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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Roast Vegetables

This picture shows the vegetables in the header after chopping. They can be used with almost any meal. I tend to cook a lot at a time and save in a food container in the fridge. When needed just warm in a micro wave. A good breakfast tip is a three egg omelet and spooning in around three tablespoons of the veg mix for a very tasty omelet. Use six eggs and use the same mix for a very tasty frittata for two.

Roughly chop the vegetables. add plenty of extra virgin olive oil and pepper, a little salt and dried mixed herbs. Bake for about an hour at gas mark five. The trick is to turn every ten minutes or so to stop burning.

Carb. counts. Swede 2.3, celery 0.8, mushrooms 0.3, onion fried in oil 14, courgettes 2.6, cherry toms. 5, red pepper 7, green pepper 2.6, yellow pepper 5, brussels 4, All numbers per 100 grams.

At this time of the year and with good weather, why not place the vegetables in a metal dish and cook on the barbeque.



Anonymous said...

Doing something similar today for my impending BBQ with some added garlic and fresh rosemary for added kick,should go well with my marinated lamb chops.Who says Low carb HAS to be boring-It doesn't.


Anonymous said...

Like salmon on my BBQ and these veggies will go great I'm sure.

Have to wait til next weekend to try it out but thanks.


Anonymous said...

Just read what you were planning at your BBQ Simon sounds lovely do hope you enjoyed your day.

Our family had a nice get together but we kept it to burgers and sausages with plenty of salad.

Summer is good


baili said...

thank you for sharing what i like so much :)