add the mashed celeriac and fennel. A very tasty meal and very lowcarb, a very easy to prepare meal.

Peel a celeriac and cut into small chunks around an inch square, about 25mm in new money. Boil or steam for around 15 minutes. Drain off water and mash with a couple of knobs of butter. Place the sausages in a Pyrex dish and add the fennel with a little butter. Roast at 200c for around thirty minutes, turning every 10 minutes, ladle some fat over the fennel. Warm up the mashed celeriac in a micro wave for a couple of minutes. Poor over some gravy (a beef oxo cube) Voila, a great lowcarb and tasty meal. It won’t break the bank and shouldn’t raise BG numbers to an unacceptable level.