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Thursday 26 December 2013

Gloria Hunniford reverses type two diabetes with a low carb diet !

Earlier in the year she revealed that she had developed blood poisoning after cutting one of her knuckles with a knife while preparing lamb for a curry. She was in hospital for ten days on intravenous antibiotics and many people put her weight loss down to that ordeal.

But today Gloria reveals the true story – and the accident in March was key. It set in motion a chain of events that led to the discovery she was suffering from pre-diabetes, sometimes called syndrome X.

Gloria was told by her hospital consultant to stop eating ‘white’ foods such as pasta, rice, bread, potatoes and cakes and biscuits. ‘It’s a brave man who tells an Irishwoman to eliminate potatoes from her diet but I took his advice,’ she says. ‘And the weight just dropped off. I lost two stone. I’m now eight-and-a-half stone, something I haven’t been since my 20s. I feel lighter psychologically, too.’ She still has an occasional dose of ‘brown’ carbs, such as a slice of brown toast with a poached egg, but has found cutting out carbs transformational.

The killer ingredient in what used to be her food intake, she believes, was sugar. ‘Coincidentally, I had to interview a heart doctor for a special edition of the BBC1 programme Rip-Off Britain – Food which will be shown in January. He opened my eyes to the hidden horrors of sugar, which has no nutritional value whatsoever. Effectively, it’s poison and can lead to all manner of diseases.

‘Until recently, fats in our food have been public enemy No 1,’ she says. ‘But more and more experts now believe that sugar is worse.’

Gloria 73 years of age and looking great

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Lowcarb team member said...

Yet another good news story about the difference a low carb high fat LIFESTYLE can bring.

Many of us do know this already, but it is so encouraging to see that every day more and more are getting to know and hear about how a change in lifestyle can bring about so many benefits.

Low Carb High Fat is the way to go for so many.

Obviously you should take any underlying health conditions into account but it's well worth trying a low carb high fat lifestyle to see for your self the difference it can make. You just have to be willing to want to make the change.

Are You?

All the best Jan

Anonymous said...

Where did the article mention she had high fat?