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Tuesday 31 December 2013

A happy, prosperous and above all a healthy New Year.

Low carb high fat.You know it makes sense, why fight it ?

Well another year has past.  All the many low carbers from the old days at, many from over five years ago are all doing well. I keep in touch with many of them. Happy birthday to the mega star Libby, the woman that shed eight stone and has kept it off for years and holds HbA1c in the fours year after year. I never got into the fours. To Hana and Ian still doing well and still spreading the word. To Janet (not my Janet) Red, Fergus, Ray, John, Dillinger, Graham, Paul, Kath, Tess, Indy Jill, Galina, Doug, Franziska, Jimmy, Jay, Fred, Lynda, Marc, Karen, Lisa, Lori, Geoff, PaulB, Jean, Sheila, Leigh, Alison and so many more, sorry if I have not named you. Thanks for the help and encouragement.

To the low carb antis and naysayers, thank you for keeping me motivated. If I and my friends had not been banned from some UK diabetes forums, I may have walked away years ago, you negative antis give me a reason to fight on. You guys are the reason I started this blog, it has given us a voice and our blogs have received over a million page views. For me the lampooning and ridiculing is not that personal, as the mafia say, "It was never personal it was business" My business is spreading the low carb word and breaking down the dietary lunacy that has brought about an early and painful death for so many diabetics. I have had much to say re the low carb antis, I fully appreciate they are no wiser, but I hope they have become better informed.

So my low carb friends, a very positive and rewarding year has come to an end. Everywhere we look the scientific evidence is proving us right. The WHO want a 50% reduction in sugar recommendations. The Swedish government has endorsed low carb, and most importantly, the ordinary men and women out there are getting the message. Some say our experience is only anecdotal, and cannot be relied upon, well my BG meter, weighing scales, blood tests and lipid profile is not anecdotal, the numbers speak for themselves and are facts that speak for themselves. As they do for countless people around the world. Low carb high fat works, and keeps on working.

That's my lot for now, it's my birthday today, at sixty four years of age everything still works, (without the need for viagra LOL) I have a bottle of Champagne chilling in the fridge and a nice old Rioja breathing in the kitchen, don't expect too much from me tomorrow.

Last thank you to my Janet who without her I am nothing.

Have a good one Eddie

Dr Carrie Ruxton BSc, PhD another clueless dietitian !

Over at the Daily Mail yesterday a fairly useless article regarding carbs was posted up. Zoe Harcombe as always got it right.

“While Professor Ogden is clear in her opinion that carbohydrates should remain a key part of people’s diets, nutritionist Zoe Harcombe disagrees.

She claims it is illogical to say people should avoid carbohydrates that are high in sugar, because all carbohydrates break down into sugar. She told MailOnline: ‘This shows nutritional ignorance. Telling people to cut down on sugar but to eat more carbohydrate is like telling people to use the car less but to consume more petrol.

‘All carbs break down into sugars. Whether polysaccharides (many sugars), disaccharides (two sugars) or mono saccharides (single sugars) - all carbs break down into sugar.’ She added: ‘Carbs are not essential. Essential in nutrition means that the substance must be consumed - the body doesn't make it.‘There are essential fats. There are essentials proteins (certain amino acids). There are no essential carbs.’ She added: ‘Women are right to be wary of carbs - they make us fat.”

The most ludicrous comment came from Carrie Ruxton, an independent dietician, said that “carbs are the body’s main source of energy – and the brain’s only source”

Carbs are not essential for any part of the body full stop. Yet again we see a dietitian with zero knowledge of even the most basic knowledge on human metabolism. Glucose is essential for the brain to operate and the body can make all the glucose it needs from protein. Can someone let Carrie know about Gluconeogenesis the pathway that results in glucose production from non carbohydrate foods. Around fifty percent of protein and 10% of fat can be converted by the body to glycogen and ultimately to glucose.

At diagnosis of type two diabetes I came across one of the biggest idiots of my life, you guessed a dietitian, unfortunately it was not a one off situation. Most I have encountered or read about are clueless. Turned out like nuts and bolts at a factory and spout nonsense until the day they retire. So many appear on the payroll of junk food outfits or are rent a gobs for the tabloid press. Professionals many are not.


Link to the lunacy Here

Why low GI does not work for type two diabetics !

This video is a must watch and is very informative. Just after around 14 minutes you will see why low GI does not work for most type two diabetics. Many will know we have never rated the GI method of BG control. We tried it years ago and it failed us. We believe carbs are carbs and too many will bite you one way or another. The low carb antis are always talking about low GI carbs etc and portion control, it's a bluff, it does not work for most. Thanks to Indy Jill for sending this to us. Eddie

Monday 30 December 2013

Vitamin D Deficiency is Associated with Increased Risk of Fatal Stroke Among Whites but not Blacks: the NHANES-III Linked Mortality



Deficient 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] levels are associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) events and mortality. Both 25(OH)D deficiency and stroke are more prevalent among blacks. We examined whether low 25(OH)D contributes to the excess risk of fatal stroke in blacks compared to whites.

Research Methods and Procedures

The Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, a probability sample of US civilians, measured 25(OH)D levels and CVD risk factors between 1988–1994. Vital status through December 2006 was obtained via linkage with the National Death Index. Among white and black adults without CVD reported at baseline (n=7981), Cox regression models were fit to estimate hazard ratios (HR) for fatal stroke by 25(OH)D status and race.


During a median of 14.1 years, there were 116 and 60 fatal strokes among whites and blacks respectively. The risk of fatal stroke was greater in blacks compared to whites in models adjusted for socio-economic status and CVD risk factors, [HR 1.60 (95% CI 1.01–2.53)]. Mean baseline 25(OH)D levels were significantly lower in blacks compared to whites (19.4 vs 30.8 ng/mL, respectively). In multivariable-adjusted models, deficient 25(OH)D levels <15 ng/mL were associated with fatal stroke among whites [HR 2.13 (1.01–4.50)] but not blacks [HR 0.93 (0.49–1.80)].


Vitamin D deficiency was associated with increased risk of stroke death in whites but not blacks. Although blacks had a higher rate of fatal stroke compared to whites, the low 25(OH)D levels in blacks were unrelated to stroke incidence and therefore 25(OH)D levels did not explain this excess risk.

DCUK The low carb good news never stops !

"Since going low carb, 18 months ago, I have lost 5 stone in weight and got my BS readings down to between 5 and 7, my doctor took me off insulin and all has been great.

Yesterday morning, I tested my BS and got a reading of 8.7.............I tested again at around 5pm and the reading was 8.1.

The only 'different' food I have eaten, from my normal diet, are a few Nuts (Dry Roasted Peanuts) and some pickled onions (I checked the Carbs on both)......this morning my BS read 9.5.............could it be the nuts or onions?

Must say I am feeling really disappointed, especially after being 'level' for so long..........I even went and got a new BS Tester from the Doc's, just in case the old one was faulty.....still the same reading."

Had low carb let the member down ?

Then shortly after the member posted this.

Hang on.......I had a cortisone injection on Saturday, could that be the cause?

As always and for the last five years, it's low carb that works and keeps on working. Yes a cortisone injection and a hundred and one other reasons can lead to temporarily raised BG numbers. But overall low carb is the way to diabetic and non diabetic salvation for most.

The low carb antis and naysayers never get fed up with losing, but lose they always will. The correct diet and exercise using nil or minimal medication will always win.

Link to the story here.


World Health Organisation guidelines recommend halving the current limit on sugar !

Adults could be advised to halve the amount of sugar in their diets under new guidelines from the World Health Organisation.

Experts are considering lowering the recommended limit of ten teaspoons a day to just five over fears that it is contributing to heart disease, obesity and tooth decay. Food companies may have to change their products to lower the sugar content, which would be hugely expensive and could prove unpopular with some consumers.

A single can of cola contains ten teaspoons of sugar, a Mars bar has five, a bowl of Coco Pops has about four and there are eight in some ready meals.
The average Briton consumes 12 teaspoons a day, although research has found that some adults in industrialised countries are eating as many as 46 daily.
Philip James, president of the International Association for the Study on Obesity, which works with the WHO, described the suggestion as ‘political dynamite’.

‘The food industry will do everything in their power to undermine this,’ he said.
The guidance suggests lowering the amount of sugar added to food – excluding that which occurs naturally in fruit or starch - from 10 per cent to five per cent of the daily allowance, which is equivalent to five teaspoons.

The policy would almost certainly be adopted by the Department of Health.
Professor Shrinath Reddy, a cardiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health and member of the WHO panel of experts, said: ‘I would agree with the recommendation to reduce it to five per cent.

‘There is overwhelming evidence coming out about sugar-sweetened beverages and other sugar consumption links to obesity, diabetes and even cardiovascular disease.’

More on this story here.


Edited to add the:  History of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Statistics from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) (2011) show that the average consumption of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has increased from 0.5 pounds a year in 1970; to 43.5 pounds a year in 2010.


The Paleo diet is it a winner ?

Below is a comment made by Jill on a comment made by Brett on the Brett picks up the gauntlet thread.

This morning an anonymous comment came in stating “mm - a study published recently suggests there is evidence of heart disease in these people - there is also alot of guess work!” I asked for clarification and a link, anon posted this “

There is a study - reference to follow but that video says quite a bit. I also saw on google at a recent conference in the UK experts showed there was little evidence that paleo works for athletes. I think it is adapted to suit as certainly many foods touted as paleo are processed such as butter, bacon, coconut and olive oil.”

From Paul

Anonymous said… "...are processed such as butter, bacon, coconut and olive oil."

What? Compared to the likes of Frankenfats such as Flora margarine and 1 kcal spray oil that resembles something you might use in the motor industry...I'll stick to good old butter and olive oil!

From Jill

“Brett said "A lot of people have mentioned the diet of our ancestors, they had a life expectancy of how many years?"

This has to be the most misleading non-argument ever. Adjusted for infant mortality and death by traumatic injury, our Paleolithic ancestors lived just as long as us - they didn't die of heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases and diabetes though. They were also taller and had much better dentition than the agriculturalists that came after them. Paleontologists can tell the difference between hunter gatherer and Neolithic populations immediately because of the pathologies caused by diets based on grain.”

I don’t see my diet as being Paleo, I have regular access to foods that would have been rarely available, if ever, back in those times. My take on a healthy diet is pretty much whatever you eat, it must be better than the so called US food pyramid diet of death used in the UK and much of the developed world. What say you ?

At close to 60 years of age Paleo man Mark Sisson has the body of an athlete less than half his age.

As always say what you like, if it’s legal we will post it.


From Doug

Confession, I do not know much about paleo or primal or whatever it's called. When diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes it was my other half who found your website and made the change to my diet and since after the family diet. Even my daughters both teenagers now eat a much reduced carbohydrate and higher fat meal than before I became ill. My HbA1c results over the years since diagnosis are in the high now mid fives. I owe this to my other half and the way she provides this LCHF food we all eat.

Joking aside as I always liked eating cakes the godsend has been the variety of low carb cakes I can still eat. But the important thing to me is my blood test and my meter readings.

DCUK The good the bad and the ugly !

"Avoid classic bad foods first. Sugar, biscuits, cakes, potatoes, white rice, white pasta, white bread, anything like that."


"There is no foods that you must avoid at all costs..".


Forum signature

"In life it’s nice to be an individual. In diabetes it is a complete nightmare, as the theory sounds easy but the practice is not."

"Ive had 5 years of these idiots misquoting and abusing me, they are just very twisted people who cant accept that not everyone wants to follow their advice. And to call everyone who is well controlled but not following a lchf diet a liar just shows their insecurity."

Sid Bonkers

Sunday 29 December 2013

What have these children got in common?

They are all low carbers.

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt with his daughter

Dr. Jay Wortman's daughter Izzy

Two of our grandchildren

These children are probably not low carbing down to Eddie's level but they are not diabetics. One thing can be guaranteed their diets are not based on sugar and highly refined carbohydrates. 

They love to eat broccoli, peas and other vegetables. Celery, carrot, cucumber and red pepper sticks are a favourite snack. One thing that always makes me smile - they both love going to McDonald's, they adore the play area but hate the food. In fact the actual comment was "I like to play Grandma but I don't like chips"

I firmly believe none of the children in this article consume large amounts of sugar. Speaking for my grandchildren they get their sugar from natural fruits like strawberries, blue berries, grapes and kiwi fruit. Kids are always on the go and their energy levels are used up by the good wholesome fresh food they eat.

As soon as they went on to 'solid foods' their mother always prepared fresh foods for them, which were salmon, chicken,broccoli etc which could be prepared and frozen as necessary to be used later. She used small yogurt pots which she filled with the pureed food. Some of her friends used to comment how long it must have taken to prepare. This myth was quickly dispelled.

I live in the hope that the children here, and their generation, may not go on to become obese and do not repeat the mistakes that some of my generation have made.

All the best Jan 

Brett picks up the gauntlet.

Hi Brett as you can see your comment has been posted unedited, I hope your comment will kick off an interesting debate. Graham will no doubt have input later. Feel free to comment on my comments, post your comments in the usual way and I will place them up on this thread. Anyone else reading this thread please feel free to comment.

From Brett today.

"Thanks for your reply graham and yes it was rather late, had a new coffee machine and had a few too many espressos.

Any way, as I've said before any diet is individual to the person, what we all choose for ourselves to do is individual for our needs. I appreciate the differences between types but feel harsh restriction of any food group is not beneficial for either type, maybe why you are underweight or struggle to put on weight. Nothing wrong in reducing a particular food group. Someone eating 100 carbs a day would be consuming roughly 400 cals a day from them, thats alot to make up in fat, protein, unless in a short term calorie restricted diet for a short period. What would have to be eaten to make up 2100 to 2600 cals from other food groups. Are all people aware about the effects on kidneys of extra protein, especially those who have kidney problems and low carb. Why does even the atkins diet state that its not a diet to be done forever. If it is a healthy way to go why isn't the while nation doing it. I know of many low carbers who are actually overweight. I know of some low carbers who have lost weight but accompanied with exercise which, will work with any diet. I do.wonder how many type 2s actually stick to a proper Diet with exercise.

Edit Graham

Hi Brett

Actually restriction of carbs has proven beneficial to me, besides the obvious reduction in blood glucose my lipid panel is good and my eGFR is >90, all my other blood tests have come back within lab ranges. The only slight hiccup was low serum sodium level which was put down to my BP meds, I was put on a different medication and increased my dietary salt intake now that is in range. Recently had my annual retinal scan which showed no retinopathy changes, also podiatry checks showed no problems.

Kidney problems on a LC/HF diet is a myth, renal function has been shown to improve not deteriorate on a LC diet. There is a new study in Renal & Urology News which unfortunately can only be accessed by HCPs, which given the title looks like more good news for us Lowcarbers.

“High Fat, Low Carb Diet Beneficial for CKD Patients”

A bit stereotypical yes but, true. If a type 2 reduced carbs to 200g (not the junk carbs) and have reduced fat, wouldn't that improve insulin sensitivity by itself. This would reduce external fat and also the internal hidden fat in a person of normal weight. If weight isn't an issue, and a person is following that with raised levels I believe there would be a lack of insulin (growth hormone) in the first place as indicated by the struggle to gain weight whilst consuming carbs .that would then need injecting. many thanks, brett"

Brett I would like to debunk some of the myths stated in your post. "we all choose for ourselves to do is individual for our needs" We did not choose to become low carbers, we had no other choice. Low carbing is the only way we can hold non diabetic BG numbers year after year. Type two medications do not bring down BG by a significant amount. At diagnosis my HbA1c was almost twelve, no type two drugs would have reduced my HbA1c to the mid fives. Multi drug regimes were proved so dangerous the ACCORD trial ended early because too many people died.

You said "Are all people aware about the effects on kidneys of extra protein, especially those who have kidney problems and low carb" We have never advocated increasing protein to replace the calories lost from carb reduction, having said that a high protein diet has no effect on healthy kidneys my GFR is >90. Protein can produce excess glucose and may raise BG. I am using close to the same amount I have ate all my adult life.

"Why does even the atkins diet state that its not a diet to be done forever." Our diet is not the atkins diet. It is my understanding that the Atkins diet induction period is based on high fat and protein. My diet is based on non starchy vegetables such as swede, cabbage, cauliflower, celeriac, broccoli, sprouts, spinach, kale, peppers, the list is long. I then add proteins such as lean meat, chicken, fish and eggs. My calorie shortfall is made up of healthy fats such as coconut oil, cream, butter, olive oil, avocado and fat from nuts and seeds. Also a small amount of low carb fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and rhubarb. Does that sound like a highly restricted diet to you? Remember we have only left out foods that are low in nutrients and raise BG to dangerous levels. Foods such as white bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, cakes,biscuits, crisps etc. I reckon I am eating the healthiest food of my life, and my weight, BG control, blood tests  and lipid profiles confirms this is the case.

“If a type 2 reduced carbs to 200g (not the junk carbs) and have reduced fat, wouldn't that improve insulin sensitivity by itself.”

Almost all non insulin using type two diabetics cannot consume anywhere near that amount of carbs. Most would be running double figure BG numbers 24/7, in my case BG numbers close to or even above 20mmol. For most type two’s 50 carbs is about the optimum, some a little higher. The superstar diabetics I know with long term HbA1c in the mid fours use around 30 carbs per day. What about us using insulin you may think, well insulin is not available on prescription on demand, also 93% of type one diabetics, obviously insulin users fail to get to a safe HbA1c, so insulin is not a get out of jail free card. Remember many type two diabetics at diagnosis are awash with plasma insulin, more insulin is the last thing they need.

From Fred

"let us not forget that protein also kicks up insulin, so we can overdo protein. I do not understand why "lean meat" is even suggested. We need fats, and only 1gm/kg or so of protein."

Agree Eddie

From Brett

Agree, type 2 drugs does not reduce bg levels enough by itself, but, along with regular exercise may be enough for some, not all. Alot of lc I have seen do very little if any exercise expecting to still see weight loss whilst consuming same amount of cals. Also, does consuming high fat for an extended period of time impair sensitivity in the long run.

As indicated by many lc, unless you lc it is assumed there must be poor control,poor hba1c, even in type 1 and get referred to as idiots.

And if someone is lc and they do prolonged excercise whilst taking tabs, or in some cases insulin, they are at risk of hypos, maybe not enough to pass out but enough to require assistance and there goes the driving licence (thats whole other matter for debate). so, before an extended activity do they then eat carbs to avoid this situation. Could digest a reduction or stop of said meds which may then lead to higher levels at times of rest.

I just think some people go into low carbing.not understanding the full entirety of the diet. Regards, brett

Edit Graham

 I agree regular exercise is good but will not make much impact on a NHS/DUK diet high in carbs.
Nearly 6 years on since diagnosis most of that time on LC/HF I haven’t seen any difference in insulin  sensitivity.

In our time as DCUK members Eddie and I never ventured in to the T1 forums, on the other hand a certain few T1s felt the need to meddle in the T2 discussions.  One was Jopar who even told me she knew better than me on how to treat my diabetes; another was phoenix who constantly posted misleading links to supposedly LC studies which turned out to be nothing of the sort. There were others who jumped on the band wagon but and I stress the majority we had no problems with.

Having said that our main inspiration who set us on the right track was Fergus a T1 on a LC/HF diet, though he does not do forums these days we still keep in touch.  He’s held A1c’s in the fours for over ten years and is a keen cyclist and runner he’s also a drummer in a band, not bad considering his carbs are <30g a day.

Fergus is the author of LOW CARB DIET - A NEWBIES GUIDE at DCUK


Hi Brett

Well we agree type two meds do not reduce BG numbers by themselves. Remember many type two diabetics cannot set up a rigorous exercise regime they may be overweight and many are 50, 60 or 70 years of age. High dietary fat (the right fats) do no one any harm.

I don’t assume people that do not low carb are idiots, or have poor control. The NHS stats state 93% of type  ones and a very large number of type two’s have very poor control of BG numbers. They are not fools, they have been very poorly advised.

“I just think some people go into low carbing not understanding the full entirety of the diet” The way I eat has been the way people have ate since the beginning of the human race. Meat, fat and whole vegetables. If there is one area the boffins and experts do not argue about, is mothers feeding their babies with breast milk is best, very high in saturated fat. When low fat formula milk was tried, it was a disaster and swiftly dropped. Makes you think eh.


From Galina

" Are all people aware about the effects on kidneys of extra protein, especially those who have kidney problems and low carb."

A diet which is low in carbohydrates is not necessary high in protein or low in fiber or whatever, that is why the abbreviation LCHF is often used - low-carb-high-fat diet.

From Jean

Hello and thanks for this excellent post. To me following a low carb high fat regime is now a lifestyle. It suits me it keeps my bg numbers in the mid fives.

From Paul

I'd agree Galina,my experience of the low carb nay-sayers arguments always seems to involve something along the lines of "Low carb-high protein diet" or "A zero carb diet is not sustainable" and I don't know anyone in my low carb circles,including myself who does zero carb or high protein only as a regime,only low carb-high fat...I have renal issues so high protein is off limits and I DO eat carbs in the form of non starchy vegetables and berries so none of the studies quoted and linked by the nay-sayers have any clout-especially the ones that demonise sat fats in the context of a trial that consisted of a high carb-high fat diet...I don't know any LCHF'ers that would entertain such a diet as high carb-high fat,as we know,is a quick fire road to ruin.

From Brett

Alot of people have mentioned the diet of our ancestors, they had a life expectancy of how many years? As to the reference of mothers milk, basis have alot of growing to do and that milk also passed other nutrients from the mothers diet. Would it be recommended for a mother whom is breastfeeding to have a lc diet, I honestly don't know but common sense would say not. besides, adults have done all their growing. The reference made to most type 2s being overweight and in 50s,6os. plus would love to.know their diet pre diagnosis.
As for those able to exercise w on blood lowering meds well, we will just ignore that one.
No matter how long the debate continues pros and cons will be argued with no. progress made on either pary. Regards brett

From Eddie

“Would it be recommended for a mother whom is breastfeeding to have a lc diet, I honestly don't know but common sense would say not.”

My friend Dr. Jay Wortman is a type two diabetic and low carb expert. His wife carried their daughter on a low carb diet. Hard to imagine a more beautiful child. I know people who have met Izzy and report a highly intelligent child with perfect manners and behavior way above her years.

From Tess

Everyone seems to think "Atkins" is ONLY the induction-period diet, and although Dr A suggested not staying on it indefinitely, there's no evidence there's anything wrong with it. There's also no evidence that a higher-protein diet WITH its naturally-occurring fat is deleterious to health for those with normal kidney function.

Under ideal circumstances, I eat ultra-low carbs, and it has improved my health immeasurably.

It IS possible to do a low-carb diet wrong (not enough animal fats), and that goes double for zero-carb. But if you do your homework and "eat nose-to-tail," it's perfectly healthy. If your idea of a low-carb diet is one that's full of treats instead of whole foods, it IS far from optimal ... but that's not a "low-carb diet" but a "low-carb JUNK FOOD diet."

From Jill

Brett said "A lot of people have mentioned the diet of our ancestors, they had a life expectancy of how many years?"

This has to be the most misleading non-argument ever. Adjusted for infant mortality and death by traumatic injury, our Paleolithic ancestors lived just as long as us - they didn't die of heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases and diabetes though. They were also taller and had much better dentition than the agriculturalists that came after them. Paleontologists can tell the difference between hunter gatherer and Neolithic populations immediately because of the pathologies caused by diets based on grain.

From Galina

Actually, Paleo diet is not necessary the same as LCHF diet. I guess,on a diabetic blog people are discussing a diet with a certain macro-composition. May be the conference in London decided that Paleo diet was a joke, however it is a growing trend among athletes to the disadvantage of some sport teams from England.

Jan’s Journal - Oh What A Beautiful Morning !

Well as I woke the sun was streaming through against a wonderful blue sky and quite a thick frost and as I looked out of the window I could see what a beautiful day it was going to be. Was that freshly percolated coffee I could smell? Now to some that would have been a start of a beautiful morning but to me the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of tea is a great way to start the day.

Yes a great cup of tea with my ham and eggs, freshly cut from the bone at the delicatessen counter - a good start to Sunday. Well I think it’s Sunday even Eddie was asking what day is it today? Christmas Day plus the days after ‘til the New Year seem to merge together somehow, and no, I’m not saying that because of any wine or too much wine drunk. The days after Christmas and Boxing Day do not usually have any strict routine, they are leisurely days and any routine goes out of the window. Now, you may not be like this - you may have been down the gym or out for a walk already.

Some avid cricket fans are probably sitting with their head in their hands thinking what will England do next? Surely we can win one of the test matches. Two families I know went out to Australia just before Christmas, their husbands/partners to watch some “great cricket” but I think the ‘gals’ had other ideas. The men could well be drowning their sorrows in a pint! Oh well you win some and you lose some - somehow I think it means far more to cricket fans than that phrase.

Anyway with that lovely low carb high fat breakfast eaten, sorry had to get that plug in, the washing up done - time for some blogging. Enjoy your day, and thanks to google images for the pictures.

All the best Jan