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Thursday 31 May 2012

Dementicus Maximus !

Hi folks, a few years ago, before I was banned , in total ignominy, from, I ran up against a guy called EricD. Eric is posting at the asylum known as Diabolical ABC.UK. This is the home of the Stalinist, “fat ex copper that used to be a mod” Kenny boy. Eric was a man with one foot in the grave diabetic, who thought carbs were the answer. Fat of any kind was Beelzebub to Eric, and he let us know, with every post. One day he had a run in with my guru Fergus Craig. 

Fergus had argued meat eaters and canines, as we are, were typically fast slim animals.  Fergus commented on Tigers, Leopards and Lions. Eric found a couple of pictures of a domestic and obese dog, together with a bloated and grossly over weight  Lion held in captivity, to demonstrate and forward his argument. Eric said vegetarians were always slimmer in the wild. To which Ferg stated, “Thank you for you comments Eric, I wait with baited breath for the arrival of the anorexic hippo” Ferg is the most knowledgeable diabetic I know, he also has a wicked sense of humour, check this out.

He once asked on a forum, what do you think the BG number is of a Mackerel ? He had been on a fishing trip off the coast of Scotland.  We all came up with numbers from 10 to 4. In the end, he let us know when he checked the mackerel with a BG meter it read low, to be fair, he stated, “the poor blighter, had been dead for an hour” That’s Ferg for you.


From Eric today at the Kensters blog.

"I wouldnt like to bet on it but It seems like DCUK and Eddie are working hand in hand. If anyone refuses to join the lc clique Eddie takes over and ridicules them untill they have had enough and just leave"

Linagliptin more type two diabetes junk medication on the way !

It never ceases to amaze me how big pharma gets away with peddling junk medication. When it comes to type two diabetes meds, the situation is almost farcical. Some expensive meds can reduce HbA1c by up to 1.8 percent, when taken with Metformin, that reduces HbA1c by up to 1.5 percent. Get my drift ? These drugs are an expensive way of seeing a possible HbA1c improvement of 0.3 percent. How about I sell you my new head ache pills at £80 a pack, then tell you they only work when taken with aspirin, any takers ? I thought not.

Some type two meds come with black box cancer warnings, and some have killed so many people, they have been banned in many countries. Now a new wonder drug could be on its way, Linagliptin. So what does this new wonder drug and the salvation of type two diabetics achieve ?

“Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Eli Lilly and Company announced Phase 3 study results for linagliptin 5 mg once-daily, which showed significant hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c or A1C) reduction of 0.88% compared to 0.24% in the placebo group (p=0.0002) at 24 weeks in black or African American adult patients with type 2 diabetes whose blood sugar was not adequately controlled.”  

0.88% reduction in HbA1c, less than a donut a day then. Seriously, one donut a day would raise my HbA1c more than 0.88%, so I will be giving donuts and Linagliptin a miss. Lets cut this new drug some slack, and say a diabetic with an HbA1c of 6 reducing down to almost 5 could see some long term benefits, but that’s not a typical case. Most diabetics are running high numbers, other than very well controlled insulin users or low carbers, or both. I reduced my HbA1c from almost 12 to 5.9 in three months, albeit with some help from Metformin. Met would have got me to around 10.5. Lowcarbing reduced HbA1c by roughly 5 points. Approximately 6 times more than this new drug can achieve, and cost me nothing. 

The last word to Allen Roses, worldwide vice-president of genetics at GlaxoSmithKline, said “fewer than half of the patients prescribed some of the most expensive drugs actually derived any benefit from them”

It is an open secret within the drugs industry that most of its products are ineffective in most patients but this is the first time that such a senior drugs boss has gone public.  


Thread Deletion Addictive?

Is thread deletion addictive? The ghost forum of Ken, Albert, Angeleyes, Wrunkelt, Silver Fox, Cugila, Kamon, Highlanders and Sue has now deleted threads (posted by Ken, Albert, Angeleyes, Wrunkelt, Silver Fox, Cugila, Kamon, Highlanders and Sue) critical of D.CO.UK, Benedict and other D.CO.UK members.

Thread deletion was a common tactic of Ken, Albert, Angeleyes, Wrunkelt, Silver Fox, Cugila, Kamon, Highlander and Sue when the thread’s content  threatened discredited positions held by Ken, Albert, Angeleyes, Wrunkelt, Silver Fox, Cugila, Kamon, Highlanders and Sue.

Now in deleting their own posts you have to question the mental state of Ken, Albert, Angeleyes, Wrunkelt, Silver Fox, Cugila, Kamon, Highlanders and Sue. Or is it, that thread deletion is the equivalent of crack cocaine  for Ken, Albert, Angeleyes, Wrunkelt, Silver Fox, Cugila, Kamon, Highlanders and Sue?

We would ask sympathetic readers (yes we know that these are likely to be rather low in numbers) to suggest suitable rehab centres or activities that
(a)    could take Ken, Albert, Angeleyes, Wrunkelt, Silver Fox, Cugila, Kamon, Highlanders and Sue’s mind off the humiliating circumstances in which they find themselves and
(b)   be of the appropriate intellectual level.

To start the ball rolling:

CliqueFinder General

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Caveman Blogger Fights for Free Speech and Internet Freedom !

Read more here:


Hotel Caledonia

On a dark Scottish highway, damp wind in Ken’s hair
Warm smell of haggis, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, he saw a forum light
His head grew heavy and his sight grew dim
He had to stop for the night
There Sue stood in the doorway;
He heard the mission bell
And he was thinking to himself,
"This could be Heaven or this could be Hell"
Then Sue lit up a candle and she showed Ken the way
There were voices down the corridor,
He thought he heard them say...

Welcome to the Hotel Caledonia
Such a lonely place (Such a lonely place)
Such a lonely face
Plenty of room at the Hotel Caledonia
Any time of year (Any time of year)
You can find it here

Last thing Ken remembered, he was
Running for the door
He had to find the passage back
To the forum he was before
"Relax,” said the night man,
"We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave! "

Sing along to an acoustic version  of Hotel Caledonia!

Monday 28 May 2012

Moby Dick Death to the Whale & Blasphemy !

Moby Dick the original masterpeice with Gregory Peck. Check out this clip for a very fine portrayal of madness and vengeance.

From Sue, "Ken is away fishing today, hope he catches something"

Ken says "I don't normally use such language but in their case I made an exception. As a friend said to me, "Just tell them where to go." I think I did and very pleasant it was too" I wonder if it was Albert that told him to do it ? 

Sunday 27 May 2012

Summer fruits lowcarb sponge cake one of our favorite recipes !

200g ground almonds
2 heaped teaspoons baking powder
3 medium eggs
2 tablespoons of butter
2 tablespoons double cream
Lowcarb fruits 
Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.
Melt the butter I used a Pyrex jug, add the eggs and cream, then add the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Add some lowcarb fruits, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries to the mix and spoon into a baking container. I used a silicone bread mould. Microwave in a 700watt for 6 minutes. Take out of the mould, if still damp place upside down on four layers of kitchen paper and microwave for a further one minute. Allow to cool then spread on a layer of extra thick cream, then add fruits to the top. A little tip, allow to cool on four or five layers of kitchen paper to remove any excess moisture. Serve in a bowl with some double cream. Serves eight.


Home made Guacamole

So low in carbs, not worth worrying about, serves two. And the taste blows away factory produced food. Avocados are one of the healthiest foods on the planet.


2 medium sized avocados chopped
I medium sized tomato finely chopped remove seeds
I heaped tablespoon of finely chopped green Jalapeno peppers 
I tablespoon of finely chopped white onion
One teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil
The juice from a medium sized lime
Salt and black pepper to taste


Mix all the ingredients in a pyrex jug or bowl and serve, how easy is that.


Roast Vegetables

This picture shows the vegetables in the header after chopping. They can be used with almost any meal. I tend to cook a lot at a time and save in a food container in the fridge. When needed just warm in a micro wave. A good breakfast tip is a three egg omelet and spooning in around three tablespoons of the veg mix for a very tasty omelet. Use six eggs and use the same mix for a very tasty frittata for two.

Roughly chop the vegetables. add plenty of extra virgin olive oil and pepper, a little salt and dried mixed herbs. Bake for about an hour at gas mark five. The trick is to turn every ten minutes or so to stop burning.

Carb. counts. Swede 2.3, celery 0.8, mushrooms 0.3, onion fried in oil 14, courgettes 2.6, cherry toms. 5, red pepper 7, green pepper 2.6, yellow pepper 5, brussels 4, All numbers per 100 grams.

At this time of the year and with good weather, why not place the vegetables in a metal dish and cook on the barbeque.


Saturday 26 May 2012

Kens clique on life support ! His forum didn’t make it !

Any time soon, a priest is going to turn up at, and administer last rights to Kens clique. Like some wounded, writhing beast, that refuses to go down, the clique are a sad spectacle. As always, their fall back position is lies, more lies and the old ace card, the sympathy post. Bonkers has been telling all and sundry about his medical conditions and lack of sleep, as if that may pass as an excuse for his rude, erratic and strange behaviour. For shear gall and hypocrisy, the award goes to the slippery one, Phoenix, when she posted this today.

“It is not just words though. The owner of that blog has at least on one occasion contacted one of their targets by phone and has made clear the real name and location of another..... very amusing.

On a personal level, apart from the emotional effects, the presence of that blog had the effect of curtailing my efforts in fund raising. It stopped me until the very last minute having a charity page and publicising it either on here or on my own blog when I ran for JDFR. 
Quite simply, it was I was afraid to reveal my real name and hence address. (maybe it wouldn'd have caused a problem but the fear was and remains real. 

I have mixed sadness and anger that a link to that blog has been posted on this thread”

Now remember, this is a person that has spent four years posting against low carb and out of date information regarding saturated fats. She knows full well the confusion and fear that her posts cause, but she’s OK. A diet based on carbs, insulin, a pump, and good medical professionals. Hardly Miss Compassionate eh, but wait, she likes to hang out at Carbsane’s blog, extolling the virtues of Hope Warshaw, another arch anti lowcarber, and drug company shill. Wait, it gets better, she bleats about this blog, but recently outed herself, when posting on Carbo’s cess pit for the failed and fallen. Carbo has signposted my family address on more than one occasion. BTW, the member she refers to was just about the biggest idiot the forum had ever witnessed, the resident dietition. For years she posted bilge, and was one of Kens most staunch supporters. When we arranged her exit visa, she rapidly deleted many of her posts, that clearly illustrated her lack of knowledge re basic metabolism. One person, one phone call, lasting seconds, to get confirmation of her identity.

From the Bonkers one today.

“To be fair Stephen he was banned for giving out medical advice to a pregnant woman about a low carb diet would be quite safe for both her and her unborn baby, advice which had Dr Wortman been a UK doctor would have seen him in front of the British Medical Council defending his action of giving medical advice without knowing the patients medical history.

He also argued openly with one of the moderators over his choice of diet and being quite rude about it and I think we are all aware that arguing openly with a moderator on any forum is a sure fire way of getting banned.”

Lies from Bonkers and what a coincidence, Ken posted this today on his blog he calls a forum, set up only to ridicule people who clearly know what he stands for, and what he is.

 “There are even some that have a hissy fit because we suspended then banned Dr Jay.....a rude, arrogant know all who still spouts lies and rubbish on his blog about WHY he was banned. He said our diet couldn't possibly work, unsustainable when weight loss was stable. I don't disagree with that. Trouble is....he NEVER did ask if we were both stable.....just assumed we were. We BOTH are continually trying to lose some weight, to maintain a slow but steady weight loss. i t's ongoing and the diet we chose works for us. WE NEVER stated that was a diet WE pushed either.......Dr Jay again just assumed we did. He was and is wrong and a liar. He was suspended and banned for insulting Sue and I .......NOT because he is a low carber ! He also was giving medical advice when this is not allowed"  

How Ken, the most foul mouthed lying oaf that ever posted on a blog or forum, has the neck to say this about Jay, a highly qualified, highly respected,  and thoroughly decent man “a rude, arrogant know all who still spouts lies and rubbish on his blog” beggars belief. Check out the real Ken by reading the comments on the Memo from a madman and What a mess inside Kens head threads. Anyone with a shred of self respect, and a grip on reality, would have disappeared into oblivion a long time ago.

From Nobhead today when the clique were clearly losing the argument.

“I think if ever there was a thread needed locked then it's this one”

How many times have we seen Nige (I’m with you on this one Sid) post insinuations and dross posts, and when it blows up in his face, going toadying to the admin ? As for Jopar, I need a crash course in gibberology, before further comment.

I would like to apologise to anyone I have not offended. Please be patient, I will get to you shortly.

BTW the post from Jay that the clique  refer to was on salt posted below. Most of Jays posts were deleted by Ken.


Booker T. & the MGs

Eddie phoned me, nearly two weeks ago, to ask if I had heard the bass-player had died. Somehow I had missed it in the Guardian. Booker T. and the MGs were a musical foundation stone of my youth and more importantly the Stax Records session band. Listening to this now, mind and body wander back in time. To The Scene, The Outlook and The Purple Onion in Middlesbrough. The Red Lion and Jazz Club in Redcar. The Flamingo in London.

Happy Days John

Some words from Dr. Jay Wortman a lowcarb expert and type two diabetic on lowcarb and salt.

“When you cut the carbs your kidneys will release sodium. This is why people lose some water initially and why blood pressure also tends to get better on low-carb. If you are not careful to replace the lost sodium sufficiently by adding salt to your food, you will experience the effects of mild hypo-natremia. These are: headache, constipation, weakness, fatigue, low-blood pressure, othostatic hypotension and possibly leg cramps. If you get a blood test you may find that your potassium is low, too. Unfortunately, there is no reliable blood test for magnesium but it may also be low. Supplementing with salt should correct these problems. You don't need to take a potassium supplement, it will correct if you eat enough salt. Some people will have a persistent magnesium deficiency that will require supplements. This would be manifested by leg cramps and hyper-reflexia (something your doctor can check). To correct this you should take a slow-release Mg++ supplement daily. 

Many people make the mistake of restricting salt and drinking lots of water when on a low carb diet. This is virtually guaranteed to cause problems. When you look carefully at the studies that report equivocal results with a low-carb diet, this is invariably one of the reasons.”

A Quiz

A “clique” is a group of people who “got there first”. This occurs on many forums – diabetes, health related, nutrition, angling, bowling, etc. All have their clique consisting of long-time members who feel they own the forum and are senior and superior. Moderators are supposed to monitor this behaviour but more often than not succumb to the same arrogance themselves. If a member’s viewpoint is out of step with the clique they are attacked and stoned until the member leaves the forum. No individual among the clique can be identified as the one who “killed” the member, yet everyone involved plainly bears some degree of moral culpability.

On I think back to the quality information and advice provided by Fergus, Timo, Trinkswasser, etc. Where are they now? Stoned to death?

An easy quiz, name the clique members on However, for every wrong answer, you get to spend a day in a locked room with the Bonkers Brothers. Two wrong and you get to spend the weekend in a locked room with the (weight challenged) ex-copper/pipefitter wielding his truncheon/pipe.

CliqueFinder General

Lowcarb boring, unhealthy, people can’t keep to it, total nonsense !

Not really a recipe but a little tip and a good food idea. So tonight’s grub spicy salmon with a nice salad. Some say the lowcarb way is boring and lacks essential nutrients, eat the colours of the rainbow and stay healthy. This type of food, and minimal or no meds, must be the way forward for not only diabetics, but all people wanting to control their weight and stay healthy.

If you go to the Sainsbury fresh fish counter they offer a nice free of charge service. Select your fresh fish and choose from a very nice range of free cooking sauces. The fish and sauce are placed in sealed oven proof bag. Cook as per instructions and save the sauce. Allow to cool, pour the retained sauce over the fish and serve cold with a mixed salad. For me that's a great plate of lowcarb food, enjoy !

Please check out our low carb recipe and low carb food blog.


XYZZY awarded Wallycorker Medal and Bar !

In an unprecedented move, the trustees of the Wallycorker foundation have awarded the highly prestigious Wallycorker medal and bar to XYZZY. Rarely is the award given to a member who as not been banned. And never has the award been given plus bar. XYZZY has worked tirelessly, to expose the trolls, spreaders of fear and ludicrous clique cronies. Working hard to help the newbie’s and brought a much needed sense of humour to the crazy world of diabetes.

In a special all night sitting of the board of trustees the vote was unanimous. The trustees were also highly impressed with his skilful inter-change with phoenix aka the ‘slippery one’. His patience in dealing with the bonkers brothers, Sid ( the enforcer) and Nige (the weasel)  was highly commended. Above all, the trustees were highly impressed with his ability to wind up the old despot and fat ex cop/pipe fitter that used to a mod, to unparalleled heights.

Chairman of the board of trustees. Roger (keto warrior) Jenkins stated today “we thought Eddie could play the pipe fitter like a violin, but it is clear XYZZY has the fat ex copper completely barking” The pipe fitter, still working his battered and beleaguered clique, by remote control from his padded cell, aided and abetted by his DUK mod, is on his last legs, literally, if reports are accurate, has taken madness to a new level. The end must be in sight. Lord Beantipper said at an impromptu drinks party after the award ceremony “If Ken was a horse they would have shot him a long time ago”. When asked to comment, on his ongoing High Court bestiality trial, Beantipper head butted a Daily Mail hack, and left by a rear entrance.

Well done XYZZY keep up the good work. Illegitimi non carborundum. 

Thursday 24 May 2012

Dr Briffa Diabetics appear to be very interested in low-carb eating at DCUK !

Recently, I came across what looks like a whole better on-line resource for individuals with diabetes known as (not to be confused with Dabetes UK) describes itself as: “your resource for diabetes, diabetics, diabetes research and education; the leading community website and forum for people with diabetes”.  On the homepage, it states: “ is growing as a community of diabetics and non-diabetics alike, offering their own support and first hand knowledge.” I like this last bit, because I’m a great believer in listening to what people who have had success in controlling their diabetes have to say. I don’t have diabetes so I’m not in the best place to judge what works. However, I’ve seen countless individuals report excellent results on adopting a low-carb diet, and it’s these experiences (plus some science) which has led me to conclude this way of eating is, overall, the best for people with diabetes.

Like any website, I can’t say I endorse every piece of information on it. However, I did take a browse through the forum (which looks lively) and took this screenshot from it today. Under ‘Diet and Nutrition’ the site has areas for individuals who are and are not interested in low-carbohydrate diets for controlling their diabetes

Just look at the figures here: Activity in the low-carb section is many times greater than the non-low-carb area. Have a look in the low-carb area and you’ll find plenty of first-hand stories about success with lower-carb eating.

None of this proves anything of course. What it shows, though, is that there is considerable appetite for information on low-carb eating among diabetics, and many are discovering the benefits of this way of eating. As this happens, of course, more and more individuals will come to realise that conventional dietary advice for diabetics if often misleading and dangerous, and I think the people at Diabetes UK should take note.

Wednesday 23 May 2012

The Clique Factor Prevails Again

The post Type 2 diabetic, kidney damage on now blocked!

Bonkers: “Kidney damage is indeed exacerbated by certain diets whether some are convinced of it or not it is a fact and should not be taken lightly” [My underline].

Posters repeatedly asked Bonkers how he knew it was a fact, evidence, etc.

I suspect Bonker’s evidence is of the type “my GP told me”

Consider your average GP and ask yourself when does he find the time to research and seek out the latest papers on dietary matters?

Yet Posters with some scepticism of Bonker’s evidence are now denied the opportunity to hear from the great man. He might, after all have something genuine to offer. Yes, yes, I hear you say, the amusement is genuine.


Diabetes care 'has been failing for decade'

Standards for diabetes care are still not being met in England - 11 years after they were set, a report suggests.
The Department of Health recommended in 2001 that patients should receive nine basic services, including cholesterol and blood pressure monitoring, eye screening and foot examinations.
But the National Audit Office analysis said despite improvements, just half of patients were getting the checks.
The government said the NAO had taken only a "snapshot" of care.
The watchdog also criticised ministers for not having a grip on costs.
It said the NHS was spending at least £3.9bn a year on diabetes - three times more than ministers had estimated.

Tuesday 22 May 2012

What a mess !!! Inside Kens Head !

cugila said...
Eddie.......and 'shit for brains' the dick !

When have I EVER pushed a 'high carb' diet to anybody ? We emphasise reducing carbs.....isn't that what low carb is about. The DCUK pack, the BOB's and Sister's all say the to your meter, again what we have always said. We still do. Whatever works for you and others is all we have ever posted.

The fact that you and the present pack on DCUK are allowed to get away with insults, ridicule, aggression and bullying is testament to how far DCUK has sunk since the inept Benedict took over there.

The place is just a joke now, no balance, no fairness, no opinions other than the 'ruling' clique dictate. It is now back to how it was in 2009 when you and your sockpuppets ruled the roost.

You were a joke then are even more of one now with your claim to have been the architect of returning DCUK to a sensible and safe place to post. It is now just another low carb forum, just not very good and full of people like xyz....with theoir own personal agenda and protected by a biased Mod 'team'. Sound familiar Eddie...... you always will be a fraud and a liar....

What a mess !!!



You were given the opportunity to state your side of the argument on this blog. You had previously stated on your forum, you had no right of reply here. I joined your forum and corrected your lie. I have mentioned this fact before on this blog. Not only were you allowed to comment, you were given two threads to tell us why you believe we were wrong to orchestrate your downfall at You stated yesterday “now with your claim to have been the architect of returning DCUK to a sensible and safe place”  I have never said that, but getting rid of you, was one hell of a good start. 

Benedict and his new team of mods are doing a great job. But a forum is about the members, and the members are showing great knowledge and enthusiasm to help others. With of course the exception of your toadying ex clique. The anti’s and wreckers have all been identified, all can see their selfish motivations. Now their chief minder and bully boy has gone, they have to rely on lies and insults to get threads locked. Not for much longer I think.

You have clearly illustrated why you are the last person to moderate any forum, let alone the largest diabetes forum in the UK. We remember your foul mouthed ravings from years ago, clearly nothing has changed. Read your comments on this thread and the memo from a madman thread. Ask yourself, are they the words of a sane or in control person. Why do you think your old band of clique members and cohorts, keep well away from your new forum ? Not only are you a rude and obnoxious oaf, you know nothing about safe and sustainable diabetic control. Dr. Jay Wortman warned you a year ago, that a low calorie, low carb, low fat diet was not sustainable in the long term, once weight loss had been achieved. It works for you and a few others, because you never get to a safe weight situation, or you are so physically inactive, you can get by on the calorific intake of a two year old child.

Post again here by all means, but if your comments are on the line of your usual modus operandi they will not be published. Never let it be said we use the tactics you have used, i.e post deletion, post alteration, thread locking and banning, that you turned into an art form at I see you are deleting some of your more outrageous comments re. Benedict and members, on your forum today, old habits are hard to break eh Ken. Your previous posts here will not be deleted, and will stand as a monument, to why you are unfit for purpose. Redeem yourself, before it is too late.


Monday 21 May 2012

Lowcarb antis last stand at !

How long will these twisted idiots be tolerated on the big one? From Jopar “I spent 15 years working in the care field interacting with 100's of T2 diabetics... I have spent 23 years watching the funding of T1 diabetes shrinking from research to treatment as more funds are being diverted to the ever increasing epidemic and burden of T2 diabetes” This from a person that gets it all including an insulin pump from the NHS, paid for by the likes of me and other tax payers. 

From the rudest and biggest clown on the interweb, the one and only and aptly named Sid (Aka Kens performing monkey) Bonkers. “No one and I mean NO ONE is going to force me to eat a VLCHF diet or any diet that I dont want to eat, so please dont speak on my behalf” Sid do you think anyone cares what you eat ? If it was up to me, I think you should stick to cornflakes and tins of Celebration chocolates, if only to serve as a warning to others. Look how crazy you have turned out !

As always, Phoenix posts a link to Palookaville, Jeez are these losers predictable or what ? None of them work, and all costing others a small fortune in drugs, and two on pumps etc, paid for by others ! We can see the true nature of these people. Those fat and lazy type two’s are going to decrease our take at the trough, Bonkers is a type two, but blames steroids for his diabetes, rather ironic as he pushes statins at every opportunity. 

These people are wreckers and ex Kenny boys clique members, when is the management at going to wake up and ban these spreaders of outdated misinformation ? Don’t get me wrong, for me they are source of great entertainment, but they are confusing the newly diagnosed and long term out of control. Are they interested in helping others ? Not a chance, why they meddle in the affairs of type two diabetics, they ignore type ones’ asking for help and advice. Check out the thread ‘What is life like on an insulin pump‘. Despite Nobhead’s bumping, the OP is still waiting for an answer nearly two days on. This is the MO of the wreckers, no useful posts, but spend 24/7 rubbishing others who have little in their diabetes tool kits, but clearly have the self control and knowledge the wreckers so obviously lack.


Edit. From a member that sees through the self centered, greedy and detestable Jopar. 

"That's the real issue with you isn't it. The rest of the stuff about VLC, which no one else mentioned, is a smokescreen. We're a burden to the proper diabetics like you. Very offensive"  

The thread is locked. Just what the carb and medication  addicted scum bags wanted. The scum bags, Jopar, Sid Bonkers, Phoenix and Nobhead.

Sunday 20 May 2012

Phoenix aka the slippery one at

Check out the forum, and one constant over the last four years, is Phoenix, the person I call the slippery one. There is no doubt she is very bright, a trained psychologist I am told. Well educated, maybe, but her argument, albeit subtle at times, is deeply flawed. Whenever a thread has been high jacked by the antis, and the antis are making complete fools of themselves, Phoenix comes to the rescue, with a well timed link, and tries to save the day. Her argument is deeply flawed, for the following reasons.

Let’s not beat about the bush, she loves her carbs. Depending on which forum or blog you read, she uses between 40 and 60% of her dietary intake based on carbs. It must be remembered, she has a top notch healthcare team, insulin, a pump and adequate test strips. Her forte is finding derogatory links to saturated fats, and lowcarb doom and gloom. So, why don’t we all follow Phoenix, and go for the carbs she so obviously craves, and spends her life defending.

The first thing we do is consume a Phoenix level of carbs. Expect permanent double number BG numbers, and double number HbA1c results. Two or three HbA1c numbers in double figures, and if our medics are awake, we are on insulin, with huge ramifications ! Many will struggle to achieve the skilled balancing act to control carbs and injected insulin. Not a problem, we can all go on a pump. If we have good healthcare professionals, insulin, pumps and lots of test strips, we can all do a Phoenix, Jopar and SarahQ. Problem solved, err no ! The NHS is falling apart, and will soon be a distant memory to what most of us have known. The system cannot cope now with the epidemic of type two diabetes, let alone in the future. So, what’s the answer ? Become as independent as you possibly can. Do not over rely on medics, drugs and over priced insulin pumps made in Taiwan or the like. Control your diabetes with diet, exercise, and minimal/nil medication.

Do I begrudge, the high carb, medication and pump dependent, not in the slightest. How anyone controls their diabetes is up to them. What I do find appalling, is the people that have all the tools, all the advantages, and yet spend their lives, telling people, that don’t even have access to a test strip, they are doing it wrong. What are these people trying to achieve ? A worsening of the already gruesome NHS statistics for diabetics. The NHS and DUK has failed completely to reduce complications and improve the long term outlooks for diabetics. This is bad enough, without fellow diabetics trying to bring an early death on so many more. Let Phoenix enjoy her high carb diet, good luck and good health to her. Maybe she might start thinking of others less fortunate, and using that education and intelligence, for the benefit of the newly diagnosed, the long term out of control, the  poorly educated and economically disadvantaged.


Saturday 19 May 2012

Steve Martin & Earl Scruggs - Foggy Mountain Breakdown.

Graham you like banjo music, check this out !


Katzenjammer ~ Rock Paper Scissors ~ Academy 2 Dublin May 2 2011

Saturday night is music night!


The Statin Boys !

Triglyceride Levels Predict Stroke Risk in Postmenopausal Women !

If I had a fiver for every time I have heard the saying ‘we are all different’ I would be rich. If there is one criteria where we are not different, it is the danger from high triglyceride levels. The higher the trig numbers, the greater the indicator for health problems. The British Heart Foundation state we should have better than 1.8 last time I checked. As most low carbers know, for us 1.8 is a high number, most low carbers I know have a <1 trig level. Another great benefit from lowcarbing. Check out this link re strokes.

Postmenopausal women may be at higher risk of having a stroke than they think. A new study by researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center and colleagues found that traditional risk factors for stroke -- such as high cholesterol -- are not as accurate at predicting risk in postmenopausal women as previously thought. Instead, researchers say doctors should refocus their attention on triglyceride levels to determine which women are at highest risk of suffering a devastating and potentially fatal cardiovascular event.

"We've always believed that total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels were the most important biomarkers for identifying stroke risk, but this study gives us strong evidence to question that approach," Dr. Berger said.

The most compelling finding, according to Dr. Berger, was that high triglyceride levels were significantly associated with the development of stroke. In fact, women in the highest quarter of baseline triglyceride levels were nearly twice as likely to have suffered an ischemic stroke as women in the lowest quarter of triglyceride levels during the course of the study. 

Surprisingly, LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol, however, were not associated with stroke risk in this population, despite their perceived value in the medical community.

So much for statins for all eh ! My underline.


Metformin Can Substantially Reduce the Risk of Parkinson's Disease in Diabetes, Study Suggests.

A major 12-year study based on a Taiwanese population cohort has demonstrated that not only does diabetes increase the risk of developing Parkinson's disease more than 2-fold, the use of sulfonylureas, commonly used as treatment for diabetes, increases the risk further by about 57%. This study also found that by including metformin in the therapy, no increased risk in developing Parkinson's disease was recorded.

While much needs to be done to understand the mechanism behind metformin's workings, a re-setting of the regulation of energy metabolism in cells, including the brain, probably takes place. A similar benefit would be expected from exercise and diet because that too is a way of establishing healthy energy regulation not only for the whole body, but for tissues and cells in the brain.

It appears that metformin has opened new ways to look at major diseases of modern society and how we may reduce the growing burdens of such diseases. Unlike other treatments for diabetes, metformin reduces cardiovascular mortality and several cancers, including those of the large bowel, liver and pancreas.


Thursday 17 May 2012

Fatty acids in cardiovascular health and disease: A comprehensive update !


Research dating back to the 1950s reported an association between the consumption of saturated fatty acids and risk of coronary heart disease. Recent epidemiological evidence, however, challenges these findings. It is well accepted that the consumption of SFA increases low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), whereas carbohydrates, monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) do not. High-density lipoprotein (HDL)-C is known to increase with SFA intake. Among individuals who are insulin resistant, a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet typically has an adverse effect on lipid profiles (in addition to decreasing HDL-C, it also increases triglyceride and LDL particle concentrations). Consequently, a moderate fat diet in which unsaturated fatty acids replace saturated fatty acids and carbohydrates are not augmented is advised to lower LDL-C; compared with a low-fat diet, a moderate-fat diet will lower triglycerides and increase HDL-C. Now, there is some new evidence that is questioning the health benefits of even monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. In addition, in a few recent studies investigators have also failed to demonstrate expected cardiovascular benefits of marine-derived omega-3 fatty acids. To clarify the clinical pros and cons of dietary fats, the National Lipid Association held a fatty acid symposium at the 2011 National Lipid Association Scientific Sessions. During these sessions, the science regarding the effects of different fatty acid classes on coronary heart disease risk was reviewed.

Anyone got $31.5  to spare for the full article?


Wednesday 16 May 2012

'Fat tax' on unhealthy food must raise prices by 20% to have effect, says study!

Researchers say levy on junk food should be accompanied by subsidies for fruit and vegetables.

Poor diet plays a role in a range of illnesses such as heart disease and type two diabetes, as well as obesity. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA

"Fat taxes" would have to increase the price of unhealthy food and drinks by as much as 20% in order to cut consumption by enough to reduce obesity and other diet-related diseases, experts have said. Such levies should be accompanied by subsidies on healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables to help encourage a significant shift in dietary habits, according to research published in the British Medical Journal.

Academics led by Dr Oliver Mytton and Dr Mike Rayner of the Department of Public Health at Oxford University examined the evidence from around the world for what they call health-related food taxes. Denmark has brought in a "fat tax", Hungary a "junk food tax" and France a tax on all sweetened drinks. Peru intends to add levies to junk food and Ireland may also introduce such taxes. David Cameron last October said the UK should considering following suit.

While it is unclear how such taxes could be brought in and enforced, they could help ensure that poor diet plays less of a role in future in a range of illnesses such as heart disease, type two diabetes and tooth decay, as well as obesity.

Although the less well-off are affected more by health-related food taxes, they may also ultimately benefit because "progressive health gains are expected because poor people consume less healthy food and have a higher incidence of most diet-related diseases, notably cardiovascular disease", the authors say.

Evidence suggests that bigger health gains result from increasing the price of a broad range of foods rather than a narrow one, and sugary drinks offer the best proof that such a move can be effective. Research in America found that a 35% tax on drinks sweetened with sugar sold in a canteen, which added about 28p to the price, led to a 26% drop in sales. Studies have estimated that a 20% levy on such drinks in the US would cut obesity by 3.5% and that adding 17.5% to the cost of unhealthy food products in the UK could lead to 2,700 fewer deaths from heart disease.

But the food industry attacked the research. "When the whole of the food industry is focused on continuing to give hard-pressed families great tasting food at an affordable price, discussion of adding 20% to food prices seems fanciful if not irresponsible," said Terry Jones, director of communications for the Food and Drink Federation, which represents food producers and retailers. Firms were working with the Department of Health through its Public Health Responsibility Deal "to make meaningful improvements in public health through pledges in areas such as salt and calorie reduction, and our commitment to improving the health of our employees", he added.

Anne Milton, the public health minister, said the Department of Health was keeping an eye on all the evidence emerging internationally about such taxes. She defended the policy of relying on voluntary deals with food firms, which critics have criticised as an inadequate substitute for regulation of the food industry. "We are working with food companies through the Responsibility Deal to reduce calories and ensure healthier options are available. We believe that collective voluntary action can deliver real progress quickly," Milton added.

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Lowcarb blog ends in blood bath !

I have learned many things from diabetes forums and blogs, and one thing I noticed early on, was the fact when a full scale argument was in progress, the forum became the most active. Signed in members numbers went through the roof, clearly aggravation sells, and sells well. I had just set up the  web site, a site for the newly diagnosed. But websites or blogs that no one looks at are useless. So how do you get publicity without throwing money at it. The answer a blog. Again a blog that does not get any attention is useless, so how do you get attention on a blog or forum, aggravation. Still smarting from my and others banning from the forum, and still watching the same bunch wrecking the forum. I set up a couple of blogs to ridicule and bully the bullies. Bingo, it worked a treat. Page views went up, the website got more hits and the antis were going crazy. Mission accomplished, I closed the blogs down, but what more could I do to raise the profile of lowcarbing. It occurred to me a blog with just low carb recipes or a blog that just had links to diabetes news or videos would not get much interest. There are so many blogs out there doing a great job already, something different was required. A blog with good links to interesting diabetes information, good food ideas and recipes, items in the news, a sort of magazine type format, but with lot’s of aggravation. People would view the grief, but hopefully go away with a recipe or a link that would be useful, even the antis must have learned something to their advantage. I formed a team with other banned members who shared my interest on spreading the lowcarb word and taking on the antis.

Well I don’t know what this says about us, or the human race in general, but my theory was correct. Our recipe and information blogs get very little attention. This blog gets more hits in a day than the other two combined get in a month, but many people read them. Some believe I am completely mad, and that’s on a good day, on a bad day I am accused of being a pervert, but there is method in the madness. Many have been interested in the links and food ideas, many have learned how to improve their diabetes control, many people see the method in the madness. We know this because they email us through our website, and the stats that Google supply. Many people past and present at the forum contact us, they have been sickened by what has gone on a the forum. Obviously people want this information totally confidential, who would blame them. It’s not everyone that wants to be publicly associated with a madman, as we have seen over the last few weeks, a forum member only has to post few words, here to be ripped on the forum or Carbo's blog.

What irony, that the same people that rip people for posting here, are spending there time over at Kens forum or Carbo’s blog ripping the forum and it’s members. As we have also seen, the clique has lost its grip on the forum and rapidly losing the plot altogether. After years of anonymous posting by antis on Carbo’s blog, Phoenix, Catherinecherub and Jopar are outing themselves, a damage limitation job in full swing, if that’s not out of desperation I don’t know what is, backed up by the treacherous Karen and her sock puppets. Of course in Kens days thread locking, banning, post deletion, thread deletion and post alteration was the order of the day, 99% in the antis favour, but no more. Now a level playing field is being used, with honest and impartial Admin. and mods. Undoubtedly, almost all can see the clique for what they are. Ken has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, our team was  correct in orchestrating his downfall. Look at his antics on his own forum, this blog, and the laughable antics of Albert etc on As for the dietition, long gone and much missed by the antis I suspect, chalk that one down to us, together with our roll in securing Tubolards, Jopar’s and SarahQ’s exit visas from their mods job.

Was all this worth the effort, all the grief, the humiliation, the threats to me and my family. The likes of Carbo signposting people to my family home address, why he clings to being anonymous, because he knows and has stated recently, he would lose his job if his employers really new what he is, who can say. One thing is for sure, it was one long, tough and grizzly job, but someone had to do it. Would we do it all again ? Not a chance, you would have to be a complete madman to take that job on, and the salary was crap.

Thank you for all the positive comments, help and encouragement we have received over the years. Thank you for the emails and food ideas and keeping our spirits up. Thank you to the most loyal bunch of people, the team, who have become my best friends. And of course the biggest thank you to Fergus Craig. A man that helped so many to a better and healthier life. A man that gave us hope, a very special man, that still works hard away from forums, spreading the lowcarb message.


Monday 14 May 2012

Asshole Personality Disorder.

There have been many, many attempts to explain the phenomena that is Ken I offer this in spirit of Ken's infamous use of 'cut and paste'.

"The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) inexplicably fails to detail Asshole Personality Disorder. However, APD is classed on "Axis II" as an underlying pervasive or personality condition. A diagnosis of APD requires five or more of the following to be present for a significant period of time:
  • Self-importance
  • Refusal to acknowledge or even comprehend social rules
  • Delusions of adequacy
  • Believes others would do just fine if only they were sensible like him
  • Beliefs appear to change to match the situation, but that's just other people being idiotic
  • Pride in their superior people skills
  • Recto-cranial inversion
  • Projection of all symptoms on this list onto those around them."

About the Author

Keng Phooey spent his early years quite near somewhere else, cultivating an unhealthy interest in law enforcement. In 2002, he discovered quotation websites and immediately began reciting vaguely pertinent one-liners to anyone who wasn't quick enough to get away. After Keng began making up glib platitudes of his own, he decided to publish them in a book, 'A Positive Platitude'. Besides making Keng a rich man, the book allowed people to appreciate just how knowledgeable and wise Keng was without them having to actually meet him - a win-win situation. Volume 1 of Keng's book was quickly followed by the imaginatively titled 'Volume 2' and, despite receiving numerous pleas for him to stop, Keng continues to jot down and publish his trite ramblings to this very day.


Diabetes care provision 'crisis' in England

Campaigners are warning that diabetes care in England is in "crisis" - with less than half of people getting the basic care they need.
Diabetes UK warns there are some areas where only 6% of people are getting the recommended regular checks and services.
Its head said the State of the Nation 2012 report showed people with diabetes were getting "second rate care".
Ministers said the report would encourage local NHS services to act.
Diabetes UK wants better risk assessment and early diagnosis for people with the condition.
It says a national audit found only 50% of people with diabetes get all the recommended health checks - ranging from 6% in the worst areas to 69% in the best.
For children with diabetes, just 4% have all their annual checks, they claim.
Care Services Minister Paul Burstow said there was still much to be done to tackle diabetes.
"Our focus is on prevention and education, with more done to get earlier diagnoses and to help people manage their conditions themselves.
"This report and our new strategy will help local NHS services act so that diabetics get the care they need and deserve."

Sunday 13 May 2012

Memo from a madman/Woman !

That's right you wonderful people.

Now I'm back perhaps you will leave the innocent good posters on DCUK alone and you can concentrate on me again.......mind you I suppose you must think I am dead and buried.

How's your old quack pal Jay Wartman then Eddie......he doesn't have much to say about you, even though you bleat on about him from time to time. 

I've been looking round this cesspit today and saw a reference to somebody, Highlanders.....who or what is that then ? 

I don't for a minute think you will believe me but it 'aint me pal ! Sorry to disapoint all your moronic victims, sorry, I meant associates......

Well, I also have news for you Eddie're always bleating about how your posts were deleted on DCUK. The bulk of your posts (which wasn't much really if you take out the dross, innuendo and just plain perverted) on DCUK were not deleted by me, however I had delight in assisting with the removal of the remainder from what once was a great forum after you were disposed of by Dan thge then Administrator. A guy with some balls unlike the present incumbent.....

Given the circumstances I would happily do it all again, however obviously that cannot happen now.
Not that I wish to have anything to do with DCUK any more. It is a 'dead pool' now.....populated by ego freaks, verbalists and people who just plain haven't a clue what they are talking about. Much like you and your pals Eddie.....back to the 'bad' old days again. hope you're happy, cos it sure doesn't promote low carbing in the way that other more reputable Fora do.

As for you and your pals.....lovely to see your brain function is diminishing by the day. Maybe soon somebody will put you all out of your misery and read Bernstein to you at bedtimes..

Bye bye dickheads.....hahaha

BP is 109/67 just now, then I suppose you would want a Dr's note ? this place does make me laugh though, that's one thing you do well......

Slainte ! 
Ken aka cugila :-) 


Great to see you back. I hear you have been ill, nothing to trivial I trust. First day back and straight into you old modus operandi, clearly the anger management course was a complete failure, and your therapy is going nowhere, a bit like your forum, wouldn’t you say. 

Talking of forums, have you seen all the positive news from the members, regarding their successful control of their diabetes, over at As almost always, it’s our old friend lowcarbing, that has made a huge impact on BG numbers, weight, and lipids etc etc.

I think we can say Benedict has returned the forum, to a place that existed, before you and your clique came close to destroying it. Can you remember Fergus, Timo, Doctor Katherine, great posters that you and your ‘innocent’ chums wore down and caused them to call it a day. What a great new team has appeared on the big one eh. They have seen straight through your clique, and exposed them for the trouble makers and idiots they are, why doesn’t your clique post on your forum ? 

Can you remember, I joined your forum to correct a lie ? You said you could not post over here, and had no redress to the comments we made about you. Well, I have posted your comment, and even given you this new thread. Never let it be said we operate like you.

You are more than welcome to comment here anytime. Please make sure you sign your comments as Ken or Cugila, as I am sure you will appreciate, you are not the only nutter that comments over here. Almost all of the negative posts are anonymous, and we would not want to delete your rants, you are in a class of your own, and never fail to make our day.